Laboratoire Léon Brillouin

UMR12 CEA-CNRS, Bât. 563 CEA Saclay

91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France


BD diffusons les neutrons

Postes vacants

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Radiation shielding engineer in saclay 17 Juin 2024
“Use of Monte-Carlo simulation cvodes for shielding calculation.

Engineer nieur in Lund 16 Juin 2024
“Neutron Delivery Systems Engineer for ESS beamlines

Ingénieur instrumentation à Grenoble 15 Juin 2024
Ingénieur sur D2AM à l'ESRF (poste n°30).

Post-doc Software engineer in Garching 14 Juin 2024
Data Analysis Software for Neutron Scattering.

Neutronics analyst in Oak-Ridge 13 Juin 2024
Perform neutronic analyses with state-of-the-art Monte Carlo radiation transport codes to calculate quantities of interest such as moderator neutron performance, radiation-induced material damage estimates, and nuclear heating.

Post-doc research associate in Oak-Ridge 12 Juin 2024
Modeling and development of new, state-of-the-art neutron scattering instrument concepts and designs, for HFIR and SNS.

Scientific software developper at ISIS near Oxford 7 Juin 2024
2 years project with PSI Zürich.

3 postes à l'université de Columbia Missouri 6 Juin 2024
Research scientist in reflectivity.
Post-doc associate in neutron scattering.
Beamport Engineer.

Instrument Scientist at the ILl Grenoble 5 Juin 2024
Co-run the FIGARO reflectometer.

Post-doc at University of Delaware 2 Juin 2024
Explores several paths in nanomagnonics for bio-inspired computation by determining the magnon properties in lithographically defined arrays of interacting nanomagnets.

Post-doc à Lund 1 Juin 2024
Perform theoretical investigations as well as do computationally-based modelling within condensed matter physics.

2 Post-doc positions at SNS 31 Mai 2024
Develop in situ diffraction capabilities for neutron diffractometers at SNS and HFIR, including POWGEN & NOMAD at SNS and HB2A POWDER & HB2C WAND² at HFIR.
Explore materials exhibiting an interplay of spin, lattice and, charge degrees of freedom through elastic and inelastic neutron scattering experiments combined with external pressure.

Post-doc à ISIS near Oxford 28 Mai 2024
Position in the crystallography group at the ISIS Neutron source in collaboration with Paul Scherrer Institute and Diamond Light Source looking at quantum material.

Instrument scientist at ESS Lund 17 Mai 2024
2nd Instrument Scientist at the BIFROST cold-neutron spectrometer.

Technician at ILL Grenoble 13 Mai 2024
Scientific Instrumentation Technician in the Advanced Neutron Environment Service, in carge of the development, maintenance and user support of equipment used to subject samples to extreme conditions.

Engineer at ESS Lund 9 Mai 2024
High temperature engineer position in the sample environment group.

Instrument scientist at ESS Lund 3 Mai 2024
Instrument scientist for T-REX.

Post-Doc in Baltimore 30 Avril 2024
Probe static and dynamic properties of confined and driven quantum materials.

Post-Doc in Berlin 29 Avril 2024
Investigation of quantum magnets by experimental and numerical methods.

Staff scientist in Jülich 26 Avril 2024
Neutron Spectroscopy for Energy Materials.

Fellowship at Harwell 25 Avril 2024
Two Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw (DKO) Fellowship available at Harwell.

Post-doc à Toulouse 19 Avril 2024
Study of magnetic systems under strong magnetic fields.

Research engineer in Roskilde 18 Avril 2024 (deadline 29 avril)
RUCSAXS x-ray facility manager/research engineer .

Post-doc à Caen 15 Avril 2024
DNA Origami Molecular Tools to Investigate and Interact with Biological Systems.

Post-doc research associate in Edinburgh 7 Avril 2024
High-Pressure Neutron Diffraction.

Post-doc in San-Sebastian 2 Avril 2024
Spin-orbit based devices.

Ingénieur à Toulouse 29 Mars 2024
Recyclage du Polyéthylène téréphtalate.

Post-Doc à Argonne 28 Mars 2024
Develop a scientific project utilizing microfluidics and ASWAXS.

Instrument scientist in Lund 27 Mars 2024
Instrument scientist for the single-crystal neutron diffractometer MAGiC.

Instrument data scientist in Copenhague 25 Mars 2024
Assisting SANS users of ESS with all their scientific computing needs. This includes computing hardware, data reduction, and modelling and simulation tools for the experiment planning and analysis phases.

2 Post-docs in Lund 22 Mars 2024
Do structural analyses of a variety of mRNA lipid-based nanoparticles (LNPs) systems using small-angle scattering (SAS) techniques (both neutron and X-ray) alongside cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) studies.
Study molecular mechanisms underlying amyloid formation and associated assembly processes.

Engineer in Lund 20 Mars 2024
Sample Environment Engineer - High Temperature

Instrument scientist in Lund 19 Mars 2024
Position on the single-crystal neutron diffractometer MAGiC within the Diffraction & Imaging Division

Instrument scientist in Delft 15 Mars 2024
Small Angle Neutron Scattering instrument at the 2.3 MW Delft reactor.

Instrument scientist in ILL Grenoble 13 Mars 2024
Second instrument scientist SALSA, the ILL’s stress imager dedicated to the determination of mechanical stresses.

Ingénieur diffraction RX à Clermont-Ferrand 11 Mars 2024
Caractérisation des matériaux par diffraction à rayon X.

Two instrument scientist at ANSO Sydney 11 Mars 2024
Small Angle Neutron Scattering (Quokka).
High Intensity Neutron Powder Diffraction (Wombat).

Maitre de conférence à Paris 7 Mars 2024
Groupe BioNanomatériaux du LVTS (INSERM U1148).

Maitre de conférence à Grenoble 6 Mars 2024
Interactions moléculaires en jeu dans les interfaces telles que les interfaces liquide/liquide, solide/gaz, gaz/liquide ou liquide/solide.

Post-doc in CSNS in Dongguan 5 Mars 2024
Neutron scattering computer/data scientist.

2 Post-doc in Lund 5 Mars 2024
Understanding mRNA therapeutics: structural characterization using neutrons, X-rays and electron microscopy.
Transthyretin amyloidosis.

Post-doc in Cork 4 Mars 2024
Theoretical Simulations of Multiferroic Materials.

Instrument scientist in Delft 1 Mars 2024
Imaging instrument scientist.

2 instrument scientist at Oak-Ridge 28 Fév. 2024
Senior Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist on VENUS.
Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist on VENUS.

Post-doc/Groupe leader in Jülich 23 Fév. 2024
Neutron scattering on energy materials.

Directeur de labo à Grenoble 22 Fév. 2024
Recherche d'un directeur pour l IBS à Grenoble.

Staff scientist in Stanford 21 Fév. 2024
Biological small angle x-ray scattering at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource.

Administrateur à Saclay du projet Icone 21 Fév. 2024
Conduire l’organisation du projet ICONE en concertation avec le chef de projet et le responsable scientifique.

Instrument scientist in garching 21 Fév. 2024
Instrument scientist for the cold three-axis spectrometer PANDA at the MLZ.

Prost Doc in Lund 20 Fév. 2024
Automation for reflectometry at liquid surfaces for neutron and synchroton X-ray reflectivity experiments.

Professeur à Nancy 19 Fév. 2024
Un poste de Professeur des Universités avec un profil bio-cristallographie est ouvert au concours dans le laboratoire CRM2 de Nancy.

Scientific associate in Oak-Ridge 18 Fév. 2024
Low Temperature and Magnets with focus on providing experimental support for neutron scattering experiments.

Mechanical engineer in Berlin 17 Fév. 2024
Dismantling of the neutron time-of-flight spectrometer NEAT and its reconstruction in Budapest.

Tenure track position around Paris 16 Fév. 2024
Precision measurements for testing the fundamental laws of physics .

Post-doc in Marseille 15 Fév. 2024
Research program on Structural Virology with cryoEM or X-Ray Crystallography.

Post-doc at Argonne National Lab. 14 Fév. 2024
Magnetic correlations and dynamics in disordered magnetic systems.

Tenure track Position at PSI Zürich 13 Fév. 2024
Scientist in Neutron Spectroscopy .

Post-doc in Texas State University at San Marcos 12 Fév. 2024
Investigating magnetic Josephson junctions and related phenomena in superconductivity and magnetism.

Post-doc in Lund 7 Fév. 2024
Developing and supporting research activities related to the LOKI beamline at ESS.

Maitre de Conférence à Rouen 1 Fév. 2024
Microscopie pour la biologie, développements méthodologiques et instrumentaux.

Post-doc à Varsovie 31 Janv. 2024
Analysis of powder and single crystal data, computer code development.

2 permanent positions at the LLB Saclay 30 Janv. 2024
Research in biophysics or soft matter at the LLB (!!web portal in French!!).
Ingénieur bureau d'études.

Instrument scientist in Grenoble 29 Janv. 2024
Instrument scientist on SAM the news SANS instrument of the LLB at ILL Grenoble.

Post-Doc in Lund 28 Janv. 2024
Developing and supporting research activities related to the LOKI beamline at ESS.

Group leader in Oak-Ridge 22 Janv. 2024
Single crystal diffraction Group Leader.

Group leader in Oak-Ridge 16 Janv. 2024
Triple-Axis Spectroscopy Group Leader.

Instrument scientist in LUND (Sweden) 8 Janv. 2024
Instrument scientist of Magic.

2 Post-docs in Rennes 20 dec. 2023
Experimental studies to define the thermodynamic properties of the confined water and aqueous solutions.
Sample preparation to conduct experimental studies of the effects of confinement, and pore surface interaction.

2 positions in ESS (Lund) 19 dec. 2023
Mechanical design engineer for the MAGIC instrument.
Detector mechanical engineer.

Instrument scientist in Grenoble 18 dec. 2023
New instrument XtremeD, a thermal neutron diffractometer for single crystals and powders.

PostDoc in Warsaw 17 dec. 2023
Analysis of powder and single crystal data, computer code development and the use of Pair Distribution Function.

Instrument scientist at ORNL 16 dec. 2023
Instrument Scientist for Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS).

Post-doc at ESRF Grenoble 15 dec. 2023
Post-doc on ID20 beamline at ESRF.

4 instrument scientists at ISIS near Oxford 14 dec. 2023
Instrument Scientist for the TOSCA (at ISIS)/ VESPA (at ESS) neutron vibrational spectrometers, fixed-term 4 year position.
Instrument Scientist for the VESUVIO spectrometer at ISIS, permanent contract.
Instrument Scientist for the MERLIN spectrometer at ISIS, permanent contract.
Instrument Scientist for the LET spectrometer at ISIS, permanent contract.

2 postes au LLB à Saclay 12 dec. 2023
CDI CEA de responsable du bureau d'études du LLB.
CDD CNRS de dessinateur/projeteur en mécanique

6 post-docs in Leeds 11 dec. 2023
CAMIE postdoctoral reserach fellows : develop new ways to store, manipulate and transport information.

Group leader in Toulouse 1 dec. 2023
Integrative structural biology at IPBS Toulouse.

Instrument scientist in Garching 30 nov. 2023
Join the neutron spectrometer TOPAS (Thermal time-of-flight spectrometer with polarization analysis) in MLZ around FRM-II.

Technicien d'appareil à Grenoble 27 nov. 2023
Aide à l'exploitation de l'instrument de diffraction de neutrons D1B à l'ILL.

Instrument scientist at Saint Aubin 14 nov. 2023
Scientifique sur la ligne de lumière CRISTAL au synchrotron SOLEIL.

Post-doc in neutron scattering 10 nov. 2023
19 GNeuS Postdoc Positions available in Neutron Science.

Ingénieur d'étude à Toulouse 9 nov. 2023
Production et purification de protéines et de complexes biologiques.

Post-doc à Palaiseau 8 nov. 2023
Characterize, from a functional the molecular basis of an aberrant protein synthesis.

Post-doc à Münich 6 nov. 2023
Instrument scientist on SANS-1 at MLZ with soft-matter physics background.

2 post-docs in Paris 5 Nov. 2023
Design and assess a microfluidic device that faithfully replicates the clearance mechanisms within the bronchial region of the human lung.
Structure and rheology of pulmonary surfactant.

Assistant professor at university of Virginia in Charlottesville 1 nov. 2023
Experimental condensed matter physics.

2 post-docs in Oak-Ridge 26 Oct. 2023
Structural Measurements of Hydrogen-containing Materials Under Pressure.
Investigating the exotic quantum phenomena of topological chiral magnets under the influence of electric current and magnetic field.

Post-doc at PSI Zürich 19 Oct. 2023
Group for Neutron Optics and Scientific Computing.

Post-doc in Beijing 5 Oct. 2023
Utilizing neutron scattering techniques to investigate the crystal structure and ionic dynamics of energy materials.

Post-doc at Univ. of Virginia 4 Oct. 2023
Utilizing neutron and X-ray scattering techniques to explore the structure and dynamics of solid state systems.

Chef de projet à Saclay 3 Oct. 2023
Préparation de la construction d'Icone.

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Oak-Ridge 2 Oct. 2023
Dynamic team in the Single Crystal Diffraction Group.

Scientific developper in Copenghagen 2 Oct. 2023
Two positions of Scientific Software Developers for Data Analysis .

Director of J-PARC 29 Sept. 2023
Request for Nomination of Candidates for the Next Director of J-PARC Center.

Group leaders at ESS in Lund 28 Sept. 2023
3 group leader positions available : Diffraction and Imaging Division; Large Scale Structures Division; Spectroscopy Division.

Post-doc at ILL in Grenoble 21 Sept. 2023
Imaging experiments for the SEATBELT Projec.

Instrument data scientist in Copenhaguen 18 Sept. 2023
Instrument data scientist for neutron reflectometry at the ESS.

Assistant ingénieur sur D1B à l'ILL à Grenoble 15 Sept. 2023
Exploitation de l'instrument de diffraction de neutrons 'D1B'

Neutron Instrument Scientist at SNS in Oak-Ridge 13 Sept. 2023
Neutron Instrument Scientist for SNAP, the high-pressure diffractometer at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).

Expert cristallisation chez Veolia 28 aout 2023
Evaporation, évapo-cristallisation, stripping de gaz dissous (génie chimique).

2 positions in Delft 23 aout 2023
Neutron powder diffraction and
Cold and thermal neutron imaging

Tenure track assitant professor at Garching 22 aout 2023
Neutron-based Methods for Energy or Quantum Materials.

Post-doc in triple axis in Oak-Ridge 17 aout 2023
Investigate exotic quantum phenomena in novel multiferroics and 2D hybrid magnets utilizing neutron scattering techniques.

Group leader at ANSTO Lucas-Heights 15 aout 2023
Manage a multidisciplinary team that provides and develops sample environments for the neutron beam experiments.

2 vacancies at ISIS near Oxford 14 aout 2023
Full-time SANS Instrument Scientists.

Research Assistant Professor in Oak-Ridge 13 aout 2023
Develop new compositionally complex alloys and ceramics for extreme environment applications.

Post-doc à Brookhaven 12 aout 2023
Develop methods to automate data collection and processing of XAFS, XRD, and PDF data. Apply AI methods to beamline automation and operations.

SANS instrument scientist at ISIS, UK, 7 aout 2023
Work on Larmor, loQ, Sans2D or Zoom.

Science communacation officer at ISIS, UK, 20 juillet 2023

Post-doc in Drexel PA, USA 17 juillet 2023
Neutron scattering studies of quantum material heterostructures.

Post-doc in Grenoble 9 juillet 2023
Single Pore Sensing for miRNA Screening and Sequencing.

Post-doc in Paris 8 juillet 2023
Probing organisation and scaffold flexibility of hydrogels: a combined NMR and NMRD approach.

Scientific Software Developer and head of center in Copenhagen 7 juillet 2023
Develop, maintain, and optimize software for data analysis.
Head of our Data Management and Software Center.

Technology developer and engineer in Hamburg 6 juillet 2023
Integrated structure and metabolomics platform for microbial targets.

Post-doc in Garching near Münich 5 juillet 2023
Quantum and energy materials to join the single crystal neutron diffraction group in MLZ.

Post-doc in Uppsala 3 juillet 2023
Synthesis and characterization (structural, magnetic, dielectric) properties of the nanosystems.

Post-doc in Bloomington 30 juin 2023
Experimental and theoretical studies of quantum liquids confined to one-dimension.

Post-doc in Bloomington 30 juin 2023
Experimental and theoretical studies of quantum liquids confined to one-dimension.

Post-doc in Nancy 28 juin 2023
study DNA processing during bacterial conjugation using molecular and structural approaches.

Post-doc at ILL Grenoble 27 juin 2023
Electrostructure and magnetism.

Instrument scientist at Pak-Ridge 13 juin 2023
Neutron Scattering Chemical Spectroscopy Instrument Scientist for the vibrational spectrometer VISION at SNS.

Ingénieur d'étude à Grenoble 7 juin 2023
Ingénieur d'exploitation de l'instrument SAM du LLB à Grenoble (renseigner 114 comme numéro de concours)

Ingénieur de recherche à Nancy 3 juin 2023
Développement d'expériences sur la base des détecteurs à rayons X.

Software engineer at ESS Lund 1 juin 2023
Scientific computing for the ESS.

Assistant scientist at Argonne 31 mai 2023
Experimental condensed matter research using advanced neutron scattering techniques.

Post-doc à Varsovie 29 mai 2023
Pair Distribution Function based on neutron and X-Ray data.

Python Web developper à Soleil Saint Aubin 23 mai 2023
Migration de MXCuBE (QT) vers MXCuBEv3 (web) sur les lignes de lumière Proxima.

3 post-docs at ILL in Grenoble 12 mai 2023
Support to users coming in the frame of the ReMade@ARI project.

Post-docs at CSNS in Guangdong 2 mai 2023
Neutron surface scattering.

Research Scientist at ILL Grenoble 28 avril 2023
Research programme on model lipid membrane systems both in bulk and at interfaces and work on D22 and D17.

Post-doc à Orsay 25 avril 2023
Détermination de la fonction de distribution orientationnelle dans des matériaux poreux à base d'argiles 1D.

Instrument Scientist at FRMII Garching 18 avril 2023
Instrument scientist for the polarized neutron single crystal diffractometer POLI at FRM II of Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) in Garching near Munich.

Computational Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 12 avril 2023
Triple Axis Spectroscopy Group based at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR).

Instrument Scientist at ILL Grenoble 11 avril 2023
Instrument scientist on Salsa.

ATER à Grenoble 10 avril 2023
Chimie analytique et spectroscopie.

MAPS instrument scientist at ISIS near Oxford 9 avril 2023
Instrument scientist in the Excitations group at ISIS, to work on the MAPS.

Staff scientist at EMBL Grenoble 7 avril 2023
Work to operate the High Throughput Crystallization Laboratory (HTX Lab).

Head of group at ILL Grenoble 6 avril 2023
Head of Deuteration, Biology, Chemistry and Soft Matter Science Support Group.

Beamiline Scientist in Melbourne 30 mars 2023
SAXS/WAXS and BioSAXS beamlines.

Engineer at ILL Grenoble 23 mars 2023
Neutron irradiation and dosimetry.

Engineer at ILL Grenoble 23 mars 2023
Neutron irradiation and dosimetry.

Director in Jülich 16 mars 2023
Director at the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science and Peter Grünberg Institute – Quantum Materials and Collective Phenomena Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Instrument scientist at ESS Lund 15 mars 2023
Scientist to lead the completion of the Estia reflectometer.

Software Engineers/Software Scientists at ISIS 9 mars 2023
Scientific Software Engineer / Senior Scientific Software Engineer.
Software Scientist / Senior Software Scientist.

Professeur à Orsay 8 mars 2023
Techniques Physiques des Energies Bas Carbone en L3 Pro.

Post-doc in Berlin 7 mars 2023
Synthesize, characterize and optimize antimicrobial nanoparticles to be used as coatings for touch-sensitive surfaces to limit the transfer of pathogens.

Research engineer at LUND 1 mars 2023
Research Engineer in Materials Engineering with Neutron Polarisation Focus.

Instrument scientist in Oak-Ridge at SDNS 28 fevrier 2023
Team member within the suite of neutron direct geometry spectrometers at SNS.

Triple-axis instrument scientist in Oak-Ridge at HFIR 27 fevrier 2023
Team member within the suite of neutron triple axis spectrometers of the HFIR.

Technicien à Grenoble 26 fevrier 2023
En charge d'un parc de diffractomètres de RX.

Post-Doc à Luxembourg 24 fevrier 2023
Quantum Skyrmions.

Instrument scientist at ISIS, Didcot 23 fevrier 2023
Support and collaborate with research groups on IMAT - imaging and diffraction beamline.

Post-doc à Soleil à Saint-Aubin 18 fevrier 2023
Coherent/micro diffraction imaging techniques in non-ambient conditions.

Post-doc à Lyon 17 fevrier 2023
Development of performed sapphire through crystallization from melt.

