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After many years of service, the website will be taken out of service during second half of 2021, and further user enrolments have been disabled. (The services at were sponsored by the NMI3-II / GA no. 283883 and SINE2020 / GA no. 654000 EU projects).

To replace, a next-generation e-learning site has been launched, sponsored by the PaNOSC / GA no. 823852 and ExPaNDS / GA no. 857641 EU projects and hosted by the European Spallation Source. The "" site is up and running and :

  • like, it is free to register and free to use
  • the site includes the material from plus new course additions
  • is expanded to allow contributions from both the X-ray and neutron scattering communities
  • has new features, such as integration with Jupyter notebooks
  • will soon support login using UmbrellaID and/or other federated login mechanisms

Due to GDPR technicalities, we can not transfer existing e-neutrons accounts, users will have to re-register with

All the best and hope you will enjoy the new site,
Peter Willendrup,
on behalf of the e-neutrons and teams

A. Menelle, dépêche du 02/07/2021

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