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Spectrometer driving graphical interface

This program allows to drive various types of spectrometers. It is mainly working with the acquisition boards developed at the LLB (EuroScaler, EuroMove, EuroPSD, SpecMaker) but can also be used to interface other types of experiments.

* Manuals : 

HTML manual of the PARSER : ParserFunctions

HTML manual : spectrodriverHelp

EuroScaler : master card for controlling the acquisition
EuroPSD : acquisition board for Position Sensitive detector acquisitions
EuroMove : board for controlling the movements of set of motors
SpecMaker : improved board (128Mo memory) for large data set acquisitions (2D + TOF)

Download the manual : TraitementSpectres_Manual (Word2000 file)


* Download the latest version

Standalone distribution : SpectroDriver_setup_V24b2 (version 2.4b2, Windows2000/XP platforms only)

Source files : spectrodriver_V20_D6src.zip (version 2.0, Windows2000/XP platforms only)

NEW in version 2.4:
First standalone distribution
Includes the use of the SpecMaker
Graph4D for 3D plots


Previous versions

Source files : spectrodriver_V20_D6src.zip (version 2.0, Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 platforms only)

NEW in version 2.0:
First version working under Delphi6
Nota : the version 1.x was working under Delphi4


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