Technicien à Grenoble 16 fevrier 2023
CDD 14 mois : Technicien pour montage et mise en service d'un instrument de diffusion neutronique à l'ILL Grenoble.

Maitre de conférence à Rennes 15 fevrier 2023
Relations structures/propriétés de couches minces d’oxydes et/ou d’intermétalliques massifs pour le stockage et la production d’énergie.

Postdoc à San-Sebastian 14 fevrier 2023
Structural characterization of various electroactive materials by neutron scattering methods.

Post-doc à Palaiseau 9 fevrier 2023
Functional studies of human RNA modification enzymes.

Ingénieur de recherche aux Mines de Paris 8 fevrier 2023
Caractérisation des matériaux par diffraction des rayons X.

Post-doc au PSI Villingen 7 fevrier 2023
Develop a new pulsed magnetic field instrument at SwissFEL.

Professeur à Berlin 6 fevrier 2023
Nanostructures, 2D-Systems and Layers.

2 postes de techniciens au LLB à Saclay et Grenoble 5 fevrier 2023
Exploitation de l’instrument SHARP à Grenoble.
Mise en œuvre de différents systèmes électroniques pour les spectromètres du LLB à Saclay.

Section head of beamline operation at Oak-Ridge 4 fevrier 2023
Provide technical leadership to the members of the beamline operation section.

Tenure track position in Copenhagen 3 fevrier 2023
Conduct research, supervision and teaching at the Department of Chemistry.

Postdoc et ingénieur à San-Sebastian 2 fevrier 2023
Study of sustainable building materials by neutron scattering.
Explore and assess in depth the latest developments and opportunities offered by ultra-compact neutron sources for scientific and industrial applications.

Postdoc research associate in Charlottesville 1 fevrier 2023
Materials physics and diffraction, elastic and inelastic scattering techniques.

Postdoc in Diamond 31 janvier 2023
Implementing Bonse-Hart USAXS at beamline I22.

Lecturer in Bristol 17 janvier 2023
Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials.

Professor at TU Delft 13 janvier 2023
Professor in the Radiation Science and Technology Department you will use the instrumentation of the TU Delft Reactor Institute to develop research into soft matter.

Post-doc à ILL Grenoble 12 janvier 2023
Understand residual stress formation during additive manufacturing by means of neutrons and x-rays monitoring.

Instrument Scientist in Oak-Ridge 11 janvier 2023
Work on the WAND2 single crystal and powder diffractometer; the DEMAND four-circle single crystal diffractometer; and the HB-2A powder diffractometer.

Post-doc à Montpellier 10 janvier 2023
Develop experimental and analytical tools for the interpretation of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering data measured on disordered proteins, biomolecular condensates and functionalized proteins.

Assistant professeur à Palaiseau 9 janvier 2023
Structural Biology of the Cell laboratory.

Sample Environment Research Engineer at ESS Lund 3 janvier 2023
Develop, integrate, operate and maintain, innovative sample environment systems for soft matter and surfaces/interfaces at ESS.

Tenure-track positions to outstanding female academic researchers in Delft 2 janvier 2023
Research themes in which the faculties of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) want to be strengthened.

Chargé des relations entreprises à Soleil (Saint-Aubin) 1 janvier 2023
Mise en place et suivi des relations avec les entreprises.

Industrial liaison officier in Toulouse 20 décembre 2022
Raise awareness in industry about the scientific possibilities within the EMFL and the associated technical developments

1 position in Oak-Ridge 16 décembre 2022
Neutronics scientist for thr Second Target Station

Post-docs à Montpellier 15 décembre 2022
Interpretation of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering data measured on disordered proteins, biomolecular condensates and functionalized proteins.

2 post-docs in Oak-Ridge 14 décembre 2022
Research in structural biology of enzymes degrading recalcitrant natural and synthetic polymers.
Fundamental research on the interaction between biocatalysts and the gaseous substrates N2 and CO2.

2 positions in FRM-II Garching 13 décembre 2022
Group leader of the sample environment group.
Group leader of the neutron optics group.

Research scientist à Paris 12 décembre 2022
Explore and apply technologies dedicated to the characterization of biomolecular interactions.

Ingénieur en science des matériaux à Orsay 11 décembre 2022
Caractérisation d'échantillons chimiques à l'aide des appareils de diffraction de rayons X.

2 positions in Oak-Ridge 10 décembre 2022
Second Target Station: Target Systems Piping and Mechanical Designer
Second Target Station: Target Systems Mechanical Design Engineer

Instrument responsible at FRMII Garching 9 décembre 2022
Responsible for new high-throughput diffractometer ERWIN.

2 positions in Oak-Ridge 8 décembre 2022
Senior Mechanical Designer for the Second Target Station.
Instrument Systems Science and Technology Manager for the Second Target Station.

Post-doc at University of Virginia 4 décembre 2022
Neutron and X-ray scattering techniques to explore structures and dynamics of materials.

2 Post-Docs in San Sebastian 3 décembre 2022
Laser spectroscopy to study Active Carbon-based Materials.
Use radiation scattering techniques to study Active Carbon-based Materials.

2 Post-Docs between Lund and ISIS 2 décembre 2022
Simulating & fitting of neutron reflectivity.
Developing neutron reflectivity methodology, utilising magnetic reference layers.

3 Post-Docs at ISIS, ILL and PSI (UK) 1 décembre 2022
Research with neutron scattering within the Circular Economy programme.

Post-Doc at NIST in Gaithersburg 30 novembre 2022
Condensed Matter Physics Team, which supervises a suite of thermal and cold neutron triple axis spectrometers.

Research engineer at Lund 29 novembre 2022
Research Engineer for the cryogenics field.

Instrument scientist and post-doc at CSNS (Dongguan) 28 novembre 2022
Instrument Scientists on Elastic Diffuse Scattering Neutron Spectrometer (EDS) and SingleCrystal Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffractometer (SCND).
Neutron scattering studies of quantum materials and functional materials.

Post-doc au Luxembourg 14 novembre 2022
Magnetic neutron scattering.

Post-doc à Lausanne 13 novembre 2022
High-pressure-temperature behavior of natural gas hydrates.

Research Engineer at Roskilde University 12 novembre 2022
Secure smooth daily operation of the Roskilde University X-ray scattering hub.

15 post-doc positions 9 novembre 2022
Post-docs in neutron scattering.

Post-doc in Strasbourg 8 novembre 2022
Structural biology.

2 instrument scientists in Lund 7 novembre 2022
Instrument Scientist for the Estia reflectometer.
Instrument Scientist for the LoKI and SKADI SANS.

High pressure engineer in Lund 4 novembre 2022
Commission, set up, operate and manage sample environment to enable high pressure experiments at ESS.

CDI chez Cristal Laser pres de Nancy 27 octobre 2022
Dévemlopper le procédé de croissance cristalline.

Post-doc at Lund University 26 octobre 2022
Understanding of amyloidosis with use of X-ray and neutron diffraction, cryo-EM, and a wide range of other biophysical techniques.

Post-doc à Paris 24 octobre 2022
Experimental study of liquid polymorphism and liquid-liquid transitions in sulfur and other systems under high pressure and temperature.

Instrument scientist at ESS Lund 12 octobre 2022
Instrument scientist for LOKI and SKADI.

Post-Doc in Argonne USA, 9 octobre 2022
Single crystal diffuse neutron and x-ray scattering to study the impact of short-range correlations on emerging properties.

Post-Doc in Argonne USA, 9 octobre 2022
Single crystal diffuse neutron and x-ray scattering to study the impact of short-range correlations on emerging properties.

Senior scientist and group leader at Oak-Ridge 4 octobre 2022
Senior Research & Development (R&D) Staff Member to lead the Chemical Spectroscopy Group.
Group Leader, Labs and Soft Matter.

Postdoc à Orsay 29 septembre 2022
Biaxial Strain Control of Electronic Properties of Quantum Materials.

Postdoc in Dongguan 28 septembre 2022
Neutron beam test technology postdoctoral researcher.

Project manager in Oak-Ridge 27 septembre 2022
Project Manager for the Second Target Station (STS) project.

Scientific Associate in Oak-Ridge 20 septembre 2022
Operational support of the neutron scattering program at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR).

Post-doc in Prague 19 septembre 2022
Magnetism and inelastic neutron scattering.

Post-doc at Durham, North Carolina 14 septembre 2022
Studies of atomic structure and dynamics in solid-state inorganic materials.

Post-doc at LLB Saclay 13 septembre 2022
Development of a moderator for the production of cold neutrons at the IPHI – Neutrons facility.

Instrument scientist at ISIS (UK) 12 septembre 2022
Instrument scientist on the MARI instrument in the spectroscopy group.

Postdoc in Luxembourg 11 septembre 2022
Neutron scattering on magnetic materials.

Postdoc in Lund 9 septembre 2022
Structural characterization of mRNA lipid nanoparticles using small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering and electron microscopy.

Group leader in Hambourg 8 septembre 2022
Integrated structural biology by Small Angle X-ray Scattering.

Associate professor in Uppsala 2 septembre 2022
Magnetic or optical materials for sustainable energy applications (WISE Fellow).

2 positions in Oak-Ridge 1 septembre 2022
Polarization associate : develop new devices and techniques for manipulating neutron beams and their polarization state.
Postdoctoral Research Associate : develop next-generation spherical neutron polarimetry (SNP).

Senior Neutron detection scientist in Culham 31 aout 2022
Neutron diagnostics applied to nuclear experiments and to support the development of nuclear fusion energy.

Positions in computing in Cambridge 31 aout 2022
Create and supply the database system storing all the world's published 3D structures of small-molecule chemicals at the CCDC in Cambridge.

Postdoc in Paris 30 aout 2022
Structure and rheology of mucus and its in situ exposure to drug particles.

Postdoc at CSNS in Donghuan 29 aout 2022
Neutron beam test technology postdoctoral researcher.

Scientific associate in Oak-Ridge 26 aout 2022
Operational support of the neutron scattering program at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR).

2 Post docs in Oak-Ridge 24 aout 2022
Automated Neutron Scattering on Magnetic Materials.
In Operando Crystallography and Residual Stresses of Additively Manufactured Materials.

2 post docs in Leipzig 22 aout 2022
Work on the development of neutron-based operando methods, especially reactors for solid-gas reactions, and laboratory-based in situ methods.

Instrument scientists in Garching 17 aout 2022
development of the multipurpose diffractometer ERWIN.

Tenure track at PSI Zürich 4 aout 2022
Co-responsible for the thermal triple axis spectrometer EIGER.

Head of User Office at ELI in Dolní Brezany (Czech Republic) 26 Juillet 2022
Responsible for developing and ensuring compliance with all processes related to access to the ELI ERIC Facilities.

Head of User Office at ELI in Dolní Brezany (Czech Republic) 26 Juillet 2022
Responsible for developing and ensuring compliance with all processes related to access to the ELI ERIC Facilities.

4 Research Scientists at the ILL Grenoble 21 Juillet 2022
Particle Physicist - PF2 co-responsible and
Nuclear Physicist - Lohengrin co-responsible and
Neutron Imaging on Next/MoTo and
Instrument - D17 co-responsible

Research Scientist at the ILL Grenoble 6 Juillet 2022
Macromolecular crystallography : Co-managing the LADI-DALI quasi Laue beamline.

Postdoctoral associate in Campinas 4 Juillet 2022
Work at the Cateretê beamline (Coherent Scattering beamline) at the LNLS, which is the Brazilian Synchrotron Laboratory operating Sirius.

Research Scientist at the ILL Grenoble 29 Juin 2022
Co-run the FIGARO reflectometer.

Instrument system manager in Oak-Ridge 27 Juin 2022
Coordinates the design and integration of all instrument subsystems to successfully deliver all instrument systems.

Ingenieur de recherche à Grenoble 20 Juin 2022
(réservé aux personnes en situation de handicap) Coresponsable du spectromètre IN13, CRG franco-italien à l’Institut Laue Langevin (ILL). Détails.

Ingenieur de recherche à Paris 10 Juin 2022
(Concours n°19) Conception, réalisation, exploitation de dispositifs optique complexes, basés sur l'utilisation des lasers pulsés. Détails.

Ingenieur d'études à Marseilles 10 Juin 2022
(Concours n°76) Développer, mettre au point et modifier des dispositifs expérimentaux adaptés aux rayons X de laboratoire et synchrotron. Détails.

Research scientist at ILL Grenoble 16 Juin 2022
Develop high-quality polarized neutron supermirrors and 3He spin filter cells.

Assistant ingénieur à Orsay 10 Juin 2022
Faire fonctionner une plateforme instrumentale de diffusion des RX pour l’étude des matériaux. Détails.

Ingénieur d'étude à Marseille 8 Juin 2022
Mettre au point et modifier des dispositifs expérimentaux adaptés aux RX de laboratoire et synchrotron.

Scientist at the ILL Grenoble 4 Juin 2022
Single crystal neutron diffraction on D10.

Post-doc in Stavanger 23 Mai 2022
Phonon lifetimes; unifying inelastic neutron scattering measurements with first principle calculations.

Research Engineer at the ILL Grenoble 20 Mai 2022
Develop polarized neutron supermirrors, and 3He spin filter.

ATER à Rennes 19 Mai 2022
Simulation and code development for neutron optics.

Post-doc au PSI 13 Mai 2022
Cristallochimie, thermochimie et matériaux.

Post-doc à Soleil 12 Mai 2022
Développement d’une méthode de résolution structurale basée sur la cristallographie en série en collaboration avec la ligne de lumière PROXIMA 2.

Ingénieur en CDD à Marseille 2 Mai 2022
Etudes supramoléculaires de nanographènes chiraux à l’état solide.

Technical officer at EMBL Hambourg 1 Mai 2022
Senior technical officer position in the BioSAXS team on the EMBL P12 BioSAXS beamline at PETRA III.

Postdoc at Cornell University 25 avril 2022
Using x-ray scattering to reveal the structural dynamics of biological macromolecules.

Professeur à l'Institut Néel, Grenoble 21 avril 2022
Révéler les propriétés ultimes de matériaux innovants par des techniques novatrices de microscopie et cristallographie aux électrons et rayons X.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 20 avril 2022
Machine Learning for Neutron Diffraction.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 19 avril 2022
Implement state of the art GPU and parallel computing approaches for visual image processing and multidimensional, interactive visualization of neutron data and analysis.

Instrument group leader in Oak-Ridge 12 avril 2022
Provide Research and Development (R&D) leadership for a newly formed group specialized in neutron scattering instrument design and performance studies.

Research Engineer in neutron irradiation 11 avril 2022
Develop different irradiation capabilities at the Thermal and Epithermal Neutron Irradiation Station.

Instrument scientist in Sydney 10 avril 2022
SANS Instrument Scientist to support industrially focused research projects.

Ingénieur/technicien à Grenoble 6 avril 2022
Ingénieur/technicien sur l'instrument IN13 à l'ILL

Electronic team leader at ISIS 3 avril 2022
Work in Detector Systems Group and lead a team in developing, delivering and supporting data acquisition electronics.

Instrument scientist in Budapest 2 avril 2022
Work on TOF-ND, a general-purpose thermal neutron time-of-flight diffractometer

Associate professor at Stavanger 1 avril 2022
Material physics

ATER à Orsay et Paris 31 mars 2022
Enseignement en IUT.
Chimie des matériaux.

Scientifique de ligne à Grenoble 12 mars 2022
Ligne CEA sur BM07-FIP2 à l'ESRF.

Post-doc à Nancy 11 mars 2022
Structural dynamics of photoswitchable solids.

Professeur à Lyon 10 mars 2022

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Oak-Ridge 9 mars 2022
Neutron Optics and Polarization.

2 staff positions at the LLB in Saclay 8 mars 2022
Researcher Physical chemistry of complex systems at interfaces.
Study quantum materials and do instrumental developments for compact neutron sources.

2 post-docs à Grenoble 3 mars 2022
Develop and apply machine learning for imaging and characterisation of nanoscale systems.
Image nanostructures in situ during reaction and to reveal their structure evolution in time.

Program/Communication manager at PSI Zürich 2 mars 2022
Project coordination, monitoring and reporting of accepted European projects.

Pos-doc à IBS Grenoble 1 mars 2022
Biochemical and structural studies mainly based on X-ray crystallography.

Group Leader for the Neutron Detector Group at ESS in Lund 24 février 2022
In-house manufacturing of neutron detector systems.

Software engineers at ISIS near Oxford 23 février 2022
Crafting software engineering solutions for our ISIS equipment.

Post-doc in Argonne 22 février 2022
Influence of local disorder and short-range correlations on emerging properties in crystalline materials using elastic and inelastic neutron and x-ray scattering techniques.

2 Post-docs in Cologne 21 février 2022
Combining Small-Angle Scattering and PDF analysis to study novel nanostructured electrode materials.

Chercheur à Toulouse 20 février 2022
Enzymes at the solid-liquid interfaces and the relevant biophysical techniques to study these enzymes.

2 Post-docs in Aachen 19 février 2022
Interfacial diffusion dynamics via quasielastic neutron scattering.
Non-magnetic metal oxide nanoparticles - synthesis and interfaces.

Post-doc à Paris 16 février 2022
Biochemistry and structural determination (cryo-EM and crystallography).

Maitre de conférence à Orléans 14 février 2022
Physique expérimentale des systèmes nanométriques supportés : structure et cinétique.

Two postdoctoral research associates at CSNS, Guangdong 9 février 2022
Develop a 3He metastability exchange optical pumping (MEOP) program within the polarization group.

Assistant Professor or Associate Professor at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 8 février 2022
Applied/Experimental Neutron Imaging.

Post-doc à Grenoble et Tübingen 7 février 2022
Dynamics, kinetics and assembly of model intrinsically disordered proteins from a polymer physics perspective.

Professeur à Nantes 5 février 2022
Caractérisation de matériaux solides inorganiques, hybrides organique-inorganique sous différents stimuli (température, excitation lumineuse, atmosphère environnante).

Maitre de conférence à Paris 4 février 2022
Approches expérimentales innovantes pour étudier les milieux colloïdaux.

Post-doc in Lund 3 février 2022
Investigate the mechanism of apoptosis-regulating proteins.

Maitre de conférence à Paris 2 février 2022
Synthèse et caractérisation de nouveaux matériaux à fort potentiel technologique.

Research Software Engineer/Scientist at ISIS (UK) 27 janvier 2022
Develop a number of software packages in partnership with ISIS scientists and users at the cutting-edge of neutronic data analysis.

Post-doc in Tartu 20 janvier 2022
Development of time-resolved/in-situ neutron scattering methods in biophysics.

Post-doc in Tartu 20 janvier 2022
Development of time-resolved/in-situ neutron scattering methods in biophysics.

Post-doc au Ripault 18 janvier 2022
Elaborer, à l’échelle du laboratoire, des matériaux constitués de mélanges de composés énergétiques à l’échelle moléculaire.

Neutron scattering scientist in Oak-Ridge 17 janvier 2022
Develop a scientific program focused on neutron spectroscopy and help develop the user community on VISION.

Ingénieur de recherche à Grenoble 16 janvier 2022
Design methods and algorithms capable of handling and processing complex set of data extracted from the SALSA.

Maitre de Conférence à Orléans 15 janvier 2022
Physique expérimentale des systèmes nanométriques supportés : structure et cinétique.

Post-doctoral fellow in neutron surface scattering in Lund 11 janvier 2022
This project will deliver a competitive instrument proposal for a dedicated grazing-incidence small-angle scattering (GISANS) beamline, named SAGA at ESS.

2 positions in Copenhagen 8 janvier 2022
Assistant professor in condensed matter theory.
Associate Professor in Preparative Solid State Chemistry and Quantum Materials.

Diffraction Neutron Scatterinfg Scientist in Oak-Ridge 4 janvier 2022
Scientist for the single crystal diffuse scattering diffractometer CORELLI at SNS.

Positions at ELDICO Scientific 3 Janvier 2022
Experienced small molecule crystallographer for elrctron diffractometer.
Manager for our Measurement-as-a-Service Operation with a strong background in Crystallography.

Tenure track position at SINQ PSI Zürich 23 Dec. 2021
Support high pressure related experiments in the SINQ and SµS user programs.

Beam line Scientist at Melbourne 22 Dec. 2021
Beamline Scientist for the SAXS/WAXS Beamline.

Senior Scientist at Oak-Ridge 18 Dec. 2021
Neutron Scattering Senior Scientist at the Liquids Reflectometer.

Ingénieur de recherche à Toulouse 17 Dec. 2021
Cryo-MET et analyse d'images en biologie.

Ingénieur d'étude à Toulouse 14 Dec. 2021
Mesure des propriétés physico-chimiques de protéines et complexes purifiés par des techniques biophysiques (DSF, DLS, SEC-MALS).

Machinist/instrument-maker at Columbia Missouri 13 Dec. 2021 (Jod ID 39404)
Performs highly skilled machine work to construct research instruments.

Post-doc and group-leader at Oak-Ridge 10 Dec. 2021
Post-doc in neutron optics and polarization.
Group Leader, Neutron Instrument Development.

