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BD diffusons les neutrons

The IPHI - Neutrons project
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Various news about the SESAME IPHI - Neutron project which is supporting the construction of a 50kW CANS demonstrator at the CEA Saclay.

The project is supported by the Region Ile de France  

February 2022

The Beryllium target prototype was operated at a power of 28 kW for 110 hours

A 24/24 hour test run was also performed to demonstrate the reliability of the machine operation. The tests was performed with a fixed beam at 93% of the designed power. A further increase in the total power is expected as the beam rastering system will be set up.

A first diffraction pattern on a steel rod was measured on the DIoGENE instrument.

December 2021

First neutrons on the DIoGENE instrument

The DIoGENE instrument (DIffusion GEnerique de NEutrons) has been installed in the IPHI casemate. It features 256 high pressure Helium detector tubes. The electronics (MESYTEC) has been upgraded to operate in event mode. 

View of the inside of the DIoGENE detector and first neutrons measured on the detector.

First neutrons on the RAEVEN radiography setup.

The RAEVEN setup combining a scintillator and a CCD camera has been setup on IPHI. A first radiograph was measured.

November 2021

High power run (38kW) with the new target setup

A high power Be target prototype was tested on IPHI (with aluminium mock-ups) at a beam power up to 38kW (90% of the nominal value). The target is divided in 15 sub-elements which can be easily replaced.

Mars 2020

The cycle of target testing at 3kW with a power density of 500W/cm² on a Beryllium target was suspended in February. During the previous months, several targets were tested. Some of the targets were operated for about 100 hours corresponding to integrated currents up to 110mA.hours. The proton beamline and the target will be upgraded during spring 2020 to be able to operate at proton beam powers up to 50kW.

June 2019

A first reflectivity experiment was performed on IPHI.


June 2019

A first radiography was performed on IPHI


June 2019

A first diffraction experiment was performed on IPHI



April 2019

The IPHI - Neutron 7kW set-up has been completed. The first 1kW of power has been sent on the target on April 5th.

Status_April2019.JPG (464×694)

February 2019

A beam profiler has been installed before the target. I allows tuning the optics to optimize the beam spread over the target.
Horizontal and vertical beam profiles before and after tuning.

BeamProfiles.jpg (700×552)

December 2018

The first proton beam has been sent on the Target Be_V2_7kW.

Shape of the proton beam on the target vizualized with a scintillator for peak currents of 10mA and 60mA. The illuminated area is about 50mm across. The beam power was limited to about 10W to avoid damaging the scintillator.


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