Subject: [Neutron] Several Openings at new Institute for Quantum Matter
From: Collin Broholm
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 11:22:09 -0400

Several Openings at new Institute for Quantum Matter

The newly-formed Institute for Quantum Matter at Johns Hopkins and Princeton Universities will combine materials synthesis, spectroscopy, and theory to uncover new materials functionality based on quantum correlations. The Principal Investigators are C. Broholm (Director), N. P. Armitage, R. J. Cava (Princeton), O. Tchernyshyov, and Z. Tesanovic. Areas of interest include frustrated quantum magnetism, quantum criticality, quantum impurities, correlated superconductivity, and the interplay between these phenomena. The successful candidates will participate in coordinated research at the interface between theoretical and experimental Condensed Matter Physics (CMP), chemistry, and materials science.

Postdoctoral Position in Novel Materials Synthesis: Located at Princeton University under the guidance of Prof. R. J. Cava, the successful candidate will realize novel quantum correlated states of matter through exploratory materials synthesis. A full array of solid state synthesis and materials characterization tools will be employed to synthesize materials with targeted structural and physical characteristics. A Ph. D. in Chemistry or CMP and experience in solid state chemistry are required.

Research Staff Position for Crystal Growth: This position will establish a facility for crystal growth at Johns Hopkins University. Conditions and methods to grow large crystals of materials discovered in Cava's lab and elsewhere will be developed. Sample quality and morphology will be optimized for bulk measurements, neutron and optical spectroscopy. A Ph. D. in Materials Science, Chemistry, or CMP is a requirement as is experience with a variety of crystal growth techniques including TSFZ and flux growth.

Postdoctoral Position in Experimental CMP: The successful candidate will exploit a full range of experimental tools including high field bulk measurements, neutron scattering, and THz spectroscopy to probe collective properties of quantum materials. New experimental tools at National Facilities and at JHU will be exploited and developed. A Ph. D. in CMP is a requirement and experience with neutron, photon, or muon based spectroscopies will be advantageous.

Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical CMP: The successful candidate will work on problems in quantum magnetism, superconductivity, and related areas with the goal of advancing our understanding of materials with strong electron correlations.  Early access to experimental results and opportunities to shape the experimental agenda will distinguish theoretical work at the IQM.  A Ph. D. in Physics, familiarity with the tools of modern theoretical physics and experience in the field of strongly correlated materials are required.

For all positions we seek candidates with strong interpersonal and communication skills. Applications, including CV, a list of publications and contact information for three references, should be sent to The Johns Hopkins and Princeton Universities strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups. Review of applications will commence immediately and continue until the positions are filled.

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