Monte-Carlo Spectrometer ray-tracing program

This simulation program is dedicated to the simulation of reflectometry spectrometer and allows only 2-dimensionnal simulations. It is compiled for the Windows platforms. It has been intended as a user friendly simulation program with point and click facilities.
For a quick overview of the program capabilities you can download the manual.
The full program is available as a zip file : unzip the file and simply start “SimulSpectro2D.exe."

Last Version (updated 03.01.06)

Download the simulation program : SimulSpectro2D_install (Win2000/XP only)

* NEW in version 3.1
Modelling off-specular.
Possibility to introduce field gradients
Possibility to work in time of fligth.
New plotting capabilities to scan large portions of the phase space (position, divergence, lambda, time)
 NEW in version 3.0
Modelling of parabolic guide is now possible
Modelling TILTOF set-up is available
* NEW in version 2.1
Gravity effects are taken into account
* NEW in version 2.0:
Fully revamped interface.
The program now uses the "standard" interface common to all programs

Download the manual :  SimulSpectro2D_Manual.doc (Word file)


LABORATOIRE LEON BRILLOUIN (CEA/CNRS) mise à jour : 03/11/2006