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BD diffusons les neutrons

Wide-angle spin echo instrument "EXPANSE"
for the second target station (STS) of SNS.
Jeudi 18/02/2021, 17:00-18:01

Town hall meeting where will be introduced a concept of time-of-flight wide-angle neutron spin echo instrument for the second target station (STS). The STS at the Spallation Neutron Source in Oak Ridge has passed the CD-1 major milestone entering the conceptual design phase. Eight neutron scattering instruments will be constructed as part of the project. The project office opened a call for instrument proposals, and one proposal currently on the table is one for a wide-angle spin echo instrument which goes by the name "EXPANSE".

This instrument will become the workhorse instrument for scientific problems that involve high-resolution (neV-µeV) dynamic processes in a wide range of materials. EXPANSE will incorporate wide angle detector banks that can provide approximately two orders of magnitude Q-range, and a wide wavelength band that can provide approximately four orders of magnitude in Fourier times. EXPANSE will take advantage of the unique beam characteristics of the STS and even enable time-resolved studies in the unparalleled spatial-temporal range. The range of science areas in which EXPANSE will contribute is diverse and will include soft matter, biological materials, complex fluids, ionic liquids, unconventional magnets, and quantum materials.

In order to introduce the instrument concept to the broader community and to collect more science ideas for this future instrument, an online town hall meeting on Feb 18 (11am-2:30pm EST). We anticipate that this town hall meeting discussions will be informative for both defining future capability requirements and developing new science programs best suited for the EXPANSE.

Free but mandatory registration.

For the EXPANSE Team :
Yang Zhang, Bradley Olsen, Reika Katsumata, Peter Falus, Maikel C. Rheinstädter Changwoo Do, Georg Ehlers, Wei-Ren Chen, Yangyang Wang, Ken Herwig
Contact : Alain MENELLE


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