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BD diffusons les neutrons

ILL next call for proposals  
Jeudi 25/01/2024

ILL next call for proposals: The next deadline for standard proposal submission is Thursday 25 January 2024 (midnight central European time).

Proposal submission guidelines - Proposal writing hints
NB: If you are submitting a proposal for the first time please consult the New User page and contact an ILL scientist or the User Office.
After registration, proposals must be submitted on the User ClubDetailed information
Easy Access requests for short measurements and DDT requests for full experiments to be performed as soon as possible can be submitted at any time.

Beamtime allocation policy: "two-thirds rule" (non-blocking condition)

Proposals from non-member country proposers will only be guaranteed a chance of acceptance if they are part of a collaboration with at least two-thirds of the proposers coming from one of the Associate or Scientific Member Countries of the ILL. ILL scientists co-proposers are not taken into account in the calculation.

Panel meetings: 25-26 March 2024 at the ILL.
Scheduling period: Accepted proposals will be scheduled during the second reactor cycle in 2024 (14/05 to 09/07/2024, 47.9MW)
Instruments NOT available: D11,  SHARP+, D007, PANTHER, D19 - D3, D9 and IN8 will operate for 50% of the time.

New requirements when writing your proposal:

  1. Supervisors of PhD students must be involved in the project.
  2. A short paragraph detailing the responsibilities of each individual involved in the proposal/experiment must be included.
  3. For multi-instruments proposals, the scientific case, experimental plan and time requested must be sufficiently detailed for each instrument.

Contact : Giovanna Cicognani
Scientific coordinator
Institut Max von Laue - Paul Langevin (ILL)
71, avenue des Martyrs - CS 20156 - 38042 Grenoble cedex 9 - France
Tel : +33 (0)4 76 20 71 79 - E mail :

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