Post-doc near Atlanta 5 Dec. 2021
Physique quantique de la matière condensée, en utilisant la diffusion des neutrons ref:235648.

Scientist/Engineer at Culham 1 Dec. 2021
Provide expert knowledge in the field of neutron diagnostics applied to nuclear experiments.
Lead the development of radiometric tools and methods.
Radiation transport and activation simulations using nuclear analysis tools, such as MCNP and FISPACT-II.

Neutron Scattering position at Los Alamos 30 Nov. 2021
Spectroscopic studies of quantum materials.

Ingénieur de recherche en biochimie à Grenoble 24 Nov. 2021
Production in vitro de complexes entre la protéase ClpP et ses co-chaperones et leurs études structurale.

Remote handling technicians at Lund 22 Nov. 2021
Two Remote Handling (RH) Technicians for the Target Operations and Maintenance Group .

Post-doc à Copenhague 19 Nov. 2021 (ferme le 28 nov.)
Interfacial structural techniques including scattering to the Structured Biointerfaces.

Engineer at ESS in Lund 17 Nov. 2021
Systems Integration Engineer for Radiation Protection group .

Group leader in Oak-Ridge 16 Nov. 2021
We are seeking a Group Leader for Low Temperature and Magnets in the Neutron Scattering Division.

Post-Doc in Grenoble 9 Nov. 2021
Characterisations of solid-state batteries using thiosulfates solid electrolyte to correlate structural and morphological information.

Post-Doc at NIST USA 8 Nov. 2021
Upgrade the existing neutron spin echo (NSE) spectrometer and instrument commissioning.

Post-Doc in San-Sebastian 7 Nov. 2021
Development of new techniques and methodologies for materials discovery, in close collaboration with leading neutron and X-ray laboratories.

Post-Doc at CSNS Dongguan 2 Nov. 2021
Design and construction of a neutron scattering beam line.

Instrument scientist at MURR 22 oct. 2021
Superconductivity, multiferroicity, thermal electric, quantum criticality and battery research.

Post-doc in Berlin 20 oct. 2021
Determination of the crystal structure of new materials using X-ray and neutron diffraction.

Instrument Scientist at ISIS 17 oct. 2021
Join the Vesuvio instrument and molecular spectroscopy.

Tenure track at Univ. Windsor (CAN) 15 oct. 2021
Experimental Physics (Neutron Physics/Medical Physics).

4 scientists at SNS Oak-Ridge 8 oct. 2021
Powder diffraction scientist.
Imaging scientist.
Scientist on the broadband wide-angle velocity selector spectrometer BWAVES.
Neutron spin echo scientist.

Senior support scientist at Diamond (UK) 7 oct. 2021
Facilitate User support during operations and assist in the commissioning of optics components and new end station equipment on I22.

Software engineer at ISIS (UK) 30 sept. 2021
Develop long-term, sustainable products for our users to analyse their data.

Post-doc à Paris 27 sept. 2021
Structure and dynamivs of Motorized Nanostructures from Light-responsive Molecular Machines.

Sample environment scientist associate at Oak-Ridge 14 sept. 2021
Supports users to operate specialized laboratory equipment, including cryogenic apparatus....

Post-doc at ILL Grenoble 10 sept. 2021
SANS-SAXS data science.

CDD ingénieur à Saclay 9 sept. 2021
Développement d’un modérateur pour la production de neutrons froids.

Post-doc at Saclay 8 sept. 2021
Neutron scattering instrumentation around a compact neutron source.

Post-doc between Chalmers and Münich 7 sept. 2021
Neutron spectroscopy techniques for energy related materials research; 25% at Chalmers, 75% at FRMII.

Workshop manager at CERN 3 sept. 2021
Lead and supervise the cryostats and machine integration facility.

Postdoc à l'ICMN Orléans 24 aout 2021
Caractérisation de surface de métaux et oxydes métalliques à base de titane notamment par spectroscopie de photoéléctrons.

Postdoc at IBS Grenoble 23 aout 2021
Microfluidics and Macromolecular Crystallography.

a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Oakridge 17 aout 2021
In operando neutron diffraction study of materials and structure in combustion engine on VULCAN.

Research Fellow at CityU Dongguan 16 aout 2021
Neutron Scattering and Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Environment System Engineering.

Computational crystallographer in Copenhagen 14 aout 2021
Integrate new sophisticated methods for identifying the position of hydrogen in time of flight Laue diffraction.

Post-doc in Strasbourg 13 aout 2021
Molecular and structural biology (Cryo-EM).

Automation engineer in ESS LUND 23 Juillet 2021
Expert in Motion Control and PLC systems especially for the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of motion control related components and control systems.

Radiation protection technician in ESS LUND 20 Juillet 2021
Take part in the ALARA preparation and follow-up various activities in radiation areas and storage areas for radioactive material or waste.

Tenure track at PSI Zürich 19 Juillet 2021
Develop Cristallina beamline and endstation components with a focus on low-temperature, high-magnetic-field sample environments.

Beamline Scientist at BioCAT in APS near Chicago 18 Juillet 2021
Develop Cristallina beamline and endstation components with a focus on low-temperature, high-magnetic-field sample environments.

Computational crystallographer at ESS in Copenhaguen 16 Juillet 2021
Design and develop a data processing pipeline optimized for the ESS instrument NMX.

Post-doc associate at MIT 14 Juillet 2021
Construct a new concept of powder and engineering diffractometer using polychromatic beam for high resolution and high intensity.

Instrument responsible in MLZ Garching 12 Juillet 2021
Instrument Responsible Diffraction with polarised neutrons on POLI.

2 positions at ESS in Lund 12 Juillet 2021
Two Control Room Shift Leaders .

Post-doc in Berlin, 4 Juillet 2021
X-ray spectroscopy of magnetic materials.

Post-doc à Nancy, 2 Juillet 2021
Photocristallographie des matériaux commutables luminescents.

Head of division at ESS in Lund 1 Juillet 2021
Head of Division for Neutron Scattering Systems.

Postes vacants divers

Software Engineer in Jülich or Garching 29 Juin 2021
Contribute to one or several of our open-source C++ and Python projects to support instrument users.

Group leader at EMBL Hambourg 28 Juin 2021
Integrated X-ray based structural biology and dynamics.

Software Scientist at ESS in Copenhagen 24 Juin 2021
Develop a software event formation system that can cope with the neutron event rates.

Post-doc research associate in Oak-Ridge 22 Juin 2021
Polarized Neutron Scattering Instrumentation for Quantum Materials.

Ingénieur CNRS à l'ESRF Grenoble 21 Juin 2021
Conducting user experiments on the D2AM beamline.

Post-Doc and coordinator at the ESS Lund 17 Juin 2021
Accelerator Scientist, in the Accelerator Division.
Detector Integration Coordinator for the Detector Service.

Research Engineer in Uppsala 3 Juin 2021
Develop sample environment for the reflectometers at the European Spallation Source.

Instrument scientist and electromechanical technician at the ESS Lund 1 Juin 2021
Instrument Scientist for Diffraction on the HEIMDAL instrument.
Electromechanical Technician within the Electrical Power Systems Group, part of the Accelerator Division.

Post-doc à ESS Lund 31 Mai 2021
Participating in the Multi-Blade detector technology project.

Post-doc à Soleil près de Paris 27 Mai 2021
Design and commissioning of electrochemical Li-Ion cells for operando synchrotron X-rayscattering and spectroscopy.

CDD Assistant Ingénieur à Paris 26 Mai 2021
Biochimie structurale pour recherches sur les machineries moléculaires à ARN et leur lien avec les maladies humaines.

Post-doc at ILL in Grenoble 22 Mai 2021
Physics of Very Slow Neutrons (ref 21/23).

Fixed term engineer position in Palaiseau 21 Mai 2021
Development of ultra-fast mid-IR modulators towards commercialization.

Post-doc in Paris 17 Mai 2021
Motorized Nanostructures from Light-responsive Molecular Machines: Structure and Dynamics.

Ingénieur dévelopement logiciel à Soleil 7 Mai 2021
Mise en place d’une plateforme d’enseignement à distance et développement de simulation de lignes de lumière.

Jobs at the ESS 6 Mai 2021
Hiring motivated and inspired people to design, construct and operate the world’s most powerful neutron source.

Post-doc à Grenoble 5 Mai 2021
Etude combinatoire des transformations de phases dans les aciers.

Lecturer in Mainz 3 Mai 2021
Lecturer in Condensed Matter Physics.

Researcher in Solid Mechanics at ESS Lund 26 Avril 2021
Design and operation of the neutron Test beamline (TBL) at the ESS.

Post-doc at ESS Lund 22 Avril 2021
Polarised Small Angle Neutron Scattering.

Post-doc associate at MIT 21 Avril 2021
Construct a new concept of powder diffractometer.

Post-doc in Paris 15 Avril 2021
Structure and dynamics of motorized Nanostructures from Light-responsive Molecular Machines.

Post-doc at Soleil near Paris 31 Mars 2021
Synthesis and characterize nano-alloys clusters of iron-rhodium (FeRh) isolated on ferroelectric surfaces.

Post-doc at ESS in Lund 30 Mars 2021
Polarised neutron imaging.

Computing manager in Oak-Ridge 29 Mars 2021
Provide scientific leadership and program management for all aspects of work along the entire data pipeline from data acquisition, reduction.

Post-doc in Uppsala 25 Mars 2021
Develop sample environment and analysis for small-angle scattering (SANS/SAXS).

Maitre de Conférence à Orléans 23 Mars 2021
Nano-objets de métaux pures et alliés, Nanoalliages.

Post-doc à Milan 12 Mars 2021
Mathematical/computational hydrodynamic modelling of viscosity and Herschel-Bulkley rheology of colloidal suspensions of anisotropic particles.

Post-doc à Gif-sur-Yvette 11 Mars 2021
Study small GTPases and regulators.

Post-doc in Dresden 10 Mars 2021
Inverse imaging problems.

Senior Neutron Detector Development Professional at Oak-Ridge 9 Mars 2021
Develop new neutron detector technologies and deploy them at our scattering instruments.

Director of ISIS UK 2 Mars 2021
With the retirement of Prof. Robert McGreevy the ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source is now looking to recruit its next Director.

Post-docs à l'Université de Hong-Kong 1 Mars 2021
Research with neutron and synchrotron scattering techniques to study the structure and dynamics of advanced materials.

Post-doc au Queen Mary University of London 12 Fevrier 2021
Couple synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and phase-contrast micro-tomography (pCT).

Chercheur à Prague 8 Fevrier 2021
Researcher in electron crystallography methods.

3 postes à Oak-Ridge 4 Fevrier 2021
A senior neutronics Scientist for the Second Target Station (STS) project and
A neutronics Scientist for the Second Target Station (STS) project and
A Section Head in Neutron Technologies Engineering.

Maitre de Conférence à Villetaneuse et Bobigny 2 Fevrier 2021
Enseignement de physique et recherches sur le nanomagnétisme ou les nanostructures en médecine.

Responsable de D23 à Grenoble 1 Fevrier 2021
Physicien chercheur responsable de l’instrument de diffusion neutronique D23 à l'ILL.

Lead Neutron Beamline Engineer in Oak-Ridge 28 Janvier 2021
You will be responsible for the entire engineering design of an instrument.

Post-doc à l'Aiea à Vienne 27 Janvier 2021
Do the implementation of the Neutron Science Facility (NSF) based on the utilisation of two neutron generators (DD and DT).

Project coordination engineer at the ESRF Grenoble 26 Janvier 2021
In the User Office you will define the framework for future user administration workflows and procedures.

Scientist at the ILL Grenoble 25 Janvier 2021
Bring into operation and optimise the new Ultra Cold Neutron (UCN) source SuperSUN.

Beam line scientist in Hamburg 22 Janvier 2021
Small angle X-ray scattering at Petra III for structural biology studies.

Assistant Professor in Hamilton Canada 20 Janvier 2021
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Theoretical or Experimental Physics of Quantum Matter in McMaster University, Department of Physics & Astronomy.

2 senior scientist at Oak-Ridge 19 Janvier 2021
Develop new neutron instrument concepts for the HFIR reactor and develop new neutron polarization techniques, Larmor labeling methods and neutron optics.

Post-doc at Ames Laboratory 18 Janvier 2021 (ref R36665)
Development of computational methods for the simulation of magnetic materials to analyze and interpret experimental data.

Tenure-track scientist at PSI for LLB 8 Janvier 2021
Soft matter user support on PA20 Sans.

Ingénieur de recherche à Orléans 6 Janvier 2021
Responsable des instruments à rayons-X de l'equipex Planex.

Research Scientist position at MURR 26 Décembre 2020
Contribute to existing neutron scattering research projects as well as initiate projects.

Scientific Software Engineer in Brookhaven 23 Décembre 2020
Support the development of a software infrastructure for data acquisition, management and analysis in NSLS-II.

2 research software engineers in Münich 18 Décembre 2020
Work on BornAgain software.

Scientist at JRR3 in Tokai 17 Décembre 2020
Development of novel neutron spectroscopy.

Post-doc à Poitiers 16 Décembre 2020
Elaboration de matériaux poreux argileux à anisotropie variée pour le stockage de H2.

Post-doc in Grenoble 15 Décembre 2020
Unconventional magnetic properties in new metal-organic compounds, via macroscopic measurements and neutron scattering.

Post-doc at PSI Zürich 14 Décembre 2020
Neutron Imaging and Scattering.

Scientist at ISIS UK 13 Décembre 2020
Design and development of new polarized neutron devices and software.

Postdocs au NIST USA 12 Décembre 2020
Study protein-protein and protein-excipient interactions in concentrated protein formulations using scattering techniques.

Postdocs at CSNS in Dongguan 5 Décembre 2020
Development of hyper polarized gas systems and polarized neutron scattering.

Research Engineer in computer science at ILL Grenoble 5 Décembre 2020
2 years fixed term contract; perform data analysis to extract main observables from experiments and deliver the analyzed data in a defined format.

Post-doc at ILL Grenoble 2 Décembre 2020
Conduct your own research within the field of soft matter and life sciences and assist Super ADAM users.

Cristallographer in Zurich 27 Novembre 2020
Work at ELDICO with a knowledge of Xray devices, synchrotron facilities and electron diffractometer.

BioSaxs beam line scientist in Clayton, Australie 25 Novembre 2020
Develop and define experimental research requirements.

3 post-doc associates in Korea 17 Novembre 2020
Investigate novel quantum phenomena of quantum magnetism using neutron and x-ray scattering techniques.

Associate/full and assistant professor at Knoxville 16 Novembre 2020
Establish an externally-funded research in experimental neutron scattering for quantum materials.

User Programme Manager at ISIS UK 15 Novembre 2020
Oversee all aspects of the user programme at the facility and also at STFC’s Central Laser Facility (CLF).

Post-doc 3 ans à l'ESRF à Grenoble 30 Octobre 2020
Powder diffraction studies on incorporation of Ce(IV), Th(IV) and U(IV) into ZrSiO4.

Ingénieur à Toulouse 27 Octobre 2020
Cryo-microscopie de protéines.

Soft-matter group leader at PSI Zürich 26 Octobre 2020
Head of the Soft Matter Group and do user support on SANS.

Research Engineer at ILL Grenoble 23 Octobre 2020
Design methods and algorithms capable of handling and processing complex set of data extracted from synchrotron and neutron diffraction-based stress measurement techniques.

Hands on Scientist at Diamond 20 Octobre 2020
3-year fixed term focused primarily on new Sample Environment Developments

3 positions at ESS (Lund) 6 octobre 2020
A Detector electronics physicist/engineer and
a Section Leader position within the Detector Group and
a mechanical Engineer Position within the Detector Group.

Programmeur au synchrotron Soleil29 Septembre 2020
CDI de 12 mois de programmeur en Python/C++

Physicien au LLB Saclay 12 Septembre 2020
Etude par diffusion des neutrons et des rayons X, sur des matériaux nouveaux aux propriétés quantiques remarquables.

Post-doc en biologie à Nancy 11 Septembre 2020
Représentation intuitive et ergonomique en réalité virtuelle des structures de protéines et de leurs propriétés.

Post-doc at ESS DMSC Copenhagen 9 Septembre 2020
Drive the development of content for the e-learning platform.

Post-docs at PSI Villingen 3 Septembre 2020
Post-docs with with international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral prospects.

Instrument scientist à Budapest 2 Septembre 2020
One year position to operate the MTEST neutron diffraction user instrument of BNC.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 20 aout 2020
Develop new approaches for in situ and operando measurements on a SANS beam line.

4 positions at Oak-Ridge 12 aout 2020
STS Reflectometer Instrument Development Scientist and
STS Neutron Detector Scientist and
STS Small Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument Development Scientist and
STS Diffraction Instrument Development Scientist.

Instrument scientist in ANSTO Sydney 6 aout 2020
Polarised Neutron Reflectometry on Platipus.

Post-doc in Como 31 juillet 2020
Characterizing structure and microstructure of binary semiconductor nanocrystals (Quantum Dots) by X-rays.

4 positions at Oak-Ridge 29 juillet 2020
Section Head, Sample Environment and Labs and
Section Head, Neutron Technologies Engineering and
Section Head, Site Services and
Section Head, Operations, Integration and Maintenance .

2 programmer scientists at ISIS UK 25 juillet 2020
Processing single crystal diffraction data from a pulsed source and
Extend diffraction analysis software for the processing of single crystal diffraction data

Post-doc computer scientist at ILL Grenoble 24 juillet 2020
Groundbreaking 3-years BIG-MAP European H2020 project: data analysis to extract main observables from experiments

Information manager at ISIS UK 24 juillet 2020
Part-time Information Manager for LENS.

9 positions at Oak-Ridge 17 juillet 2020
Group Leader, Controls Integration and
Section Head, Target and Mechanical Systems and
Section Head, Accelerator Systems and
Group Leader, Detectors and
Group Leader, Electrical Power Conversion and
Group Leader, Instrument Development & Neutronics and
SANS Instrument Development Scientist and
Computational Instrument Scientist in Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and
Group Leader, Target Systems.

Scientific instrumentation technician at the ILL Grenoble 11 juillet 2020
Responsible for the Institute’s sample environment equipment and its cryogenic systems.

Post-doc à Lyon 9 juillet 2020
Control physical properties of 2D materials by applying mechanical efforts perpendiculat to the 2D planes.

Post-doc à Santander 8 juillet 2020
Characterise magnetic nanoparticles of intermetallic rare earths and Fe-oxides.

Prof à Copenhague 7 juillet 2020
Professor in Neutron based Experimental Magnetism and Superconductivity.

Responsable d'instrument à Grenoble 6 juillet 2020
Responsable français de l'instrument IN13 à l'ILL.

Professorship in Leuven 3 juillet 2020
Ultralow-energy scale materials, devices and systems.

2 positions at EMBL Hamburg 2 juillet 2020
Group Leader – New approaches in electron microscopy and
Group Leader – X-ray imaging of biological samples.

Cryo-EM scientist in Strasbourg 1 juillet 2020
Running the cutting-edge EM facilities at the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI) at Illkirch

10 positions at ESS 30 juin 2020
Data Streaming Software Engineer and
Data Acquisition Scientist or Data Acquisition Software Engineer and
Data Curation Scientist and
Electrical Compliance Officer and
Instrument scientist for ESTIA and
Radiation transport scientist and
C++ developer for world-leading science and
Instrument data scientist for neutron reflectometry and large-scale structures and
Instrument data scientist for neutron spectroscopy and
Control System Engineer.

Instrument scientist at CSNS Dongguan 24 juin 2020
High-resolution neutron powder diffractometer.

Post-doc in FRMII near Münich 16 juin 2020
Develop deep/machine learning techniques to analyze neutron and X-ray scattering data.

Instrument scientist at PSI near Zurich 15 juin 2020
ESTIA is a polarized neutron reflectometer for tiny samples built by PSI and that will be operated by ESS.

2 CDD ingénieur de recherche à Anglet 12 juin 2020
Ingénieur expert en développement d'expérimentation et
Assistant ingénieur en instrumentation et techniques expérimentales.

2 post-Docs à l'ILL Grenoble 11 juin 2020
Management of Neutron and Synchrotron experimental data and
Very Cold Neutron moderator and instrumentation development.

Post-Doc à Marcoule 10 juin 2020
Understanding of macroscopic behavior of nanoporous materials in aqueous solutions.

Ingineer in Oak-Ridge 9 juin 2020
Process controls engineer for SNS target systems and other systems.

Post-doc à ILL Grenoble, 8 juin 2020
Post-doc in soft matter.

Post-doc in Kingston Canada, 7 juin 2020
Setting up a quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam at the RMTL’s proton accelerator .

Scientist in Oak Ridge 3 juin 2020
STS Instrument Systems Neutron Optics and Modeling Scientist.

Post-doc à ILL Grenoble 2 juin 2020
Projects in theory of strongly fluctuating or exotic phases of quantum magnets.

Post-doc à Paris 2 Juin 2020
Aggregation of clay nanoplatelets: time-resolved SAXS and NMR investigation.

