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Basic Magnetism for Sustainable Development
Prof. J. Michael D. Coey
Jeudi 15/09/2022, 11:00-12:01

The European Magnetism Association leads a series of online seminars to ensure the broad visibility of its members and their work, while maintaining a low carbon footprint. The series is a good opportunity to reflect on and otherwise encourage the geographical, thematic and gender diversity of the researchers working in the field of magnetism.

The e-seminar series are held via Zoom and are live-streamed on the twitch Chanel of EMA ( The program and the seminars will kept on the EMA website in the category « events».

  On Thursday 15.09.2022 at 11 am CET, EMA will host a joint event with the European School of Magnetism (ESM 2022), whose topic this year is “Basic Magnetism for Sustainable  Development”. The plenary lecture will be hold by Prof. J. Michael D. Coey who will discuss Magnetic materials.
Contact : Alain MENELLE


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