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Data processing for 1D, 2D and 3D data files


This programs allows to process 1D, 2D or 3D data. 2D data correspond to data measured on a Position Sensitive Detector. 3D data correspond to data measured on a PSD and with a time resolution (either Time of Flight or Time resolved experiment). This typically applies to TOF neutron reflectivity or time resolved SANS measurements. This program allows to perform standard operations such as masking, integration, fitting. A "macro-language" allows to automate data processing.


* Download the latest version (updated 26 January 2011)

SpectraProcessor_V179 (version 1.79, Windows 2000/XP platforms only)

Source files : SpectraProcessor_V17_D6src.zip and Common_V17_D6src

NEW in version 1.79:
Plenty of new remapping functions


* Manuals : 

HTML manual : SpectraProcessorHelp

HTML manual of the PARSER : ParserFunctions

Download the manual : TraitementSpectres_Manual (Word2000 file)


Previous versions

Exe files : TraitementSpectresV112.exe (version 1.12, Windows 95/NT4 platforms only)
Exe files :
TraitementSpectresV12.exe (version 1.12, Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 platforms only)
Exe files : TraitementSpectresV131.exe (version 1.31, Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 platforms only)
Exe files :
SpectraProcessorV144.exe (version 1.44, Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 platforms only)

NEW in version 1.1:
Possibility to manipulate "3D" files (2 spatial coordinates and 1 time coordinate)
NEW in version 1.12:
Possibility to open LAMP files (D17 format only at the moment.)
Merging of 2D files ("Concat2D") and "AppendCol" and "AppendRow" functions
"Convert1Dto2Drow" and "Convert1Dto2Dcol"
"Smooth1D" and "Smooth2D"; "SetX1D"; "Sqrt1D" and "Sqrt2D" (for error bars)
NEW in version 1.2:
Possibility of fitting 2D file with an analytical function
Possibility of opening TPA files
NEW in version 1.3:
Upgrade of the cuts, projection and sums so that they take into account the real coordinates.
Upgrade of the fitting procedures.
Upgrade of the reading of TPA files.
NEW in version 1.31: possibility to export the 2D images as Bitmap files

NEW in version 1.40:
New name!
Corrections of lots of small bugs.
Cleaning up of the menus.
Extensive help files.
New functions available via the menus (instead of using the parser).
Lots of new fancy palettes.
NEW in version 1.41:
Manipulations of complex spectra.
FFTs (Fourier transforms)
NEW in version 1.42:
Possibility to open Nexus files as well as (LLB *.nex files)
NEW in version 1.43:
Corrections of compatibility issues (between spectra formats).
New miniparser for scalar operations on 2D spectra.
NEW in version 1.44:
Lots a tiny improvements (possibility to copy bitmaps, to display scales, to read/load old file formats etc…)
New fancy 3D OpenGL window
NEW in version 1.45:
Possibility to costumize your color palettes for your 2D graphs.
Display of the X-Y scales in the 2D graphs.
Improved reading and processing of "TPA" files.

NEW in version 1.5:
Ergonomy upgrades; file “auto get” from its number
Numerous bug fixes
New resolution unit allowing to calculate the instrumental resolution of the spectrometer.
NEW in version 1.51:
New fitting window for 1D, 2D and 3D spectra.
The fit is possible with an arbitrary function.
NEW in version 1.52:
Enhanced possibilities for processing ASCII files.

NEW in version 1.60:
Enhanced ergonomy for the use of masks.
New 2D/3D window allowing to prepare publishable plots.
New TILTOF simulation unit.
NEW in version 1.61:
Improved 2D-3D plotting options.
Improved auto-get function.
NEW in version 1.62:
Further updates in the 2D3D graphs.
New file formats options (for diffraction data mostly).
Possibility to fit up to 3 parameters distributions.
NEW in version 1.63:
Pilotage du SMAC.
Traitement des data de TILTOF
NEW in version 1.64:
Lecture des fichiers PAXE
NEW in version 1.65:
Nanowires modelisation (in the fitting form)

NEW in version 1.7:
Detailled nanowires modelisation (in the fitting form)
Importing and processing of TIFF images
FFT 1D and 2D
New Graph2D3D
Minor GUI improvements
Image processing routines (Threshold – FindCentres)
Some bugs may have been introduced wrt V1.6x
NEW in version 1.71:
TOF data processing
New functions in the parser

NEW in version 1.72:
Nanowires data processing / modelling
NEW in version 1.73:
GISANS processing / modelling

NEW in version 1.74:
Improved  handling of NeXuS files

NEW in version 1.75:
Improved  fitting  module
Possibility to read McStas files

NEW in version 1.76:
Possibility to calculate complex magnetic form factors in conjunction with OOMMF
NEW in version 1.77:
Reading of 5C1 3D data
NEW in version 1.78:
Correction de petits bugs (nombreux)


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