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BD diffusons les neutrons

Bright and fast: lasers to capture the dance between electrons and nuclei in molecular systems
Nora Berrah
Mardi 22/02/2022, 11:00-12:30
Auditorium Institut d'optique,
2 Av Fresnel, 91127 Palaiseau


Photoionization of atoms, molecules, and small complexes creates a fundamental testing ground to understand better quantum mechanical phenomena arising from the interaction of photon with matter. With the ultrafast femtosecond (~ 10-15 s) light sources, such as lab-based tabletop lasers and facility-based free electron lasers (FELs), one can investigate molecular processes in the time domain, thus mapping out their evolution. In that regard, it is possible to “make a molecular movie” of ultrafast reaction dynamics.

In the seminar, we will present some of our work using photons in the XUV and X-ray regime from the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) FEL at SLAC National Laboratory as well as the FLASH FEL in Hamburg, Germany.


Nora Berrah (University of Connecticut, Physics department, Storrs, CT, USA) est spécialiste de l’interaction lumière-molécules et titulaire d’une chaire Blaise Pascal au sein du LIDYL (groupe ATTO).

Ce séminaire est donné dans le cadre des colloques de l’Institut des Sciences de la Lumière (ISL) de l’Université Paris Saclay.

Annonce et résumé - Voir l'annonce sur le site de l'Université.

Contact : Catalin MIRON

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