The Cantat Research Group at CEA Saclay

The Cantat group gathers a group of molecular chemists who are passionate about making and breaking bonds using organic and organometallic catalysts. These efforts are devoted to converting oxygenated molecules (C1 molecules, waste plastics, biomass by-products, nitrogen oxides...) to useful chemicals, along with the development of renewable hydrides, aiming at closing the C and N cycles and fostering a circular economy. Following a knowledge-driven approach, we synthesize novel molecular catalysts (organic and organometallic) and investigate their modes of action through mechanistic studies. Our group is part of the NIMBE research unit of the IRAMIS Institute at the CEA in Saclay (France), conveniently located 15 km south of Paris. Research in the group is conducted in close collaboration with Dr. Pierre Thuéry (X-ray diffraction), staff member of the LCMCE. Our research interests focus on multidisciplinary approaches for energy and sustainability challenges.