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December 2023

The ICONE project and HiCANS in general were presented to the French user community during the Journées de la Neutronique in Erquy.


July 2023

The White Book "ICONE, une nouvelle source de diffusion neutronique française" has been published.

December 2022

First neutrons on the Hermes reflectometer at BigKarl

Summer 2022

New high-power Beryllium target for Sonate, ICNS-2022, Buenos-Aires, August 2022
CONEMO : a Cold Neutron Moderator for CANS

February 2022

Test of a high power Be target and first diffraction measurements with this target on Iphi.
Iramis highlight in French
Iramis highlight in English
DRF Highlight in French

December 2020

Neutron news special issue on low energy accelerator-driven neutron sources

October 2020

Founding of ELENA – European Association for Low Energy Accelerator-based Neutron Sources.

October 2019

First experiments on Iphi-neutrons (In French)

September 2019

The HBS High Brillance Source workshop will take place in Unkel on October 26-27th

July 2019

The UCANS-8 took place in Paris. It gathered 130 participants from more than a dozen countries.
The presentations of the participants are available on the conference Website (
Link to the proceedings of the UCANS-8 conference (Paris, 2019).

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October 2018

4th Workshop on High Brilliance Neutron Sources 2018 (HBS 2018), Unkel, october 4-5th 2018

Documents with a French perspective

General documents on CANS

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