Instaltion project manager in Münich 22 Mai 2020
Coordinate the installation of 2 instruments in ESS Lund in Sweden.

Post-doc à Lille 21 Mai 2020
High-pressure diffraction at the Earth and Planetary Materials group.

Position in Oak Ridge 20 Mai 2020
Project Lead for Software Engineering for Neutron Sciences.

4 positions open at ILL Grenoble 19 Mai 2020
Head of IT service and
UK ILL Director and
Post-doc fellow in structural biology and
Post-doc fellow in synthesis, structural and physical characterization of novel skyrmion-hosting materials.

Ingénieur de Recherche à Poitiers 18 Mai 2020
Sciences des Matériaux/Elaboration de films minces.

Post-doc à l'ILL à Grenoble 17 Mai 2020
Magnetic van der Waals compounds at high pressure.

Instrument scientist at FRMII in Münich 16 Mai 2020
Work on the resonant neutron spin echo spectrometer RESEDA.

Post-doc research associate in Oak Ridge 12 Mai 2020
Neutron Scattering and Quantum Materials.

4 research software positions in Oak Ridge 1 Mai 2020
Research Software Engineer (entry level BS and MS graduates) and
Research Software Engineer (non entry level BS, MS and PhDs) and
Research Software Engineer for Web Applications and
DevOps Engineer.

Instrument scientist at ISIS UK 27 Avril 2020
Support and develop the science and instrumentation programs within the Molecular Spectroscopy Group that operates IRIS, OSIRIS, TOSCA and VESUVIO spectrometers.

Post-doc à ISIS UK 15 Avril 2020
Understanding Lubrication at Interfaces Using Neutron Reflectometry.

Position in Oak Ridge 27 Mars 2020
Instrument Data Acquisition and Controls Group Leader.

Post-doc at IBS Grenoble 26 Mars 2020
Work on lysine methyltransferases.

Position in Oak Ridge 22 Mars 2020
Second Target Station Control Systems Engineer at SNS.

Position in Oak Ridge 21 Mars 2020
Team Leader, Neutron Optics and Instruments Development at HFIR.

Position in Lund Sweden 20 Mars 2020
Group Leader for Sample Environment.

Senior lecturer in Lund Sweden 17 Mars 2020
Molecular imaging at MAXIV, ESS and the Department of Experimental Medical Science in Lund.

Post-doc at Chalmers Sweden 15 Mars 2020
Study coupling between vibrational and diffusional dynamics and non-radiative relaxation mechanisms in low-dimensional metal halide perovskites.

Assistant project manager in ILL Grenoble 11 Mars 2020
Coordinate the projects for the ILL and provide administrative support for the management team.

Fixed term contract at Soleil near Paris 10 Mars 2020
Data Reduction and Analysis at Synchrotron SOLEIL.

Post doc in Lund 8 Mars 2020
Innovative microfluidics for nanoscience.

Scientist in Diamond near Oxford 7 Mars 2020
Senior Sample Environment Development Scientist.

Permanent position in Saclay 5 Mars 2020
SAXS and/or SANS measurements in structural virology.

Post-doc at CSNS Dongguan 3 Mars 2020
Neutron Scattering Software Developer.

Post-doc at Dresden 29 Fevrier 2020
Machine Learning-assisted reconstruction of scattering data.

Post-doc at ESS Lund 18 Fevrier 2020
Investigating the cellular role of diesel-like hydrocarbons in cyanobacteria and algae.

Job in Oak(Ridge at SNS 17 Fevrier 2020
Instrument Systems Science and Technology Manager for the Second Target Station.

Post-doc à Lyon 16 Fevrier 2020
Shape shifting colloidal nanoplatelets.

Assistant project manager à l'ILL à Grenoble 15 Fevrier 2020
Coordinate the projects for the ILL and provide administrative support for the management team.

Maitre de conférence à Orléans 14 février 2020
Etude de la réactivité de surface.

Assistant professor in Mainz 4 février 2020
Develop an active research program in spin physics with the Collaborative Research Centre TRR173 Spin+X.

Post-doc at EMBL Hamburg 3 février 2020
Advanced approaches to study macromolecular structures in solution with anomalous SAXS.

Post-doc à l'ILL à Grenoble 31 Janvier 2020
Soft condensed matter theory and modeling.

Post-doc à Grenoble 28 Janvier 2020
X-ray magnetic nanotomography.

Post-doc in Brookhaven 22 Janvier 2020
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Total Scattering and Machine Learning for X-ray Powder Diffraction beamlines.

Fixed term position in Stokholm 20 Janvier 2020 (ref.:SU FV-0107-20)
Researcher in materials chemistry with specialisation in nanoparticle self-assembly and SAXS.

Proposal coordinator at Oak-Ridge 16 Janvier 2020
Leads and administers all aspects of the neutron sciences user proposal process.

Postdoc à Brookhaven 13 Janvier 2020
Develop a suite of tools to aid in the measurement and prompt analysis of data from NSLS-II via machine learning methods.

Postdoc and instrument scientist at CSNS (Dongguan) 13 Janvier 2020
Develop high-resolution neutron powder diffractometer and carry out original research on magnetic materials by utilizing multiple neutron/X-ray/muon scattering techniques.

Post-doc à Buffalo 11 Janvier 2020
Develop novel computational algorithms combining crystallography and solution scattering to aid in drug discovery.

Maitre de conférence à Nancy 10 Janvier 2020
Cristallographie au laboratoire de Cristallographie, Résonance Magnétique et Modélisations (CRM2) de l'Université de Lorraine.

Electronic Engineer in Sydney 6 Janvier 2020
Provide detectors, data acquisition hardware and software instrument control for the neutron beam instrumentations.

Professor in Aachen22 December 2019
Full Professor in Crystallography Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering.

Scientist at ILL Grenoble21 December 2019
Scientific Coordinator Partnership with ESRF for Soft Condensed Matter.

Post-doc in Bonn20 December 2019
Thermal neutron detectors and readout electronics.

Post-doc in PSI near Zurich19 December 2019
Research program on quantum magnetism and unconventional superconductivity.

Beamline scientist in Hamburg18 December 2019
Scientist for beamline P21.2, SAXS program and exploit synergies with the WAXS and imaging activities.

2 instrument scientists in ISIS (UK)12 December 2019
2 instrument scientists to take over the development and operation of the LARMOR instrument.

Data analysis post-doc at Soleil near Paris6 December 2019
Implement at SOLEIL new authentication mechanisms, data retrieval service and labelling.

9 Computationnal neutron scientist positions at Oak-Ridge4 December 2019
Supporting software development projects for the Neutron Sciences Directorate (NSD) and various instruments

3 post-docs au NIST 2 Décember 2019
Applications of machine learning to neutron scattering and Dynamics and Structure of Multiferroic Materials and Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Magnetism.

Associate professor or professor in Roma 28 November 2019
Direct call procedure at La Sapienza University.

Post-doc à Prague 27 November 2019
Materials on the basis of severely perturbed carbon.

5 positions of computing scientists at Soleil near Paris 26 November 2019
Java Software Developer (CDD) and Management Computer Engineer and beam-line Instrumentation Technician and continuous Software Integration Engineer and beam-line Acquisition Software Engineer

Beam line scientist in Hamburg 21 November 2019
Scientist at the P21.2 high-energy beamline.

Research Scientist near Tokyo 20 November 2019
Static and dynamic magnetic and atomic structure of strongly correlated electron systems

2 Post-docs at NIST 6 November 2019
Imaging; image analyses; machine learning; software engineering and synthesis and characterization of a stable gadolinium oxide nanoparticle suspension.

Head of user office at Garching 4 November 2019
Head of User Office of the neutron research source.

Data scientist at Brookhaven 29 octobre 2019
Develop advanced image visualization and analysis tools at the NSLS-II at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY.

Instrument scientits at ANSTO Sydney 28 octobre 2019
Platypus, polarized neutron reflectomater and polrized 3He.

Post-doc in Grenoble 26 octobre 2019
Ab initio electronic structure and spectroscopic calculations on strongly correlated systems, with a focus on magnetic excitations and multiferroic compounds.

2 instrument scientists in Garching on FRMII 24 octobre 2019
Instrument scientist on TofTof and Mira

Postdoc in Chalmers Sweden 22 octobre 2019
Development of a new rheometer system to be integrated as a state-of-the-art Rheo-SAXS sample environment at the MAX IV Laboratory

Scientifique chez Panalytical à Almedo au Pays-Bas, 18 octobre 2019
Contribute heavily to Malvern Panalytical’s scientific research and development

Post-doc à Varsovie 14 octobre 2019
Modelling of crystal and magnetic local structure in potential quantum spin liquid

Post-doc à Caen et à Gif-sur-Yvette 12 octobre 2019
Nano-zeolites for gas separation in Caen and high temperature oxidized zirconium alloy in Gif-sur-Yvette

Instrument scientists at Lund (Sweden) 8 octobre 2019
Lead instrument scientist for DREAM

Instrument scientist in Garching 2 octobre 2019
SPHERE backscattering spectrometer

Post-doc à Grenoble 1 octobre 2019
Croissance matériaux 2D suivi par RX

Research Scientist at ILL Grenoble 27 septembre 2019
DNPA studies on D11 and D22

Instrument scientists at ISIS (UK) 24 septembre 2019
LET and MAPS instrument scientists

Post-Doc in Oak-Ridge 20 septembre 2019
Neutron Scattering and Quantum Materials

2 positions in Garching 2 septembre 2019
Software Engineer and Data Analysis Software Developer

CDD à Grenoble 28 aout 2019
3 Scientific Software Programmers.

Post-doc at IBS Grenoble 5 aout 2019
Use a biophysical and structural approach to study the transitional states that appear in post-meiotic haploid cells.

Research Scientist at ILL Grenoble 31 juillet 2019
Scientist on IN20, a polarized thermal three-axis instrument.

Sample Environment experimental physicists at Oak Ridge 19 juillet 2019
Support staff scientists and user groups to execute experiments.

Post-doc in Münich 18 juillet 2019
Novel in-situ infrared (IR) spectrometer at the small-angle neutron scattering (SANS).

CDD à Poitiers 17 juillet 2019
Préparer et de conduire des expériences en caractérisation de matériaux par Microscopie Electronique et Diffraction des Rayons X.

Post-doc à Marseille 10 juillet 2019
Perform coating synthesis and characterisation by IR reflectivity.

Scientific software developper in Münich 5 juillet 2019
Software development for the evaluation of neutron imaging data.

3 positions at the ESS Lund 4 juillet 2019
Software Scientist in Neutron Detection, instrument scientist for Estia and Data Acquisition Scientist.

Responsable projet chez Novalix 2 juillet 2019
Responsable de projet en biocristallographie.

Instrument scientist à ISIS 2 juillet 2019
Develop the science and instrumentation programme on the backscattering neutron spectrometers Iris and Osiris, especially in the areas of soft matter or biophysics research.

Post-doc à Garching 27 juin 2019
Neutron Imaging at TUM on Antares at FRMII.

Post-doc à Rennes 25 juin 2019
Multicomponent liquid mixtures confined at the nanometer scale in periodic mesoporous organosilicates.

Post-doc à Villingen 24 juin 2019
Neutron and X-Ray scattering on strongly correlated f-electron and related materials.

Post-doc à Stanford 22 juin 2019
In-Situ shale porosity characterization using Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 21 juin 2019
Neutron scattering experiments and analyze data with theoretical modeling to understand materials behaviors in MEI focused areas.

4 postes à Oak-Ridge 20 juin 2019
Linac Systems RF Engineer and Lead Instrument Engineer and Diffraction Neutron Scattering Scientist on Powgen and Diffraction Neutron Scattering Scientist on Nomad

2 software engineer at ISIS 12 Juin 2019
Scientific Data Analysis Software Developer - Research Software Engineer and Senior Scientific Data Analysis Software Developer / Research Software Engineer and Technical Architect.

3 scientist in Oak-Ridge 31 mai 2019
Neutron optics and larmor methods in neutron scattering and instrument scientist on NOMAD and instrument scientist on POWGEN

Post-docs à Brno 30 mai 2019
Protein structural biologist.

Assistant professor at Aarhus 29 mai 2019
Structural Materials Science using Neutrons.

Post-docs à Grenoble 28 mai 2019
Structural and magnetic investigation of Low-D Magnets for enhanced Magneto-Electric properties.

2 electronic engineer at ANSTO near Sydney 27 mai 2019
Maintain neutron detectors and develop data aquisition; position 1; position 2

Instrument scientist in FRMII 26 mai 2019
Instrument scientist on RESEDA (SANS Spin echo).

Research Scientist at ILL Grenoble 25 mai 2019
Large scale magnetic structure on D33.

Scientist at PSI Zürich 24 mai 2019
Management of ESS Project in neutron instrumetation.

3 Post-docs à Shanghai 21 mai 2019
Structure, dynamics and function of water molecules and nanomaterials.

Post-doc dans l'Indiana 20 mai 2019
Neutron scattering techniques applied to quantum information and quantum materials.

Ingénieur à Grenoble 17 mai 2019
Ingénieur de recherche en Science des Matériaux pour élaboration pour son pôle Cristaux Massifs.

Research Scientist à l'ILL Grenoble 10 mai 2019
Co-running the Super ADAM reflectometer.

Research Fellow à Melbourne 9 mai 2019
Rational design of new synthetic antifreeze molecules for cryopreservation.

Post-doc au HZB Berlin 6 mai 2019
Fundamental properties of charge and thermal transport in novel phases of energy and quantum materials; Post-doc 1 and Post-doc 2

Post-doc au PSI near Zurich, 5 mai 2019
Thermal neutron imaging instrument NEUTRA.

Post-doc in Bolzano, 3 mai 2019
Siderophore mediated iron uptake in Erwinia amylovora and Aspergillus fumigatus.

Instrument scientist in Garching, 20 avril 2019
Instrument scientist on TOFTOF.

Instrument scientist near Oxford, 5 avril 2019
Instrument scientist on IMAT neutron tomography and diffraction instrument.

Post-doc à CSNS, Dongguan, 2 avril 2019
Polarized 3He system for Spin-Exchange Optic Pumping (SEOP).

Professeur à Tokai 1 avril 2019
Professor of Neutron Powder Diffraction.

Ingénieurs diffraction RX 28 mars 2019
Postes d’Ingénieur SAV pour l'installation et la maintenance des systèmes rayons X Rigaku.

Instrument Scientist at Lund 27 mars 2019
Instrument Scientist for CSPEC.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 26 mars 2019
SANS Post-doc on Bio-SANS Beamline.

Post-doc à l'université du Michigan 25 mars 2019
atomic structure studies of complex materials.

Technician in Lund 21 mars 2019
Laboratory Technician for Instrumentation et ESS.

Scientific computing in Freiburg 8 mars 2019
Crystal structure prediction with GRACE.

3 postes à l'ILL, Grenoble 8 mars 2019
Un expert en scientific computing, un technicien en instrumentation scientifique et un junior software developper.

Job announcements on ProfessorPositions 2 mars 2019
See this link.

5 years research fellowships in the Basque country 27 février 2019
Neutron science applied to the study of polymer and macromolecular systems, materials for energy, functional materials, fundamental particle physics and biologic systems and bio-inspired materials

Job announcements on physicaloxy 22 février 2019
See this link.

Post-doc à l'université de Columbia, New-York 21 février 2019
Coupling in-situ X-Rays ane neutrons synthesis experiment and advanced structural data analysis.

Post-doc in Lund 20 février 2019
Implement advanced data acquisition strategies at the Max-IV CoSAXS beam line.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 19 février 2019
Characterization of new hydrogen storage and hydrogen carrier materials.

Post-doc à Garching 15 février 2019
Software development and data analysis

2 postes CDD ingénieur et administratif au LLB 12 février 2019
Electronicien pour les instruments ESS et gestionnaire des achats pour ESS

2 post-docs à Bruxelles 8 février 2019
Crystal growth from a substrate to the bulk and Study of substrate-induced films by X-ray diffraction

Ingénieur de recherche à Evry 5 février 2019
Caractérisation des matériaux par Diffraction de Rayons X.

Post-doc à l'IFPEN à Reuil-Malmaison 1 février 2019
Densification of boehmite suspensions : in-situ observation using DLS - SAXS coupling.

Neutron scattering scientists in Dongguan 26 janvier 2019
Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory is seeking candidates in neutron scattering and materials sciences to join its neutron scattering team.

Post-doc in Berlin 29 janvier 2019
Postdoctoral scientist for scattering experiments at high magnetic fields at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

2 positions in diffraction at Oak-Ridge 26 janvier 2019
Support and develop the research on single crystal and powder diffraction instruments at HFIR

Post-doc in Lyon 25 janvier 2019
Stable lipid bilayers past the boiling point of water.

Instrument scientist at FRMII in Garching 23 janvier 2019
Operation of the SANS-1 instrument and user support for external and internal researchers.

Maitre de conférence à la faculté de Pharmacie de Paris 22 janvier 2019
Structural biology and biochemistry of proteins, RNA and their complexes.

Instrument scientist at FRMII in Garching 17 janvier 2019
Development and construction of the time-of-flight neutron imaging station ODIN at the ESS in Lund Sweden.

Post-doc at Chalmers, Suéde, 16 janvier 2019
Determine the internal structure of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for drug delivery.

Group leader at ESS Lund 14 janvier 2019
Group Leader for ESS Spallation Physics position in the Target Division.

Beam line scientist à Hambourg 11 janvier 2019
Support the installation and commissioning of a new SAXS/WAXS beamline.

Post Doc à Lund 23 décembre
Bayesian inference methods to analyze time-resolved Small Angle Scattering data from protein self-assembly processes.

2 postes à ISIS 22 décembre
Senior Scientific Data Analysis Software Developer - Research Software Engineer and Technical Architect.

SANS scientific associate position at the NIST CNR 21 décembre
Operation and maintenance of one of the 30m SANS instruments.

Scientific DevOps Engineer at ISIS (UK) 20 décembre
Help scientific users of the ISIS facility to benefit from the Ada Lovelace Centre cross facility cloud based Data Analysis as a Service (DAaaS) platform.

Post-docs en Inde 14 décembre
Des postes de post-docs sont disponibles toute l'année en Inde; vous pouvez contacter directement Gautam Dersiraju, ancien président de l'IUCr (

Post-doc in reflectometry at linköping 12 décembre
Integrate ellipsometric methods at beamlines for neutron reflectometry in collaboration with Heidelberg and Grenoble.

Software scientist at ISIS 9 décembre
Interacting with scientists to convert scientific requirements and research objectives into software.

Post-doc in Hamburg 7 décembre
Post-doc on the P03/MiNaXS beamline combining X-ray micro and nanobeams with small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering

Post-doc in Dongguan 6 décembre
Inelastic neutron scatterings and time-of-flight neutron spectrometer

Technicien d'appareillage à Orsay 5 décembre
Technicien d’exploitation de montages de diffusion

Scientific Software Programmers in Grenoble 4 décembre
Deliver and support the software that enables scientists to exploit their data during experiments

Instrument scientist in Lund 29 novembre
Instrument Scientist position for ODIN at ESS

2 post-docs at Oak-Ridge 28 novembre
Accelerator physics applications developer and accelerator Physicist.

2 postes à Lund 22 novembre
Senior Officer for the Scientific Coordination and User Office and Lead Scientist - Centralised Polarisation System for Neutron Scattering Instruments.

Staff scientist à Berne 21 novembre
X-ray Diffraction Analysis / Structural Chemistry

Position at ESS Lund 20 novembre
Senior Officer for the Scientific Coordination and User Office (8029316)

Positions available at CSNS in Dongguan 16 novembre
Associate Scientist / Scientist Position in Polarized Neutrons and Postdoctoral Research Associate in neutron instrumentation / sample environment

Instrument scientist at Garching 15 novembre
Position at most intense positron source NEPOMUC

Post-doc between Stockholm at Hambourg 7 novembre
Nanoparticles flow characterisation by X-rays and neutrons.

Job opportunity in the Mantid team at ISIS, UK 16 octobre
Job opening in the Mantid development team for a Scientific Software Developer at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source for the STFC.

Post-doc à Bruxelles 24 octobre
Croissance cristalline

Research scientist at ILL Grenoble 10 octobre
Neutron imaging and Instrument responsible of IN16B

Staff scientists at Oak-Ridge 9 octobre
SANS Instrument Scientist NB50693632 and Senior SANS Instrument Scientist NB50693637.

Post-Doc à Rez (Czech republic) 5 octobre
Instrument scientist for the operation and development of the neutron powder diffractometer MEREDIT.

Post-Doc au MIT 29 septembre
Ab initio modeling and neutron scattering of molten salts.

Mecatronicien au LLB Saclay 28 septembre
Motorisation d'appareils au standard Beckhoff.

Postdoctoral position in Lund 26 septembre
Modeling of self-assembly processes from SAS data by Bayesian inference methods

4 Postdoctoral Research Associates in Oak-Ridge 20 septembre
Applications of Polarized Neutron Scattering to Quantum Materials, NB50685151, and studying quantum materials in frustrated magnetic materials by neutron scattering , NB50689614, and Neutron Imaging Scientist, NB50690044. and applications of Neutron Scattering to Deformation of Materials - NB50691116.

