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Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 13:03:56 -0500
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The Neutron Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) invites applications for a Vacuum Group Leader.  With the United States’ highest flux reactor-based neutron source for condensed matter research (the High Flux Isotope Reactor) and the world's most intense pulsed, accelerator-based neutron source (the Spallation Neutron Source), ORNL is becoming the world's foremost center for neutron science. Research at these facilities encompasses the physical, chemical, materials, biological, and medical sciences and will provide opportunities for up to 2000 researchers each year from industry, research facilities, and universities all over the world.  To learn more about Neutron Sciences at ORNL go to:



Manages and leads the Vacuum Systems Group within the Research Accelerator Division (RAD).  Establishes personnel needs, qualification and training for engineering and technical resources for the Vacuum Group.  Manages and oversees fabrication, testing, installation, and commissioning activities for the vacuum systems and other beam-enclosure-related structures for the SNS accelerator systems, target systems and neutron scattering instrument beamlines.  Develops and implements maintenance, improvement and spares programs.  Collects and maintains records, technical drawings and documentation for SNS vacuum systems.  Assists the RAD Director in developing technical and administrative goals for the Vacuum Group.



•             Manages the SNS Vacuum Systems Group, working with the RAD Director, to define plans for scope, mission and staffing needs of this Group; and to implement these plans.

•             Responsible for fabrication support, acceptance testing, installation, commissioning and operation of SNS vacuum systems and their components including  accelerator, target and neutron      beamline vacuum systems.

•             Works closely with the Mechanical Engineering Team and the Chief Vacuum Engineer to incorporate vacuum system requirements into designs

•             Works towards improving the functionality and reliability of the SNS vacuum systems in support of the SNS goal of 95% reliable beam delivery.  Provides management and technical leadership for a team of professionals, technicians and craft working towards this goal.

•             Supports the Research accelerator Division Management in planning, budgeting, scheduling and in reviews as required.

•             Works with System Engineers in establishing performance requirements for designs and design changes in development and improvement of vacuum systems.

•             Develops and implements plans for test stations and required infrastructure for support and maintenance of vacuum-related structures.

•             Where required, prepares presentations for, and responses to recommendations from, reviews and advisory committees.

•             Prepares readiness review material for vacuum systems, and demonstrates in such reviews the readiness of these systems to perform to specifications in a safe and reliable manner.

•             Develops personnel requirements for the Vacuum Group, including training and certification requirements for staff.

•             Hires required technical staff for the group, and evaluates in a timely fashion group-members' performance towards achieving required goals.

•             Develops and implements professional development plans for staff.

•             Working with RAD Director, develops specific annual goals and milestones for activities of the Vacuum Group.

•             Tracks, through periodic meetings and report, the Vacuum Groups' progress towards achieving   these goals and milestones.

•             Leads group and ensures individual compliance with ORNL environment, safety, health, and quality program requirements including ISMS.

•             Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of values and ethics.



A degree in science or engineering with 5-7 years experience in design, building, and testing of vacuum and other beamline hardware for accelerators.  1-2 years experience in a leadership position of technical development/support group for accelerator equipment or similar experience in a UHV facility is desirable.  Must have excellent written and verbal communications skills.


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