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BD diffusons les neutrons

ECNS 2019 : European Conference on Neutron Scattering
National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”
du 01/07/2019 au 05/07/2019
St. Petersbourg, Russie

We would like to invite you to participate in the European Conference on Neutron Scattering (ECNS 2019) which will take place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 1-5, 2019

Topics that will be covered are directly related with the European Great Challenges and are listed below:

  • Neutron Sources and Facilities
  • Disordered systems & Liquids
  • Thin Films and Interfaces
  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Magnetism, multiferroics, skyrmions, superconductivity
  • Functional Materials
  • Neutron Instrumentation, Optics, sample environment, detectors and Software
  • Soft Matter
  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering Applications
  • Cultural Heritage and Archaeometry
  • Fundamental Science

You are welcome to register through the Conference website.
Contact : Alain MENELLE

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