Research Professor and Research Fellow in Basque country 17 septembre
Neutron science applied to the study of polymer and macromolecular systems, materials for energy, functional materials, biological systems and bio-inspired materials.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 14 septembre
Neutron and x-ray scattering measurements of the structure and dynamics of nuclear fuel related materials.

Instrument Scientist at LANSCE 14 septembre
Instrument Scientist Position for Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging.

3 post-docs at Brookhaven 13 septembre
Experiments and data analysis to characterize bulk MS and MS/interfacial systems using x-ray synchrotron methods. Participate in collaborative research across synchrotron beamlines to characterize the MS/solid material interface. Contribute to the department’s research programs in radiation damage and new materials development for nuclear applications.

Full or associate professor at the Aarhus University 12 septembre
Materials synthesis within e.g. nanomaterials, thin films, organic and inorganic polymers, metal–organic frameworks, heterogeneous catalysts, molecular materials, energy materials or geomaterials.

ATER au Mans en chimie du solide 11 septembre
Elaboration de matériaux et caractérisation structurale par diffraction.

Neutron scattering scientists in Donguan 10 septembre
Instrument design and construction of time-of-flight neutron scattering instruments at the CSNS.

Post-doc in biocristallographie à Münich 6 septembre
Protein production and purification, crystallogenesis and biocrystallography.

Linux Group Leader at ILL Grenoble 5 septembre
Manager d’équipe avec de solides compétences en système (Linux) et stockage.

Postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory 5 septembre
Study of magnetic films and heterostructures with neutrons and X-rays.

Postdoc at the Materials Physics Center in San Sebastian 3 septembre
Scattering Experiments on crowded macromolecular solutions.

Senior Software Engineer at ISIS 1 septembre
IBEX (our EPICS based experiment control system) and Data Streaming (a data pipeline for experiment data).

Scientific software developper at Garching 23 Aout
Develop software for the analysis of scattering experiments. We support instrument users, and participate in exemplary data analysis.

Post-Doc Research associate in Iowa 22 Aout
Application of elastic and inelastic neutron and x-ray scattering techniques for the study of quantum materials in Ames laboratory.

Research scientists in Grenoble 16 Aout
Use D10 single crystal diffraction instrument at the ILL.

Research engineer in Grenoble 9 Aout
Design a software tool capable of handling the complex set of data extracted from the SALSA instrument at the ILL.

Post-doc à Macao 2 Aout
Synthesizing new advanced materials with potential applicable macroscopic properties and caracterizing with neutron and X-ray scattering techniques.

7 postes à Oak-Ridge 26 Juillet
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Neutron Scattering in Chemistry, Catalysis and Interfaces : NB50676608 and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Applications of Neutron Scattering to Quantum Matter : NB50676541 and Postdoctoral Research Associate - Neutron Scattering in Materials Science and Materials Engineering : NB50676601 and Postdoc in Applications of Computing, Modeling and Data Analytics to NS Materials Research : NB50676624 and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Applications of Neutron Scattering to Biological Materials : NB50676615 and Nuclear Fabrication / Systems Engineer : NB50677621 and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Applications of Neutron Scattering to Soft Matter and Polymers : NB50676546

Post-doc à Poitier 23 Juillet
Hierarchically ordered Mesoporous Inorganic Fluorides

Group leader à Isis UK 18 Juillet
Scientific Computing Section Group Leader, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source (IRC245556)

Post-doc à Brookhaven 20 Juillet
Scanning micro-beam scattering measurements on biological tissues : 1314

Instrument scientist at ISIS 19 Juillet
SANS Instrument Scientist primarily based on our flagship SANS2D instrument

Postdoc at Michigan State University 18 Juillet
: Experimental condensed matter with an emphasis on study of frustrated magnets and topological materials : 518473

Post-docs à l'université du Tenessee 13 Juillet
Development of the next generation of neutron imaging sensors.

Post-docs and GRA at Urbana-Champain 4 Juillet
Physics and chemistry of liquids, especially under extreme/interfacial/non-equilibrium conditions.

Post-docs à ISIS UK 2 Juillet
Neutron scattering software development : develop and experimentally verify models for the instrumental resolution functions in the excitation group.

Technician at Oak-Ridge 29 Juin
Sample Environment Technician (NB50675349)

Post-doc at Oak-Ridge 27 Juin
Investigating the structure and function of biological complexes (NB50675244)

Post-doc à Dublin 19 Juin
Interaction of biosystems like proteins and biomembranes with room-temperature ionic liquids (RTIL).

Post-doc à Paris 18 Juin
Structural characterization and development of thin films of metal-free POM@MOFs photocatalytic systems.

2 Post-docs à Pise 17 Juin
Diffraction électronique de nanocristaux de protéines et caractérisation de cristaux 2D.

Post-doc in Indiana University 14 Juin
Develop neutron scattering techniques applied to quantum information and quantum materials.

Post-doc in Erlangen 6 Juin
Construction, and commissioning of the first combined SAXS/SANS instrument at ILL Grenoble

Post-doc in Leeds 31 Mai
Biomineralization, microfluidics and crystallization.

Responsable diffraction, Ludwigshafen 31 Mai
Lab Team Leader X-Ray for BASF

Instrument scientist at ESS, Lund 21 Mai
Instrument Scientist for BEER (Ref ID 7729035)

Scientific instrument technician at ILL Grenoble 18 Mai
In charge of the Institute’s sample environment equipment and its cryogenic systems.

Safety engineer at Oak-Ridge 14 Mai
Experiment Safety Engineer (NB50666827)

Sample environment manager in Sydney 13 Mai
Job Ref - A180032

Post-doc in Vienna 28 avril
Measurements of correlation coefficients in neutron beta decay

Post-docs at Oak-Ridge 27 avril
Advanced Modeling of Local Atomic Structure (NB50665096) and Total Scattering and Nanostructured Materials (NB50665093)

Instrument scientits near Sydney 26 avril
3 neutron-instrument scientists at ANSTO

Research fellows in Guagdong 25 avril
2 research fellows familiar with neutron or synchrotron diffraction.

Postes divers sur le site de l'AFC 15 Avril
Junior project manager in crystallography - NovAlix - Saclay (CDD); Responsable du service de diffraction de rayons X de l'INSP - Paris (CDD); ; Post-doc condensed matter physics and materials research - Prague (CDD)

Ingénieur de recherche à Paris 13 Avril
Caractérisation des matériaux par diffraction des rayons X.

2 positions at Oak-Ridge 12 avril
Powder Diffraction Instrument Scientist (NB50661323) and Mechanical Engineer - Superconducting Linac Systems (NB50662831)

Instrument scientist in Lund 12 Avril (closing 6/5/2018)
Instrument Scientist Position for LOKI at ESS.

3 engineers at Oak-Ridge 11 avril
Power Electronics Engineer (NB50662822) and Low Level Radio Frequency Engineer (NB50662777) and High Power Radio Frequency Engineer(NB50663551)

Instrument Scientists at Oak-Ridge 11 avril
Powder Diffraction Instrument Scientist (NB50661323).

Post-doc in Baton-Rouge 5 avril
Synthesis of single crystal and neutron scattering caracterization.

2 post-docs in Saclay 29 Mars
Exploring spin fluctuations in photosensitive molecules and Oxyborate compounds for new multifunctionnal materials

Cristallochimiste à Paris 26 Mars
Cristallochimiste chimie des matériaux poreux cristallisés.

Post-doc fellow in Kjeller 22 Mars
2 years X-ray and Neutron Reflectometry.

Post-doc fellow in Grenoble 9 Mars
Discover non-carbohydrate drug-like compounds able to block the glycan binding sites of lectins from pathogenic bacteria.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 20 Mars
Neutron Reflectivity Studies of Corrosion Mechanisms at Molten Salt/Alloy Interface : NB50659878.

Neutron Scattering Data Analysis in Sydney 28 Février (Job Ref - A180018)
Design & develop software applications for data processing of neutron scattering data.

Research Engineer in Grenoble 19 Février
Platform for Advanced Characterization (Ref. 18/05).

Data Analysis Engineer in Brookhave 19 Février
Data analysis of high-energy x-ray techniques, including scattering, spectroscopy and imaging.

Post-Doc in Lyon 18 Février
Phase Change Coordination Polymers for Molecular Memory.

Post-doc à Vienne 16 Février
Experimental Neutron Physics.

Post-doc à Grenoble 14 Février
Diffraction computed tomography method and cultural heritage materials.

Post-doc à Berlin 12 Février
ESS neutron test beamline located at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.

Post-doc à Luxembour 11 Février
Polarized neutron scattering on magnetic materials.

Research Scientist at ILL Grenoble 2 Février
Neutron reflectometry on D17.

Research fellows at Guangdong 1 Février
Materials and Quantum Beam Science.

Ingénieur de recherche à Aubervillier 25 Janvier
Le laboratoire Cristaux du département Expertises Matériaux Composites et Cristallins de Saint-Gobain cherche un ingénieur de recherche en cristallogénèse.

Post-doc à Bruxelles 23 Janvier
Study of substrate-induced films by X-ray diffraction – “2Dto3D” project.

Post-doc à Hambourg 22 Janvier
Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering at DESY.

Post-doc à Guangdong 17 Janvier
Experimental research projects in spintronic materials related to future data storage and processing electronics.

Post-doc à Grenoble 11 Janvier
Science de la terre, crystallogenèse.

Post-doc à Nancy 11 Janvier
Biologie structurale.

instrument scientist at FRMII 10 Janvier
Neutron imaging instrument NECTAR.

Postdoctoral research fellow in Structural Biology at the ILL (ref 17/Post-Doc11) 9 Janvier
Carry out extensive sample preparation work – proteins, nucleic acids, filamentous complexes and perform diffraction experiments.

Post-doc in Berkeley at ALS 8 Janvier
Scattering and Tomography Postdoctoral Scholar position.

Post-doc au réacteur du Missouri 4 Janvier
Enhance the existing neutron scattering program by participating in existing neutron scattering research projects.

Post-doc in Lund (Suede) 24 Décembre
2 year PostDoc Position on CoSAXS at MAX-IV.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 18 Décembre
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Superconducting Linac Systems : NB50648255.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 14 Décembre
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Radio Frequency Neutron Spin Larmor Labeling Technique : NB50648172.

Post-doc in Gaithersburg 30 Novembre
Structure and dynamics of macromolecules flowing through porous materials.

Post-doc in PSI 29 Novembre
Construction and developments on Camea.

Executive director at missouri reactor 28 Novembre
The University of Missouri is searching for an Executive Director of its 10 MW research reactor, MURR.

Instrument scientist at the FRM II, Garching, Germany 27 Novembre
Development and operation of the Resonance Spin-echo spectrometer RESEDA.

X-rays Instrument scientist in Berlin 16 Novembre
Instrument Scientist for Advancing Ultimate (GI- US/S/W)AXS methods.

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge 12 Novembre
Postdoctoral Research Associate – Optical Engineering - NB50645558.

Research associate in Athen 8 Novembre
2 Research Associate positions in Fusion Energy Materials R and D at NCSR Demokritos, Greece.

Manager in Oak-Ridge 7 Novembre
RF Systems Lead - Proton Power Upgrade - NB50645185.

Post-doc at SINQ 6 Novembre
The thermal neutron imaging instrument NEUTRA at SINQ.

Post-doc in Grenoble 27 Octobre
Activity modulation of a Cyclin Dependent Kinase involved in the development of colorectal cancer.

Post-doc in Grenoble on Super Adam 25 Octobre
Conduct its own research within the field of soft matter and life sciences and to assist Swedish Super ADAM users

4 positions in X-rays in Lund (Sweden) 20 Octobre
Area coordinator for photon and neutron research and experienced X-ray scattering specialist and experienced X-ray imaging specialistand experienced X-ray spectroscopy specialist

Engineer in Oak-Ridge (USA) 12 Octobre
Control System Software Engineer - NB50642636

3 post-doc in Czech Republic 10 Octobre
Neutron Imaging and diffraction : BEER at ESS

Scientist in PSI near Zürich 9 Octobre
Scientist - Multiplexing Analyzer Spectrometer CAMEA

Post-doc in Garching for JCNS 7 Octobre
Postdoc for Polarized Diffuse Scattering Time-of-Flight Neutron Spectrometer DNS at FRMII

Software engineer in Oak-Ridge (USA) 5 Octobre
DAQ and Controls Software Engineer - NB50641982

Post-doc at Auckland (New-Zealand) 25 septembre 2017
Field of surface science, knowledge of sample preparation or synthesis and is familiar with the concepts of magnonics and self-assembly

Post-doc à Orsay-Paris 21 septembre 2017
Multiscale dynamics of water in metal-oxide nanochannels.

Post-doc at l'ILL 14 septembre 2017
Ref 17/PostDoc10; Bioanalytical chemistry

Post-doc in neutron spectroscopy at Perugia University 11 septembre, closing date 18 septembre 2017
Simulation, prototype and optimization of the neutron spectrometer Tempus Fugit

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) 10 Septembre closing date : 30 Octobre 2017
Shull Fellowship - NB50640115

Software engineer at Münich/Copenhaguen 9 septembre 2017
Work on reflectometry or QENS analysis code

2 positions at Oak-Ridge 8 septembre 2017
Neutron Sciences User and Outreach Program Group Leader - NB50639938 and Nuclear Safety Analyst - NB50640122

Post-doc at ISIS 24 aout 2017
Postdoctoral Position in Computational Physics (IRC241825) : Harwell, United Kingdom

Post-doc and research scientist at l'ILL 24 aout 2017
Post Doc ref : 17/Post-Doc02; Research Scientist in the Science Division / Diffraction Group (ref. 17/18)

Post-doc à Argonne 23 aout 2017
Microstructure of advanced high-temperature metallic materials for high-efficiency internal combustion engines; ref:403125

Post-doc at MLZ Garching 22 aout 2017
Second Responsible in Neutron Reflectivity / GISANS for the study of corrosion and electrodeposition of metals at the solid-liquid interface.

Post-doc in Lund 24 Juillet 2017
Postdoctoral Researcher for CoSAXS at MAX IV.

Post-doc in Uppsala 10 Juillet 2017
Based in ISIS; hydrogen dynamics in solid state oxide materials and transition metals.

Post-doc à l'ILL 6 Juillet 2017
Propriétés dynamiques et structurales des liquides ioniques and Super-Adam with Uppsala.

Python programmer in Berlin 5 Juillet 2017
Data translation and mechatronics.

Post-doc on Panda 2 Juillet 2017
PostDoc on the cold three-axis spectrometer PANDA at MLZ Garching, Germany.

Mechanical engineer in Lund 30 June 2017
Ensure long-term availability and reliability on instrument systems in Instrument technology division.

Post-doc in Uppsala Sweden 18 June 2017
Amphiphilic Drug Self-Assemblies Studied by Scattering Techniques.

Instrument scientist in Oak-Ridge 14 June 2017
VULCAN Instrument Scientist - NB50632950.

Research Associate in Brookhaven 2 Juin 2017
Solution X-ray scattering techniques on LiX beamline at NSLS.

3 Scientists at ILL grenoble 30 Mai 2017
réf 17/PostDoc-03, 17/PostDoc-04 and 17/PostDoc-05.

Post-doc in Lund 28 Mai 2017
SANS on stressed state of the confined viral DNA.

Post-doc in Bilbao 28 Mai 2017
Small Angle X-ray Scattering for the development of microstructurally optimized carbons for next generation batteries.

Post-doc in Lund 12 Mai 2017
Time-Resolved SANS of protein self-assembly.

Data scientist in Copenhaguen 2 Mai 2017
Develop a data curation system that captures metadata, processed them and makes them available to scientists in a form that is useful to them.

Post-doc in Stokholm 26 Avril 2017
Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Chemistry with specialization in Small Angle X-ray Scattering.

Instrument scientist in Oak-Ridge 25 Avril 2017
General Purpose SANS Instrument Scientist / NB50627766.

Post-doc at Urbana-Champaign 20 Avril 2017
Explain how the physically stressed state of the confined viral DNA directly affects the virus infectious cycle.

Head of Division, Instrument Technology in Jülich 19 Avril 2017
Be responsible for managing the department.

Instrument scientist in Lund 18 Avril 2017
FREIA neutron reflectometer instrument scientist.

Permanent position in Campinas 13 Avril 2017
Permanent position for an outstanding scientist with an X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) background.

Position à Jülich en Allemagne 12 Avril 2017
Head Division Instrument Technology.

Post-doc in SANS at Stockholm University 11 Avril 2017
Nanomaterials with technical applications as biomaterials, battery components and potentially magnetic materials.

Post-doc in Diamond near Oxford 10 Avril 2017
Magnetic Spectroscopy at Diamond Light Source .

Research scientist at ILL Grenoble 8 Avril 2017
Working on the D3 diffractometer.

Post-doc in Garching 4 Avril 2017
Analysis of scattering experiments.

Post-doc in Hamburg 3 Avril 2017
Hardware postdoc position in the Svergun group, EMBL Hamburg, P12 beamline.

Instrument scientist in Lund 23 Mars 2017
Instrument Scientist Position for HEIMDAL at ESS.

Post-doc à Stanford 19 Mars 2017
In-Situ Shale Characterization using Small Angle X-ray Scattering.

2 scientifiques à ILL Grenoble 18 Mars 2017
Co-running the D20 diffractometer and Co-responsible for the LOHENGRIN .

Head of laboratory at PSI Villingen 17 Mars 2017
Be responsible for the Laboratory for Scientific Developments and Novel Materials in the Division for Research with Neutrons and Muons

Post-doc in FRMII 14 Mars 2017
Neutron powder diffraction.

Post-doc in Oslo 14 Mars 2017
Studies of kinetic processes of self-assembly in peptide and polymer systems.

Post-doc et ingénieur à Oak-Ridge 7 mars 2017
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Studies / NB50620845 and DAQ and Controls Software Engineer / NB50620832 and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biological Computational Neutron Sciences / NB50621950

Professeur en cristallographie à Aix-la-Chapelle 5 Mars 2017
Head the newly established institute JCNS-3 at Forschungszentrum Jülich dedicated to Neutron Analytics for Energy Research.

2 post-docs à Durham USA 1 Mars 2017
Experimental condensed matter physics in the area of correlated electron systems.

Post-doc à l'EMBL Hambourg 22 Fevrier 2017
Development of computational approaches in the ATSAS software package for biological scattering data analysis and interpretation.

4 positions at Oak-Ridge 18 fevrier 2017
Neutron Imaging Scientist / NB50617831 and Software Scientist - SANS Data Analysis / NB50617828 and Beamline Postdoctoral Research Associate / NB50617834 and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Super-Resolution Inelastic Neutron Scattering / NB50617825

Post-doc à l'Université d'Aarhus 12 Fevrier 2017
Characterization of liposomal drug formulations by scattering methods.

2 post-doc à Copenhague 8 Fevrier 2017
Understanding protein-lipid co-structures including the biophysics of fuzzy complexes. and Industrial applications of SAXS and SANS.

Scientific software developper à Argonne 3 Fevrier 2017
Design, develop, and maintain reliable software for data acquisition, management and analysis.

Post-doc at Berkeley 2 Fevrier 2017
Algorithms for X-Ray Diffraction.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 1 fevrier 2017
Computational Methods for Integrating Protein Crystallography Data / NB50615195

Post-doc at Rutgers University 27 Janvier 2017
Work on strongly correlated systems, such as magnetic oxides, and in the field of emergent materials.

Positions at CSRC à Pékin 26 Janvier 2017
Computational structural biology group at the Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) calls for applications to fill research scientist and postdoctoral positions.

Post-doc at Michigan state University 25 Janvier 2017
Study of correlated materials and topological materials

Research Scientist in Condensed Matter at the ILL 17 Janvier 2017
Working on IN20 (ref 17/03)

Instrument scientist à Oak-Ridge 15 Janvier 2017
BASIS Instrument Scientist in spectroscopy group / NB50609876

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 13 janvier 2017
Accelerator Physicist / NB50612458

Post-Doc at PSI Villigen 13 décembre 2016
Neutron Scattering Studies on Li-ion Batteries

Post-Doc at the university of Virginia 13 décembre 2016
Materials physics and experience in diffraction and elastic and inelastic scattering

Post-Doc à Oak-Ridge 6 décembre 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Energy Resonance Imaging of Nuclear Materials / NB50601614

Position à Oak-Ridge 30 novembre 2016
Team Leader Data Analysis and Modeling / NB50605424

Shull fellowship in Oak-Ridge 25 novembre 2016
Enhance the knowledge of the structure and/or dynamical behavior of materials using neutron scattering as a primary tool / NB50605012

2 positions à Oak-Ridge 18 novembre 2016
Experiment Safety Engineer / NB50603627 and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron Scattering and Data Analysis / NB50603622

Industrial Liaison Scientist in Hambourg 16 novembre 2016
Responsible for the operation of industrial beamtimes (code no. 2016/WP 5 )

5 positions à Oak-Ridge 11 novembre 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Quantum Condensed Matter / NB50601908 and General Purpose SANS Instrument Scientist / NB50601917 and Chief Engineer, Proton Power Upgrade / NB50601924 and Postdoctoral Research Associate - NESL / NB50602456 and Nuclear Safety Analyst / NB50602930

Industrial Liaison Scientist in Hambourg 8 novembre 2016
H2020 project ACCELLERATE

2 positions à Oak-Ridge 27 octobre 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Beam Instrumentation and Experimental Technology (NB50600313) and Control Room Accelerator Specialist (NB50600620).

