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Virtual information meeting for the 7th call for proposals at the European XFEL
Mercredi 25/11/2020, 17:30-19:31

European XFEL Virtual User Information Meeting  - 7th Call for Proposals

virtual information meeting will be hosted by the European XFEL User Organization Executive Committee (UOEC) and held on 25 November 2020 17:30-19:30 (Hamburg/Schenefeld local time - CET).

The event will specifically address our 7th Call for Proposals - open until 16 December 2020 (16:00 CET). Speakers will take immediate questions after every talk and a Q&A session is planned at the end of the event. All prospective proposers are encouraged to attend!

Please click the link below to join the virtual event, with passcode: 351364

Meeting ID: 910 9795 3348

International telephone numbers available :

UOEC Moderators: 

  • Marion Harmand (IMPMC, France)
  • Robert Grisenti (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Germany


  1. Welcome
  2. Facility update (10 + 2 mins) (S. Pascarelli)
  3. Call for proposals (10 + 2 mins) (S. Pascarelli)
  4. Short updates on run 202102 from each instrument (10 mins + 2 mins each)
    1. FXE (C. Milne)
    2. SPB/SFX (A. Mancuso)
    3. HED (U. Zastrau)
    4. MID (A. Madsen)
    5. SCS (A. Scherz)
    6. SQS (M. Meyer)
  5. Open for questions (20 minutes)

Other panelists, available for questions:

S. Aplin (Science Support Data Department), S. Bertini (User Office), R. Feidenhans’l (Managing Director), S. Molodtsov (Scientific Director), H. Sinn (Science Support Instrumentation Department)

A few days after the event, all slides and a video of the meeting will be uploaded to the event web page. This announcement is sent to all European XFEL User Portal registrants.

Contact : Alain MENELLE


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