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BD diffusons les neutrons

img Call for proposal on French neutron scattering instruments : extended to 3/11/2016  
Jeudi 03/11/2016

The next deadline for beam time request on French neutron scattering instruments is extended to November 3rd.

Within this call, you may ask beam time on the LLB instruments installed at the Orphée reactor in Saclay, and also on 4 French CRG at the ILL (D1B, D23, IN12 and IN22). You will find all the necessary information’s on this call on our Web page :

Direct access to the proposal form to be sent to by November 3rd.

Fall news :

  • The new “Fédération de Recherche” of the French neutrons scattering instruments will be presented to the Comité National this fall.
  • In Saclay, Orphée will operate only 120 days per year till end of 2019 and only 15 instruments will be fully available to users
  • If you would like to do small angle scattering think to the possibility of using TPA to extend your Q range towards low Q.
  • If we still accept proposal in French, we encourage users to submit in English and use the new proposal form
  • The new chopper of the Hermes reflectometer has been received and installed. ...

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