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 20 octobre 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computational Neutron Sciences (NB50599580).

Post-doc at University of Illinois 18 octobre 2016
Fundamental and technical problems involving slow phenomena and rare events.

Ingénieur matériaux à Grenoble 14 octobre 2016
Définir et mettre en place le processus de validation des alliages de cuivre développés pour la fabrication des aimants pour champs magnétiques intenses.

2 Protection Systems Engineer at Oak-Ridge 14 octobre 2016
ref:NB50598370. and ref:NB50598377.

Post-doc PSI Zurich 11 Octobre 2016 (deadline: 20 décembre)
the international fellowship program with the acronym: PSI-FELLOW-II-3i.

Group leader at PSI Zurich 2 Octobre 2016
Neutron Imaging and Activation Group.

Mechanical Engineer and instrument scientist at Oak-Ridge 27 septembre 2016
Translate experiment requirement from the instrument scientists into engineering design requirements (ref:NB50595337). and Diffraction-based residual stress mapping on NRSF2 (ref:NB50597027).

Post-doc à Soleil (St-Aubin) 15 septembre 2016
Soft matter and x-ray surface spectroscopy and scattering.

Instrument scientist at the ILL Grenoble 9 septembre 2016
Stress diffractometer Salsa (ref:16/38) and reflectometer (ref: 16/41).

Post-doc at Alba (Spain) 8 septembre 2016
Small Angle X-ray Scattering beamline NCD.

Mechanical Engineer at Oak-Ridge 7 septembre 2016
Engineering analysis on a wide variety of systems in support of the SNS neutron source systems (ref:NB50591281).

Post-doc at Brookhaven 30 aout 2016
Magnetism and superconductivity.

Post-doc at Louisiana State University 27 aout 2016
Synthesis of single crystal and polycrystalline materials under pressure, characterize these samples.

Post-doc à Soleil (St Aubin) 26 aout 2016
Membrane Proteins in Solution Analyzed with BioSAXS.

Post-doc à Chalmers (Suéde) 26 aout 2016
Post-doctoral position: self-consistent modelling for neutron scattering applications.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 23 aout 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron and X-ray Scattering (NB50587631)

Post-doc at NIST 22 aout 2016
2 years postdoctoral fellowship in the Condensed Matter Physics Team, which supervises a suite of thermal and cold neutron triple axis spectrometers.

Technician and post-docs at at Oak-Ridge 17 juillet 2016
Ion Source Technician (NB50581207) and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Organic Spintronics or Electronics (NB50583248) and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Physics (NB50584043)

ISIS: Larmor Instrument Scientist position 10 juillet 2016
A full-time vacancy to assist in the development and running of the LARMOR SANS instrument

Professor in Lund 7 juillet 2016
Professor in Physics with focus on magnetism

Data Analysis Scientist at Diamond UK 6 juillet 2016
Define requirements for data analysis and visualization applications for SAXS data

Scientist at the ILL Grenoble 1 juillet 2016
Co-managing the D11 SANS Machine (16/34)

Post-doc at HZB Berlin 22 juin 2016
Scattering experiments at high magnetic fields (NP 2016/14)

1 position at at Oak-Ridge 22 juin 2016
Instrument Hall Coordinator (NB50576358)

Post-Doc à Münich 10 juin 2016
Neutron Scattering and Imaging

Post-Doc à l'Université de Virginie 7 juin 2016
Neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques to study the structure and dynamics of strongly correlated electron systems

3 positions at Oak-Ridge 7 juin 2016
Powgen instrument scientist (NB50573347), instrumentation and controls engineering technologist (NB50574021) and postdoctoral research associate in 3-D imaging protein structures (NB50574008)

Responsable calculs scientifique à l'ILL à Grenoble 7 juin 2016
en charge d’encadrer et de manager l’équipe composée de 5 à 10 ingénieurs et scientifiques(ref 16/33)

Responsable calculs scientifique à l'ILL à Grenoble 7 juin 2016
en charge d’encadrer et de manager l’équipe composée de 5 à 10 ingénieurs et scientifiques(ref 16/33)

4 positions at Oak-Ridge 24 mai 2016
Accelerator Physics Application Programmer (NB50562869), Accelerator Physics Application Programmer (NB50562862), Postdoctoral Research Associate in Lignocellulose Structure and Deconstruction (NB50568288) and Beamline Postdoctoral Research Associate (NB50568600)

Post-doc at EMBL Hambourg 4 mai 2016
SAXS studies of anticancer drug carriers, and in the operation of the P12 beamline.

Post-doc at ILL Grenoble 2 mai 2016
Ray tracing for USANS option on SANS instruments.

Director of neutron and muon division at PSI Zurich 26 avril 2016
This division currently consists of about 228 members of staff.

Postdoctoral Position in Rutgers University 20 avril 2016
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

3 positions at Oak-Ridge 24 mars 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Protein Chemist/Structural Biologist (NB50554699), Controls Engineer - Process Controls (NB50555155) and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron Total Scattering and Disordered Crystalline Materials (NB50560011)

Instrument scientist at MLZ Münich 8 mars 2016
Neutron radiography and tomography

5 Scientifiques à l'ILL à Grenoble 7 mars 2016
1 au sein de la Division Large Scale Structure(ref 16/13), 1 en 3 axes (ref 16/16), 2 en diffraction (ref 16/14 et 16/18) et en Physique Nucléaire (ref 16/19).

3 positions at Oak-Ridge 7 mars 2016
Magnetic Structure Determination from Neutron Diffraction, Target Systems Engineer - Design / NB50551795, Beamline Postdoctoral Research Associate / NB50551807

Postdoctoral Fellow in Missouri 6 mars 2016
Condensed Matter Physics/Materials Science utilizing powder diffraction.

8 positions at Oak-Ridge 29 fev. 2016
NB50523324, NB50548720, NB50549058, NB50549088, NB50529495, NB50549058, NB50545014 and NB50550005

Postdoctoral Fellow in Kjeller 19 fev. 2016
Participation in the preparation and testing of silicon-based Li-ion battery electrodes.

Division director à Oak-Ridge 18 fev. 2016
division director that has line management responsibility for the Biology and Soft Matter Division (NB50469141).

Scientific Software Developer à ESS Lund et Copenhague 17 février 2016
Defining protocols and processing pipelines for data being acquired at MHz rates and above.

2 post-doc à Oak-Ridge 15 fev. 2016
Neutron Scattering Studies of Biological Systems (NB50546277) and Macromolecular Neutron Diffractometer (MaNDi) Beamline Postdoctoral Research Associate (NB50546297).

2 post-doc à Oak-Ridge 10 fev. 2016
Study the residual stresses in engineering materials and study in-situ the elastic response of materials under applied mechanical loading.(NB50534777) and Modeling Scattering Data in Neutron Vibrational Spectroscopy (NB50545014).

Post-doc at Desy 5 fev. 2016
Micro- and nanofocusing techniques at P03/MiNaXS.

2 positions in Oak-Ridge 5 fev. 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Environmental Chemistry (NB50542749) and Beamline Postdoctoral Research Associate (NB50542449).

Post-doc au MIT 4 fev. 2016
Neutron optics research .

2 positions in Oak-Ridge 3 fev. 2016
Beamline Postdoctoral Research Associate (NB50542449) and Target Systems Engineer-Design (NB50542459).

Post-doc au LLB 29 janv. 2016
RMN et Neutrons.

Technical project manager in Jülich 28 janv. 2016
Manage all tasks associated with the BrightnESS project .

Post-doc 3 years in Kjeller 27 janv. 2016
Neutronics modelling.

Post-doc chez Procter and Gamble 26 janv. 2016
Work on complex fluids.

2 positions in Oak-Ridge 25 janv. 2016
Accelerator physicist (NB50538674). and Superconducting Linac Systems Technician (NB50540538).

Post-doc à l'ILL à Grenoble 24 Janv. 201
Biochimie (ref 16/03).

Post-doc à Melbourne 21 janv. 2016
Synchrotron scattering and analysis in material science.

2 positions in Münich 21 janv. 2016
Detector physicist and Detector ingineer

Senior Polymer Scientist at Oak-Ridge 15 janv. 2016
The Senior Polymer Scientist / Group Leader will lead the Macromolecular Nanomaterials group.

Instrument scientist à ISIS (UK) 14 janv. 2016
Instrument scientist on PolRef(reflectometer)

2 postes à à Oak-Ridge 13 janv. 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate In In-situ Neutron Diffraction of Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials (NB50510860) and Liquids Reflectometer Instrument Scientist (NB50536242)

Post-doc à l'ISIS Oxfordshire 10 Janv. 201
Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Nanoscale Superconductivity.

Post-doc à l'ILL à Grenoble 7 Janv. 201
Physique des détecteurs.

Post-doc at NIST (USA) 6 Janv. 2016
Soft Matter Science/Biophysics.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 5 janv. 2016
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Neutron Total Scattering and Nanostructured Materials (NB50534750)

Post-doc at PSI (Suisse) 22 dec. 2015
Develop Novel Low-Temperature Sample Environment.

Small-angle Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist at ISIS (UK) 20 dec. 2015 (closing 15/1/16)
Ref: IRC213757. Be second responsible for our SANS2d instrument.

3 postes à Oak-Ridge 15 dec. 2015
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron Reflectivity (NB50530878) and ITER Vacuum Systems Group Leader (NB50531555) and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Protein Crystallography(NB50531721)

Senior Detector Scientist / NB50529701 at Oak-Ridge 3 dec. 2015
Preparing and executing a strategy to develop and deploy new detectors.

Saxs responsible in Mianyang 2 dec. 2015
Develop an independent research program based on Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scatterings
Accompagnement français

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) closing date : 30 janvier 2016
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Scientist for the Neutron Diffraction Group at PSI (near Zürich) 30 Nov. 2015
User support on the single crystal diffractometer TriCS/ZEBRA .

2 postes d'ingénieurs à ESS Lund 25 Nov. 2015 (closing 22 Janv.)
Neutron Scattering Systems Construction Engineer and Neutron Scattering Systems Integration Engineer.

3 postes à l'ILL à Grenoble 20 Nov. 2015
Développeurs informatique.

Instrument scientist at NIST (USA) 19 Nov. 2015
BT-7 thermal triple axis spectrometer.

Deuteration chemist at ESS Lund 17 Nov. 2015 (closing 6 Dec.)
Synthesis, purification and characterization of deuterated organic molecules and their pre-cursors.

Prize fellowship in Bath 14 Nov. 2015
Prize Fellowship in Sustainable Soft Matter.

2 Postdoctoral Research Associate à Oak-Ridge 13 Nov. 2015
Polarized Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) / NB50526418. and Neutron Scattering Studies of Large-Scale Structures in QCM / NB50525847.

Post-doc entre l'ILL et Reading 12 Nov. 2015
Structure, Dynamics and Order in Transition-Metal Cyanides.

Post-doc à Trieste 11 Nov. 2015
Austrian Small Angle X-ray Scattering beamline at the synchrotron radiation facility ELETTRA.

Science and instrumentation on Tosca at ISIS (UK) 6 Nov. 2015
Support and develop science and instrumentation programme in chemical dynamics and spectroscopy.

Sample Environment Associate at NIST 3 Nov. 2015
Preparing, operating and maintaining a range of sample equipment.

2 positions at Oak-Ridge 2 Nov. 2015
Senior Scientist in Materials Modeling and Simulation - NB50524969. and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Quantum Condensed Matter - NB50523324.

3 postes à l'ILL à Grenoble 30 Oct. 2015
Un post-doc en biophysique, un scientifique dans le groupe Nuclear Particule et un scientifique dans le groupe Large Scale Structures.

2 Postdoctoral Research Associate à Oak-Ridge 19 Oct. 2015
Neutron Imaging and Diffraction/ NB50431854. and Crystal Plasticity Based Finite Element Modeling / NB50520590.

2 Post-doc à Copenhague 19 Oct. 2015
Develop and evaluate suitable algorithms for real time neutron event processing.

Group executive in Sydney 16 Oct. 2015
Lead Nuclear Science and Technology Group.

Post-doc à Berlin 8 Oct. 2015
Triple Axis Spectrometer FLEXX - Instrument Scientist.

3 years industry liaison officer à Grenoble 6 Oct. 2015
Raise awareness among industrial R&D specialists about neutron scattering techniques.

Instrument scientist à Rez près de Prague 5 Oct. 2015
Microstrains and deformation mechanism in technologically important materials.

Postdoctoral Research Associate à Oak-Ridge 22 Sept. 2015
Organic Spintronics with Neutron Scattering.

2 postes à Pékin 14 Septembre 2015
Postdoctoral researcher for imaging processing and structural biology and scientific software developer to analyze experimental data of biological systems.

3 position at ANSTO Sydney for NSRRC 14 Septembre 2015
Instrument scientist on triple axis and SANS.

Ingénieur de recherche à l'ILL Grenoble 10 Septembre 2015
Sensibiliser les professionnels de la R et D industrielle aux techniques de diffusion neutronique.

Scientific software developer for ESS at Copenhaguen 7 septembre 2015 (closing october 4th)
Integrate data from fast sample environments.

Instrument Scientist à Oak-Ridge 4 Sept. 2015
Instrument Scientist on the BASIS spectrometer at the SNS.

2 Positions at PSI Zürich 3 Sept. 2015
Develop a hardware and software infrastructure for neutron event streaming : position 1; and position 2.

2 Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 1 Sept. 2015
Implement a polarized neutron beam capability on the GP-SANS machine; and developing a novel approach to creating and characterizing self-assembled structures in thin films and bulk with mesoscale order.

Post-doc et Scientific associate à Oak-Ridge 28 Aout 2015
Develop (with POWGEN instrument team) in-situ cells to study battery materials; and provide technical oversight and interaction with complex technical equipment and systems associated with neutron instruments.

Scientific Software Developer in Lund 20 Aout 2015 (closing 27/9/2015)
Take a leading role in researching, developing, and testing software for analysis of neutron scattering and imaging experiments.

Post-doc à Berlin 12 Aout 2015
Perform research in the field of energy materials characterization using synchrotron radiation.

Scientific Associate at Oak-Ridge 8 Aout 2015
Establish and maintain robust and reliable operations of neutron scattering instruments.

Post-doc à Berlin 4 aout 2015
Structural investigation of energy materials for solar fuels, thermoelectrics, batteries, catalysts, and hydrogen storage and photovoltaics, mainly using anomalous small angle X-ray scattering at the synchrotron.

Beamline Scientist for ODIN at PSI, Zürich 24 Juillet 2015 (ref :3304-00)
ODIN neutron imaging station at ESS.

Senior Scientist and Group Leader at PSI, Zürich 22 Juillet 2015 (ref :3301-00)
Lead the Neutron Diffraction Group and its science and instrumentation programs.

Open position at the Advanced Light Source SAXS/WAXS beamline, Berkeley, California 20 Juillet 2015
Lead the operation of SAXS-WAXS beamline.7.3.3 in support of the user program.

Research scientist at ILL Grenoble 16 Juillet 2015
Co-managing the polarized neutron spectrometer D7.

Electronics Technician to ESS (Lund Sweden) 14 Juillet 2015 (closing august 23rd)
Technician in the Detector Group’s electronics workshop where we are developing and integrating readout for instruments.

Instrument scientist in Jülich 10 Juillet 2015; Ref : 2015-151
3 years contract for an instrument scientist for the powder diffractometer DREAM at ESS

3 postes au LLB 8 Juillet 2015
Ingénieur CEA en informatique scientifique, Ingénieur CNRS en instrumentation scientifique, Poste CEA : Physico-chimie et instrumentation neutronique.

Post-doc à San-Sebastian 18 Juin 2015
Contribute to the understanding of the dynamic processes in aqueous solutions of biological systems such as proteins.

Diffraction Scientist at Oak-Ridge 8 Juin 2015
Instrument Scientist on the NOMAD and POWGEN diffractometers at the SNS.

Beam scientist at NIST 4 Juin 2015
High-Flux Backscattering Spectrometer, HFBS.

Postdoctoral at ANSTO 3 Juin 2015
Structural and dynamic effects of advanced functional materials like polar functional materials, and energy conversion and storage materials.

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Oak-Ridge 2 Juin 2015
Neutron Total Scattering and Nanostructured Materials.

Post-doc in Jülich 1 Juin 2015
Scientific software development and data analysis.<br>

Director of Reactor Operations at MIT USA 29 Mai 2015
Responsible for safe operation of the 6 MW MIT Research Reactor with its associated experimental facilities.

Instrument Scientist at ISIS UK 28 Mai 2015 (ref : IRC191153)
Will focus on the efficient commissioning of the new instrument of Neutron Imaging and Diffraction (IMAT) at ISIS.

Associate Professor in Neutron Scattering à Copenhague 26 Mai 2015
Will actively collaborate with the ESS in developing instruments suitable for sciences relevant for soft matter, energy materials, biology and medicine.

Neutronics Group Leader, Harwell UK 25 Mai 2015
Will be responsible for managing a small team of neutronics scientists and leading the neutronics activity at ISIS.

Supervisory Facility Operations Specialist at NIST 12 Mai 2015
Responsible for the design, improvement, construction, multi-year upgrade, and maintenance at the NCNR.

Post-doc at the LLB 7 Avril 2015
Refinements of electron densities in perovskites compounds from polarised neutron diffraction.

Instrument scientist à Oak-Ridge 6 Avril 2015
Magnetism Reflectometer Instrument Scientist

Mechanical Engineer at ESS (Lund Sweden) 4 mai 2015
Development engineer conducting chopper technologies.

Post-doc et poste ingénieur à Oak-Ridge 29 Mars 2015
Low-Level Radio Frequency Engineer and Postdoctoral Research Associate, High Pressure Inelastic Neutron Scattering - Hydrogen Containing Materials.

Post-doc at Cornell university 17 avril 2015
Complex Electronic Materials.

2 Scientific Software Developer in Copenhagen 10 avril 2015
Real time data streaming, processing, saving and cataloguing software for ESS instruments.

Post-doc à Kjeller (Norvège) 26 Mars 2015
Tests pour ESS.

Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 1 avril 2015
Work with two single-crystal/powder diffractometers on the HFIR reactor.

Post-doc à l'Université du Minnesota 18 Mars 2015
Complex magnetic oxide materials by neutron scattering.

Post-doc au NIST 16 Mars 2015
Fundamental understanding of the relationship between the topology of the self-assembled structures.

Post-doc à Isis 10 Mars 2015
Study of local structure and disorder within crystalline materials by neutron scattering.

Director at Jülich 4 Mars 2015
Exploring the principles of complex soft matter.

Post-Doc à Baltimore ou OakRidge 27 fev. 2015
Development of time resolved methods in neutron scattering with pump probe methods or microwaves.

Project engineer at Munich 26 fev. 2015
Engineering for scientific technical instrumentation.

Facilities Mechanical Engineer at Oakridge 25 fev. 2015
Direct operations and maintenance of mechanical systems across the Chestnut Ridge Campus.

Post-doc and technician positions in ESS 24 Fev. 2015
Post-doc in neutron detection and technician in the detector group.

PostDoc in Chalmers Sweden 20 fev. 2015
Neutron scattering and spectroscopy on energy relevant oxides.

PostDoc at Oakridge 11 fev. 2015
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron Total Scattering Studies of Catalytic Materials.

Lead Project Scientist at PSI (Zürich) 10 Fev. 2015
Build the reflectometer Estia at the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund as the lead project scientist.

Postdoctoral at HZB (Berlin) 4 Fev. 2015
X-ray and Neutron Scattering studies of Correlated Electron Systems.

Postdoctoral à Orléans 29 Janv. 2015
Bimetallic nanoparticles behavior under irradiation.

Engineer and Senior Scientist at Oakridge 28 Jan. 2015
Low Level RF engineer responsible for design, verification, implementation, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, upgrade, and operation of the LLRF systems. and GP-SANS Senior Instrument Scientist.

Postdoctoral and associate at Nist 21 Jan. 2015
Post-doc to exploit in-situ small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) under flow (Rheo-SANS) to study Biology. and Associate to operate and maintain sample environment equipment for neutron scattering research.

Postdoctoral Research Associates at Oakridge 20 Jan. 2015
Support and develop neutron scattering analysis of biological macromolecule for the Bio-SANS facility. and Neutron Scattering Studies of Large-Scale Structures in Quantum Condensed Matter Division .

Ingénieur diffraction RX à Palaiseau 20 Janv. 2015
Entretient, renouvelle et développe de nouvelles expériences sur quatre diffractomètres de rayons X.

Mechatronics Engineer at ESS in Lund 20 Janv. 2015 (closing 22 fev.)
Design and optimise novel new neutron chopper components and assemblies.

Research scientist at University of Virginia 18 Janv. 2015
Utilize neutron and X-ray scattering techniques to explore structures and dynamics of strongly correlated electron systems. .

Postdoctoral Research Associates and RF engineer at Oakridge 9 Jan. 2015
Post-doc : Small and Wide Angle Neutron Scattering, Bio System or Soft Matter and Engineer : support operation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades of the RF systems

Director for Neutron Scattering Facilities to ESS in Lund 8 Janv. 2015
Lead and manage the ESS Neutron Scattering Facilities Directorate.

Post-Doc à Linköping 8 Janv. 2015
Structural studies of antifouling polymer coatings using neutron reflectometry.

Division Administrative Assistant and Macromolecular Software Scientist at Oakridge 5 Jan. 2015
Provides all administrative support to the CEMD and NDAV Divisions and Work on time of flight macromolecular data reduction software development

Post-Doc à l'ILL Grenoble 17 Dec. 2014
Ray tracing for USANS.

Two positions at ESS Lund 16 dec. 2014
Electrical Design Engineer: Expertise in the IEC61508 standard; join the ESS’s Protection Systems Group and Scientific Engineer on Sample Environment to ESS

Ingénieur projet au LLB Saclay 15 Dec. 2014
Perform engineering design work based on the scientific specifications in accordance with the technical requirements of ESS.

3 positions open at Oakridge 10 Dec. 2014
Postdoctoral Research Associate, High Pressure Inelastic Neutron Scattering - Hydrogen Containing Materials and Principal Experiment Safety Engineer and Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutronics

Data analysis software engineer at Oakridge 2 Dec. 2014
Developing, and maintaining reliable software to facilitate neutron data analysis

Post-Doc in Stockholm 30 Nov. 2014 (Closing 31 Dec.)
Interfaces of Ionic Liquids

Vacancies at ISIS 29 nov. 2014
Instrument scientists or Electrical, mechanical and software engineers.

Group Leader for the Data Systems and Technologies Group à Copenhague 28 nov. 2014
Lead the team of system designers and administrators.

Scientifique à l'ILL à Grenoble 26 nov. 2014 (ref.:14/19)
Scientifique sur le spin-echo IN15

System administrator à Copenhague 25 nov. 2014
High Performance Computing system administrator

Post-doc and group leader at Oakridge 20 Nov. 2014
Postdoc in Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Criticality Under Applied Pressure and Group Leader, Thin Films and Nanostructures

2 post available at ESS Lund 15 nov. 2014
Scientific Software Developer, Director for Neutron Scattering Facilities

Post-doc in biology at Oakridge 11 Nov. 2014
The development and application of paramagnetic labeling and proton polarization for structure-function analysis of biological complexes involved in cell-signaling.

Technician and Engineers at ESS Lund 8 nov. 2014
Mecanical technician, Mecatronics Engineer, Electrical Engineer

Component Fabrication Engineer at Oakridge 26 oct. 2014
Work with Compliance, Fabrication, and QA (CFQA) Group and the Instrument & Source Division (ISD).

Etude des piles à combustibles à Grenoble 25 oct. 2014
Current density and water distribution measurements in operating Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell .

Post-doc à Cantabria 23 oct. 2014
Application of Neutron scattering techniques on magnetic Nanoparticles.

Post-doc à Sydney 23 oct. 2014
Neutron-scattering experiments and computational modelling to characterize and understand porous materials used for carbon dioxide separation, sequestration, and conversion.

Post-doc à Paris 21 oct. 2014
Postdoctoral research associate to study contractile gels and supramolecular self-assemblies using scattering techniques.

Inelastic neutron scattering at Jülich 19 oct. 2014
Inelastic neutron scattering on magnetocaloric compounds.

Superconducting Linac Systems Technician at Oakridge 16 oct. 2014
The Superconducting Linac (SCL) systems technician will perform daily tasks relating to the central helium liquefier (CHL), SCL, and superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) facilities.

Ingénieur en informatique scientifique à Saclay 14 oct. 2014
Développement de programmes de pilotage et traitement de données de spectromètres.

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Quantum Condensed Matter at Oakridge 8 oct. 2014
Scientific projects using neutron scattering in the Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy, Triple-Axis Spectroscopy or Structure of Matter groups.

Division Director, Instrument and Source at Oakridge 3 oct. 2014
The Instrument and Source Division is responsible for instrument operations, engineering, and the development or improvement of the future instruments and sources at SNS and HFIR.

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) closing date : 17 Octobre 2014
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Scientific Information Systems Software Engineer at Oakridge 1 oct. 2014
Develops software solutions for SNS/HFIR internal and external users.

Postdoc position in neutron scattering on helimagnetic and skyrmion at Los Alamos 1 Oct. 2014
Discovery and understanding of helimagnetic and skyrmion materials.

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Neutron Imaging at Oakridge 30 sept. 2014
Study additive manufacturing and geosciences materials.

Administrative assistant at Oakridge 11 sept. 2014
The Administrative Assistant is responsible for performing a full range of administrative functions.

Pos-Doc au PSI, Villigen 9 sept. 2014
Neutron spectroscopy

Scientific Engineer for Sample Environment in Lund 8 sept. 2014
Develop and integrate the innovative sample environment for low and high temperatures as well as magnetic and other fields at ESS

Ingénieur de recherche à l'ILL, Grenoble 4 sept. 2014
Développement de détecteurs neutrons

Engineer at Oakridge 4 sept. 2014
Digital Hardware Engineer

Engineer at Oakridge 3 sept. 2014
Low-Level Radio Frequency Engineer

2 positions at Oakridge 20 Aout 2014
Neutron Sciences Directorate Operations Manager; Polarization scientist.

Post-doc à Monash University en Australie 10 Aout 2014 (closing 10 septembre 2014)
Nanocellulose for food application.

Senior design Engeneer in Vienna 10 Aout 2014 (closing 27 aout 2014)
Complex CAD designs, finite-element simulations, processing, working in an environment of a nuclear reactor.

Tenure track position à l'université de Louisiane 25 Juillet 2014
Etude par diffusion de neutrons d'oxydes de métaux de transition ainsi que des films polymères et des gels

2 positions at Oakridge 23 Juillet 2014
Central Utilities Operations Engineer; Sample Environment Team Leader.

Post-doc à l'Institut Néel à Grenoble 21 Juillet 2014
Dynamical Magneto-electric properties in multiferroics.

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) ;18 Juillet; closing date : 17 Octobre 2014
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Post-doc in Oak-Ridge (USA) ; 16 Juillet 2014 (ref : NB50433413)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Neutron and X-ray Scattering Investigations of Novel Energy Materials.

Neutronics scientist at Oakridge 9 Juillet 2014
Participate in the development of concepts for high-performance moderator/neutron source systems.

Senior Beamline Scientist-Engineer at the ESS Lund 3 Juillet 2014 (closed on 17 august)
Designing and optimizing the neutron optical systems that transport the neutrons from the moderator to the neutron spectrometer sample position..

Material scientist at Oakridge 3 Juillet 2014
Measurements of the lattice dynamics and microstructure in advanced functional materials.

Poste permanent à Saclay 30 Juin 2014
Oxydes multifonctionnels et électronique de spin.

Engineer/Physicist at ESS in Lund 18 Juin 2014
Engineer/Physicist in Neutron Detector Technologies.

Positions at Oakridge 17 Juin 2014
Post-doc in biology; Senior Scientist; Post-Doc in Quasiparticle Couplings in Novel Energy Material; Scientific Research Proposal Coordinator; Sample Environment Technician

Postdoc at PSI 5 Juin 2014
PSI-FELLOW/COFUND – International Fellowship Program for Postdocs.

Technicien, Ingénieur et Group leader at Oakridge 2 Juin 2014
Environment, Safety, Health & Quality Group Leader; Instrumentation and Controls Engineer; Process Controls Technician.

Postdoctoral à Cantabia (Espagne) 28 Mai 2014
Neutron scattering of magnetic Nanoparticles.

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Roskild University 21 Mai 2014
In- and quasi-elastic neutron scattering on glass-forming liquids.

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Oakridge 21 Mai 2014
Beam instrumentation : Continue development of a wide band feedback system for mitigating e-p instability in the SNS storage ring.

Data analysis software engineer at Oakridge 16 Mai 2014
Designing, developing, and maintaining reliable software to facilitate neutron data analysis.

User Proposal Management Lead at Oakridge 16 Mai 2014
Leads, manages, and administers all aspects of the neutron sciences user proposal process.

Post-Doc at Oakridge 13 Mai 2014
Soft Materials.

Post-Doc at Oakridge 9 Mai 2014
Spectroscopic Investigations of Quasiparticle Couplings in Novel Energy Materials.

LINAC Systems Engineer at Oakridge 30 Avril 2014
The Senior Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) Engineer will lead or supervise the SRF efforts within the SCL Systems Group in the Research Accelerator Division.

Postdoc at the LLB Saclay 25 Avril
•Protein folding by high pressure studied by SANS and NSRE.

Scientist at the ILL Grenoble 23 Avril 2014 (ref. 14/014)
Scientist in the Science Division / "Time of flight" group.

Associate Professor position in Japan 23 Avril 2014
Fostering long-term creativity and innovation with science and technology disciplines based on Ochanomizu spirit Migakazuba in the next generation of global leaders.

Division Director, Chemical and Engineering Materials at Oakridge 17 Avril 2014
Responsible for design, verification, implementation, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, upgrade, and operation of the LLRF systems for the accelerator.

Low-Level Radio Frequency Engineer at Oakridge 16 Avril 2014
responsibility for the Chemical and Engineering Materials Division (CEMD).

Postdoc in Inelastic and Quasielastic Neutron Scattering at Oakridge 10 Avril 2014
Carry out inelastic and quasielastic neutron scattering studies of complex fluid systems.

Instrument Scientist at Oakridge 8 Avril 2014
Develop and implement operation of the CORELLI for studies of diffuse scattering in crystals.

HFIR Instrument Operations Manager at Oakridge 2 Avril 2014
Assist the ISD Director in defining a safety, science and compliance culture.

Job: NIST/NCNR Neutron Stress Diffractometer 1 Avril 2014
Will participate in the development of instrument components, support the program of neutron diffraction measurement of stresses in engineering components.

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Oakridge 30 Mars 2014
Work with the Instrumentation Project and Development group, sample environment team, the NOMAD, ARCS, and CNCS instrument teams.

Job at the University of Sydney 26 Mars 2014
Investigate by neutron scattering the structural and magnetic properties of 4d and 5d transition metal oxides, especially those of Tc, Ru, Ir and Os.

Data Analysis Software Engineer at Oakridge 25 Mars 2014
Support the scientific mission of the SNS by designing, developing, and maintaining reliable software to facilitate neutron data analysis.

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Engineering Materials at Oakridge 20 Mars 2014
Enhance and extend capabilities for measuring elastic strain distribution in engineering materials under mechanical loading.

Post-doc au LLB Saclay 19 Mars 2014
Experimentalist in condensed matter physics and magnetism..

Post-doc au NIST (USA) 18 Mars 2014
Applies first-principles computational techniques to study structural, magnetic, and superconducting properties of novel materials such as multiferroics, frustrated quantum magnetic systems, and iron-pnictide based superconductors..

Post-doc for ESS neutron test beamline at HZB Berlin 15 Mars 2014
Run and maintain the ESS test beamline at the HZ..

Data Analysis Scientist Post at Diamond Light Source near Oxford 14 Mars 2014
A high calibre software scientist to join our scientific software group to work on visualization and analysis of diffraction and/or spectral data..

Laboratory Chemist at Nist 10 Mars 2014
Organization and maintenance of 14 laboratories; including equipment and supplies, coordination of laboratory usage, and assisting visiting researchers in the safe operation of equipment..

Scientifique à l'ILL Grenoble 7 Mars 2014
Cristallographie macromoléculaire sur D19..

Professor in Material Physics in Copenhaguen 3 Mars 2014
Building an experimental and problem-driven research program using neutron scattering..

Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Chalk-River 26 Fevrier 2014
Research topics will be established jointly between the candidate and the mentor..

Protection Systems Engineer at Oakridge 24 Fevrier. 2014
Serve as a design engineer on the Protection Systems Team to develop, implement and maintain Credited Engineered Controls (CEC) for the Personnel Protection System (PPS) at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)..

Laboratory Research Support at Oakridge 23 Fevrier. 2014
The candidate will be expected to serve as a technical specialist responsible for managing the HFIR laboratories of the Biology and Soft Matter Division..

SANS/USANS Scientist at Nist 22 Fevrier. 2014
Research scientist with a strong record of creativity and achievement in any area of nano- and micro-scale science, or instrumentation science..

Tenure track openings at Renmin University of China 21 Fevrier. 2014
Design, construct, commission and operate cold neutron spectrometers at China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) in the southwestern suburban of Beijing..

Post-doc at Oakridge 12 Fevrier. 2014
Neutron and X-Ray Scattering..

SCIENTIST for reflectivity at the ILL9 fevrier 2014
Polarized neutron reflectivity on D17

QCMD Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 7 Fevrier. 2014
Support the Laboratory Director in accomplishing the Laboratory's mission by leading the Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD)...

Post-doc à Desde 30 Janv. 2014
Investigation of magnetically hidden order, multipolar ordering phenomena and magnetic excitations in Ce-based heavy-fermion compounds..

3 positions at J-PARC 23 Janv. 2014
Imaging instruments..

Group Leader for the Instrument Data Group at the ESS Lund 20 Janv. 2014
Lead the team of scientific software developers who will design, construct and support the software that is used on the ESS neutron scattering and imaging instruments..

Chemist for the Deuteration facility in Sydney6 Dec; 2013
Responsible for the production, of small organic molecules, and their precursors, labelled with deuterium

SCIENTIST for single crystal neutron diffraction at the ILL3 Dec; 2013
Sur D9-D3 ou D10 Sur D9-D3 ou D10.

Positions in Oak-Ridge26 Nov; 2013
QCMD Instrument Scientist-NB50401255 or Power Electronics Engineer-NB50398639.

Instrument Scientists in Sydney23 Nov; 2013
On SANS Quakka, Kookaburra and Bilby or on the cold triple axis SIKA.or even more.

Post-Docs in Chalk-River19 Nov; 2013
work directly with the CNBC team.

postdoc position at Kjeller15 Nov; 2013
Neutron powder diffraction and inelastic scattering.

User Facilities Analyst in Oak-Ridge10 Nov; 2013
Work with NScD division directors, users, instrument scientists, and DOE, to analyze, and report the results of NScD activities.

Power Electronics Engineer in Oak-Ridge8 Nov; 2013
Evaluate and improve the design of power electronics to support the Research Accelerator.

Research Scientist at the ILL Grenoble7 Nov; 2013
In charge of D22 and will participate in research in the domains of physics and materials science; develop techniques involving polarized neutrons.

Neutron Beam and Shielding Scientist at the ESS Lund 6 Nov. 2013
Optimising neutron beams, their shielding, and the instrument backgrounds..

Post-doc at HZB Berlin24 Oct; 2013
Be in charge of operating the double-axis neutron diffractometer E4.

Technician and Lead Detector-Design Engineer at the ESS25 Oct; 2013
Technician in one of the detector groups. Support the design work necessary for detector systems .

Radio-Frequency Engineer at Oak-Ridge10 Oct; 2013
The RF Engineer will support operation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades of the RF systems.

ISIS SANS/SESANS Instrument Scientist position17 Oct; 2013
Development and running of the LARMOR instrument.

Diffraction Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge7 Oct; 2013
Motivated beamline scientist for neutron diffraction. As a member of the NOMAD and POWGEN teams.

Sample Environment Development Technician at Oak-Ridge 6 Oct; 2013
Assembles, installs, troubleshoots, and tests specialized laboratory equipment.

Scientific Associate at Oak-Ridge 5 Oct; 2013
Establish and maintain robust and reliable operations of neutron scattering instruments.

Organic Synthetic Chemist at ANSTO 3 Oct; 2013
Responsible for the production, purification and characterisation of small organic molecules.

Post-doc à l'ESPCI Paris 2 Oct; 2013
Photonic bandgap fiber / glass surface roughness characterization.

Scientific Information Systems Team Leader at Oak-Ridge 25 Sept; 2013
These systems support the NScD user program, neutron source operations and scientific data collection and management..

Instrument Scientist at Isis (Oxford) 23 Sept; 2013
Develop our science and instrumentation programme in chemical dynamics and spectroscopy on the TOSCA.

Postdoctoral Research Associates at Oak-Ridge 20 Sept; 2013
High spatial resolution diffraction capability on VULCAN. Work inthe in the Quantum Condensed Matter Division..

Post-doc à l'ILL Grenoble 6 septembre 2013
5 years soft matter scientist..

Postdoc à Lund 6 septembre 2013
Neutron optics and Beam delivery systems at ESS..

Scientist position at Synchrotron SOLEIL 5 septembre 2013
Beamline scientist in the field of soft interfaces and soft matter on the SIRIUS beamline..

Postdoctoral entre Dresde et Münich 2 septembre 2013
Development of the triple-axis neutron spectrometer PANDA at the Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum in Munich..

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Fiber Diffraction at Oak-Ridge 29 Aout 2013
Research investigating the structure and properties of several types of plant cell wall systems and their extracted components..

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) ;28 Aout; closing date : 21 Novembre 2013
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Process Controls Technician at Oak-Ridge 20 Aout 2013
Supports the development, implementation and maintenance of process instrumentation, controls, components and subsystems for the Process Controls and Integrated Controls Systems..

Scientific Data Analysis Group at Oak-Ridge 15 Aout 2013
Management of scientific software research and development..

Deputy Group Leader at Los Alamos 13 Aout 2013 (closing 2 sept)
leading and management of an organization of about 50 researchers and staff..

Physical Chemistry lectureship at Sydney Universityy 10 aout 2013 (closing : 15 septembre)
Become a new research leader for the School.

PostDoc at FRMII, Münich 1 aout 2013
Neutron Optics Group.

4 postes à Oak-Ridge 26 Juillet 2013
Control System Software Engineer, Control Hardware Electronics Technician, Control and DAQ System Software Engineer, Lead Scientist for Modeling and Simulation of Neutron Data

SANS/USANS scientist position at the NIST 20 Juillet 2013
Conduct a research program in a relevant area, core responsibilities include helping visiting researchers conduct experiments, participating in various instrument activities including maintenance and upgrades..

Support Scientist for Macromolecular Crystallisation in Lund 18 Juillet 2013 (deadline : 1 sept.)
Develop the innovative support facilities for structural biology at ESS..

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Berlin 17 Juillet 2013 (ref:M2013/13)
Double-axis diffractometer E4 at the BERII research reactor at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie..

Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD-thesis Student positions at the ILL 13 Juillet 2013
Set a backscattering spectrometer with GaAs monochromator..

3 instrument scientists at ESS (Lund, Suède) 3 Juillet 2013
Thermal Chopper Spectroscopy, Surface Scattering and Off-Specular Reflectometry, Extreme-Environments and Engineering Diffraction

Research Scientist position at the University of Virginia 28 Juin 2013
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics..

Instrument scientist at NIST 13 Juin 2013
Instrument Scientist for the BT-7 thermal triple axis spectrometer..

Neutron Geochemistry Postdoctoral Position at Oak-Ridge 20 Juin 2013
Neutron sciences to hard-materials systems, be geochemically-oriented..

Post-doc à l'université de Tartu en Estonie 19 Juin 2013
Neutron scattering studies of structure and dynamics of photosynthetic and other biosystems..

Post-Doc à l indiana University 20 Mai 2013
Studies of soft condensed matter systems (membranes, colloids, polymers, etc.) using national user facilities..

Director of Synchrotron in Melbourne 11 Mai 2013
Internationally renowned scientific leader with vision, accomplishment and leadership, along with demonstrated management skills, to assume responsibility of the Australian Synchrotron..

Shull fellowship à Oak-Ridge 2 Mai 2013
Enhance the knowledge of the structure and/or dynamical behavior of materials using neutron scattering..

Post-doc in HZB Berlin 28 avril 2013
Instrument scientist on the Membrane Diffractometer V1..

Beamline Scientists for the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center at Los Alamos 23 Avril 2013 (ref:IRC19852)
Develop researcn and spectrometers..

Deputy Center Leader for the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center 16 Avril 2013
Los Alamos..

Postdoctoral Research Associate à Oak-Ridge 12 Avril 2013
Utilize pulsed high magnetic field..

Diffraction group leader à Oak-Ridge 8 Avril 2013
Make individual scientific contributions and lead staff efforts to advance research in science using neutrons in studies of structure/property relationships in advanced materials..

Post-Docs à Oak-Ridge 4 Avril 2013
Quantum Condensed Matter..

Post-Docs à Saclay et Grenoble 29 Mars 2013
Théorie et nanostructures..

Research associate in London 24 Mars 2013
Computational Structural Biology and Chemistry..

Research engineer at ILL Grenoble 21 Mars 2013
IRT NanoElec's industrial partners (in particular, ST and Soitec)..

Instrument scientist near Prague 19 Mars 2013
Strain Diffractometer..

5 post-doc position in Oak-Ridge 18 Mars 2013
"Oak-Ridge job search.. NB50354273: Quantum Condensed Matter; NB50338836: Condensed Matter Materials; NB50338843: Soft Matter Materials; NB50348027: structural biology; NB50343534: Soft Opto-Electronic Materials

Post-doc at Upsalla (Suède) 10 mars 2013
Perform surface sensitive quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering.

Deuteration Facility Research molecular biologist, Sydney 2 Mars 2013
"Applying molecular techniques and expertise to the cloning, expression and purification of proteins, and other biomolecules..

Post-doc at ISIS near Oxford 28 Fev. 2013
Polaris Postdoctoral Researcher - Disordered Functional Materials..

Post-doc in HZB Berlin 27 Fev. 2013
Thermoelectric materials using neutron scattering and synchrotron facilities..

Instrument scientist on WOMBAT, Sydney 21 Fevrier 2013
High-intensity powder diffractometer..

2 years postdoctoral fellow at Roskilde University 20 Fevrier 2013
In-and quasi-elastic neutron scattering on glass-forming liquids with Kristine Niss..

Job - Instrument Scientist - Excitations and Polarized Neutrons IRC83990 15 Fevrier 2013
ISIS neutron source, Merlin chopper spectrometer. ..

Research Scientist at Univ of Virginia 9 Fevrier 2013
Sample growth and characterization..

Post-doc à l'ILL 8 Fevrier 2013
Mener à bien les activités scientifiques et techniques du Programme de caractérisation Grands instruments de l’IRT nanoElec..

Deuteration Facility Research Chemist, Sydney 2 Fevrier 2013
produce small organic molecules labelled with deuterium using isotopic exchange and synthetic chemistry techniques..

Development Engineer at ESS, Lund 1 Fevrier 2013
Neutron Chopper Group..

Post-doc in HZB Berlin 29 Janv 2013
Neutron Reflectometry..

Postdoctoral Research Assistantship in Berlin at HZB 28 Janv 2013
Small Angle Scattering..

Co-responsible for the cold three-axis spectrometer PANDA at FRM II, Munich. (D) 20 Janv 2013
user operation of PANDA at FRM II..

Postdoctoral Research Assistantship at the University of Oxford (UK) 12 Janv 2013
work on structural studies of membrane, peptides and drugs in using neutron diffraction, NMR and computer simulation..

Tenure Track Position at Missouri, USA 18 Janv 2013
Experimental condensed matter physics..

Physicist or Computer Scientist at PSI, Zurich 17 Janv 2013
Neutron Optics and Scientific Computing Group..

Post-doc at ESS, Lund 16 Janv 2013 (Closing 24 fev)
Scientific definition and development of instrumentation for fundamental physics using cold neutron and/or UCN sources..

Post-doc in Physical Chemistry 7 Janv 2013
University of Newcastle, Australia..

2 Positions at Oak-Ridge 6 Janv 2013
Deputy Associate Laboratory Director Position and Instrument Operations Manager Position..

Instrument Scientist at NIST, USA 3 Janvier 2013
Disk Chopper time-of-flight Spectrometer.

Post-doc at PSI, Suisse 20 Dec. 2012
Diffraction-High-performance Instruments for the ESS: Hybrid-Diffractometer TIPSI.

Instrument scientist at ISIS, UK 19 Dec. 2012 (Ref : IRC73169 )
Near Oxford - High Pressure Diffraction..

2 Post doc at Oak-Ridge 18 Dec. 2012 (Ref : NB50340254 and ?)
Molecular Biology and Macromolecular Crystallography, and Neutron Scattering and Rheology of Soft Matter..

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) ;11 Déc; closing date : January 31 2013
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Post doc at Oak-Ridge 10 Dec. 2012 (Ref : NC50339087)
High efficiency organic electronics, including organic photovoltaic ..

Post doc at Oak-Ridge 8 Dec. 2012 (Ref : NC50338840)
high magnetization materials..

Instrument Scientist - at ISIS UK 6 Déc. 2012 (ref:IRC73169)
support to the user programme on the PEARL diffractometer.

2 Post-doc in Delft University 28 Nov. 2012
Conceptual layout and design of ESS instrumentation.

Rosen Scholar fellowship (LANSCE), 14 Nov 2012 (closing 15 janvier)
Nuclear Science, Materials Science, Defense Science or Accelerator Technology

Post-doc à Wayne State University 13 Nov. 2012

Group Leaders at Oak-Ridge 13 Nov. 2012
Materials and spectroscopy Group Leader..

Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellowship in Oxford 28 Oct. 2012 (closing : 19 nov.
Condensed Matter Physics..

Tenure track position in Los Alamos 28 Oct. 2012
Experimental neutron scattering or neutron radiography..

Post doc at ANSTO 27 Oct. 2012 (closing 2 Dec.
Fundamental scientific understanding of plant cell wall structures, interactions and applications..

Post doc at Oak-Ridge 25 Oct. 2012 (Ref : ORNL13-03-MSTD)
Soft Condensed Matter Science..

3 Post docs at the LLB 24 Oct. 2012
TOF and Small Angle.; VSANS GISANS.; Micromegas detector..

Post doc at Oak-Ridge 11 Oct. 2012
Li ion Batteries..

Director, Neutron Data Analysis and Visualization Division at Oak-Ridge 9 Oct. 2012 (ref NC50329249)
Enhanced capabilities in neutron data reduction, analysis, management, modeling, simulation and visualization are critical ..

Post doc at Oak-Ridge 26 Sept. 2012
Microscopic Dynamics of Biological Systems..

Post-doc à Berkeley 27 Sept 2012
Bourses ITRI-Rosenfeld: efficacité énergétique..

Post-doc at Chalmers University (Suède) 19 Sept 2012
In- and quasi-elastic neutron scattering on energy related oxides..

Tenure-track position at Rice University 14 Sept 2012
Experimental condensed matter physics..

Post-doc Fellow in Sydney 11 Sept 2012
Transition-metal Oxide Superlattices at Bragg Institute..

Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 5 Sept 2012 (ref:NB50324914)
Macromolecular Neutron Diffractometer..

Postdoctoral Fellowship position at Sydney 4 Sept 2012
structure-function relationships in battery materials..

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 3 Sept. 2012
University of Newcastle, Australia..

Post doc at Oak-Ridge 31 Aout 2012
Biological Small-Angle Scattering ..

Post doc at Lund 30 Aout 2012
Physical chemistry..

Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 17 Aout 2012 (ref:NC50321963)
Powgen powder diffractometer..

Technical coordinator in Lund (Suède) 8 aout 2012 (closing 24 aout)
Neutron Science Support Facilities.

Post-doc at Oak-Ridge 17 Juilet 2012 (ref:ORNL12-68-QCMD)
Spin dynamics in multiferroic materials..

2 instrument Scientists at Oak-Ridge 9 Juillet 2012 (ref:NB50304628)
Triple axis spectrometer at the HFIR or the Hybrid Spectrometer (HYSPEC) at the SNS.

Research Engineer at ESS in Lund (Suède) 29 juin 2012
Detector Electronics for Neutron Detection.

R and D Engineers at ILL Grenoble 29 Juin 2012 (ref: 12/09 and 12/12)
in charge of the mechanical design of neutron diffractometers or electronics in radiation detection.

Software Engineer at Oak-Ridge 20 Juin 2012 (ref:NB50314286)
Develop custom software for instrument data acquisition and control of neutron scattering beam lines.

Neutron data analysis software scientist at Oak-Ridge 20 Juin 2012 (ref:NB50312349)
Develops data reduction, analysis, and simulation software related to the science conducted on the instruments at SNS and HFIR.

Post-doc at NIST 7 Juin 2012
Structure/dynamics functional relationships in energy-related materials.

PSI Fellows near Zurich 5 Juin 2012
International Fellowship Program for Postdocs; 2 years positions.

Post-doc à Copenhague 9 Mai 2012
Scientific software development within areas of data analysis and simulation..

Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 3 Mai 2012 (ref:NB50304628)
Triple axis spectrometer at the HFIR or the Hybrid Spectrometer (HYSPEC) at the SNS.

Post-docs à Oak-Ridge 30 Avril 2012
(ref:ORNL12-39-BSMD) Soft Matter.

Scientist at HZB (Berlin) 2 Mai 2012
Scientist and Engineer at the Extreme Environment Diffractometer (EXED) at the BERII research reactor..

Post-doc at Upsalla (Suède) 24 avril 2012
Neutron reflectivity.

Post-docs à Oak-Ridge 22 avril 2012
(ref:ORNL12-07-MSTD) Neutron Scattering Investigations of Thermoelectric Materials.

Post-doc at ESS in Lund (Suède) 18 avril 2012
Slow Dynamics Neutron Spectroscopy.

Deputy Division Head & Lead Engineer - Target Division at ESS 4 avril 2012
In Lund (Suède).

Post-docs à Kjeller (Norvège) 27 mars 2012
Neutron reflectometry, Total neutron scattering,.

Post-docs à Oak-Ridge 25 mars 2012
(ref:ORNL12-21-QCMD) inelastic neutron scattering studies.

Post-doc at PSI-Zurich 7 mars 2012
Neutron Imaging and Activation Group..

Software development position (3 years) 6 mars 2012 (ref IRC41744)
Major contributions to the Mantid collaboration..

2 years Post-doc at NIST 2 mars 2012
SANS and neutron reflectivity..

Reasearch fellowship at AINSE near Sydney 1 mars 2012
Neutron scattering with the Opal reactor..

PhD Scholarship in Sydney 24 février 2012
molecule-based magnetism.

Chief Instruments Project Engineer and instrument project engineer at ESS, Lund 23 février 2012
Coordinate activities closely with instrument scientists,

Post-docs à Oak-Ridge 22 fevrier 2012
Trois-Axes, Quantum Magnets and spallation source.

Research engineer at ILL Grenoble 21 février 2012
inter-facility data analysis software (Vacancy reference: 12/03).

Post-doc à PSI (Zurich) 16 février 2012
neutron and X-ray scattering experiments on multifunctional and frustrated magnetic insulators,

Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Sydney 11 février 2012
Neutron-scattering of porous materials for CO2 capture.

Group leader, scientist and post-doc at ANSTO (Sydney) 6 février 2012
Création d'un groupe recherche à ANSTO.

Scientist at ILL Grenoble 2 février 2012
Head of the Time-of-Flight and High-Resolution Group (Vacancy reference: 12/02).

Maitre de conférence à l'ENS Paris 1 février 2012
Physique statistique et la physique non-linéaire..

2 tenure track positions at Vienna 21 janvier 2012
Experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics..

Research Assistant at the university of Bristol 20 janvier 2012
Strongly Correlated Electron Systems.

Reserach Scientist at FRMII, Münich 17 janvier 2012
3 axes PUMA.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge 12 janvier 2012 (ref : ORNL11-132-NSSD)

Post-doc à Ohio Univ (2 ans) 12 janvier 2012
Interaction of fluids with mineral.

Scientist at ILL Grenoble 10 janvier 2012
Nuclear and Particle Physics (Vacancy reference: 11/29).

Positions at ESS Lund (Suède), 18 dec 2011
Sample environement group leader, post-doc in detector simulation, and post-doc in neutron optics

Scientist at ILL Grenoble 2 decembre 2011
co-responsible for the Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer IN11 (Vacancy reference: 11/28).

North Carolina State University 30 novembre 2011
X-ray and neutron macromolecular crystallography

5 post-doc à PSI (Zurich) pour ESS 18 novembre 2011
Bio-SANS, Elliptical Reflectometer, Extreme Environment Spectrometer,Hybrid-Diffractometer TIPSI, Neutron optics

Post-doc à Newcastle (Australie) 17 novembre 2011
ionic liquid nanostructure near solid surfaces for lubrication and electrochemical applications

Scientist at ILL Grenoble 10 novembre 2011
Biology and Sans on D22 (Vacancy reference: 11/24).

Post-doc à Paris 8 novembre 2011
hydrogen based systems under extreme conditions of pressure

Instrument scientist at NIST (USA) 28 octobre 2011

Environnement echantillon au NIST (USA) 27 octobre 2011
Aimants supraconducteurs

Post-doc at HZB Berlin 26 octobre 2011
He spin filter

Center leader at Los Alamos 25 octobre 2011
Center Leader for the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center

Post-doc at HZB Berlin 20 octobre 2011
Biophysics and reflectivity

Instrument scientist at NIST 17 octobre 2011
SPINS cold triple axis spectrometer

Junior Professorship à Dresde/Münich 17 octobre 2011
Magnetism and Superconductivity on Panda

Post doc à Oxford 6 octobre 2011
Structural studies of membrane and membrane components in solution

Instrument scientist in Münich 20 septembre 2011
Diffuse scattering time-of-flight spectrometer with polarization analysis (DNS)

Instrument Scientist - Neutron Spectroscopy at ESS Lund (Suède), 2 sept 2011
Development of innovative neutron instruments at the ESS

Group Leader - Electrical Engineering at ESS Lund (Suède), 29 aout 2011
Design, construction and operation of the neutron instruments at the ESS

Post-doc et instrument scientist à l'IFE Oslo (Norvège) 20 aout 2011
Operation of the beamlines in the JEEP II reactor and ESS collaboration.

3 years postdoctoral at PSI Zurich, 8 aout 2011
Quantum materials with novel electronic and magnetic properties, triple axis

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) ; closing date : december 31 2011
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Postdoctoral Research Associate in ohio state university, 4 aout
COH interaction

Research Engineer at ILL Grenoble, 4 aout, closing 18 Sept.
High pressures, ref.11/18

Poste à Chalk River, 4 aout 2011
Animateur de projets de diffraction des neutrons

Post-doc au HZB, Berlin, 18 Juillet 2011, closing 15/8
developement of independent instrumental ideas

Poste à Chalk River, 13 Juillet 2011
User Office

Postdoctoral at LLB Saclay, 8 juillet 2011
Ionic conduction under 1D confinement

Postdoctoral at ILL Grenoble, 7 juillet 2011
Research Scientist (Diffuse and inelastic neutron scattering)

Postdoctoral at PSI Zurich, 7 juillet 2011
Structural and mechanical properties of metals, alloys and composites

Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Berlin, 15 juin 2011
triple axis spectrometer

Rosen Scholar fellowship (LANSCE), 14 juin 2011
Nuclear Science, Materials Science, Defense Science or Accelerator Technology

Post-doc à Ames (USA), 1 juin 2011
Experimental condensed matter physics at Iowa State University

RESEARCH SCIENTIST at ILL (Grenoble), 1 juin 2011
Small angle neutron scattering in biology on D22

Choppers groupe leader at ESS Lund (Suède), 31 mai 2011
responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the choppers serving all the neutron instruments

Lecturer in High-Pressure Experimental Mineral Physics in Australia, 30 mai 2011
Macquarie University and ANSTO

Inelastic Neutron Scattering Group Leader, Oakridge, 26 mai 2011
leadership and direction to the members of the Inelastic Neutron Scattering Group

Post-docs à Ames, 26 mai 2011
Exp. condensed physics

3 post-docs à Gottingen, 25 mai 2011
Matière molle

Faculty position in Sydney, 11 mai 2011
Faculty Position in Materials Science

Research staff member, Oakridge, 10 mai 2011
Condensed matter and R-Rays and neutrons (ref NB50245784)

Post-doc au HZB, Berlin, 5 mai 2011
Correlated Electron Systems by R-Rays and neutrons

Post-doc à Risoe, Danemark, 26 avril 2011
Neutron transport simulations

Post-doc à Sydney, 25 avril 2011
Chemistry or materials science

Post-doc en Afrique du Sud, 14 avril 2011
Neutron Imaging and Tomography

Three open position at ESS, Lund, Suède, 8 avril 2011
Cad Quality Design Coordinator, Beam Extraction Engineer, Chopper Group Leader

Post-doc at PSI (Zurich) 31 mars 2011
Instrument scientist on the time-of-flight spectrometer FOCUS

Instrument scientist at ESS, Lund, Suède, 29 mars 2011
Single crystal spectrometer; imaging and tomography instrumentation; macromolecular single crystal crystallography.

User Officer 28 mars 2011
FRMII Münich

Diffraction group leader 23 mars 2011 (closing 25/4/11)
ILL grenoble (ref. 11/09)

Post-doc à Boston 22 mars 2011
Neutron scattering instrumentation and focalisation

2 Post-doc à Sydney) 14 mars 2011

Post-doc research associate at the univ of Sydney) 9 mars 2011

Neutron spectroscopy at PSI (Zurich) 3 mars 2011
Co-responsible for a triple-axis (RITA-2) and/or time-of-flight (FOCUS, MARS) spectrometer at SINQ

3 Physicists for the ESS Design Update at Jülich 25 fev 2011
conceptual layout and design of neutron diffractometers and spectrometers

Research fellowships at ANSTO (sydney) 25 fev 2011
Scientists research in science and technology

Post-doc à Orsay 11 fev 2011
Disordered materials.

Instrument Associate in Oak-Ridge (USA) 4 fev 2011 (ref ORNL11-44-NSSD)
Powder and Single-Crystal Diffraction.

Research Fellow, Univ. of Wollongong, Australie, 4 Feb. 2011 (Closing 27 february)
Novel superconducting material

Instrument scientist at ESS, Lund, Suède, 3 Fev. 2011
Single crystal spectrometer; imaging and tomography instrumentation; macromolecular single crystal crystallography.

Post-doc à Ames, 21 Janv 2011
Neutron and X-ray scattering

Post-doc à Stockholm, 20 Janv 2011
Neutron diffraction studies of energy related materials

Instrument scientist at ANSTO (Sydney) 19 Janv 2011 (closing 4/3/11)
TAIPAN Ref-A110015 (closing 21/2/11) KOWARI A110004 (closing 21/2/11)

Ingénieur et techniciens à l'ANSTO (Sydney) 5 janv 2011
Technicien électronique Ref-A100168 (closing 26/1/11) Ingénieur expérimenté en électronique Ref-A100169 (closing 30/1/11) Ingénieur en acquisition de données Ref-A100167 (closing 26/1/11)

Instrument scientist Lund (Suede) 21 dec 2010
Small angle neutron scattering

PhD in biophysics Darmstadt 16 dec 2010
Neutron diffraction of biological membranes

4 post-docs à Berlin 15 dec 2010
Vitess computer development (2 positions); test beam line; detector development

User officer for Jülich at FRMII (Münich) 6 dec 2010
Fixed term for three years.

Research Scientist at ILL (Grenoble) 3 dec 2010 (ref 10/29)
Three-Axis Spectrometer Group.

Detector scientist in Oak-Ridge (USA) 3 dec 2010 (ref NB50256548)
Develops new neutron detector systems.

Permanent information manager in FRMII (Münich) 30 nov 2010
Establishing comprehensive Internet based communication tools.

Postdoctoral associate in Oak-Ridge (USA) 18 nov 2010 (ref ORNL11-18-NFDD)
Spin Echo SANS instrumentation.

Postdoctoral research scientist in Oak-Ridge (USA) 18 nov 2010 (ref ORNL11-19-NSSD)
Neutron imaging measurements.

Permanent scientist in FRMII (Münich) 17 nov 2010
Head of neutron optics group.

Instrument scientist in FRMII (Münich) 17 nov 2010
TOF-TOF quasi-elastic.

Instrument scientist in FRMII (Münich) 17 nov 2010
PUMA (3axes).

Postdoc at PSI near Zurich 15 nov 2010
Structural and magnetostructural phase transitions.

Postdoc position in detector group 12 nov 2010
FRMII in Garching near Münich.

EQ-SANS Instrument Scientist in Oak-Ridge (USA) 6 nov 2010
Extended Q-Range Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (EQ-SANS) Instrument Scientist.

Postdoctoral research associate in Oak-Ridge (USA) 6 nov 2010 (ref ORNL11-16-NSSD)
In-situ neutron scattering studies of fuel cell materials.

Scientist in Los Alamos, 5 nov. 2010
Expert in strongly correlated electron phenomena.

Scientist in Los Alamos, 5 nov. 2010
Strongly correlated electron phenomena.

Project director of ESS (Lund Sweden), 3 nov. 2010
will head the ESS Project Office and supervise the construction.

Post-doc in ANSTO (Sydney), 28 oct. 2010
Quasi-eleastic scattering

2 Cryogenics engineers in Oak-Ridge (USA) 25 oct. 2010
design, construction, and operation of SNS cryogenic systems.

postdoctoral associate in Oak-Ridge (USA) 18 oct 2010 (ref ORNL11-06-NFDD)
He3 polarisation.

Neutron Diffraction Project Facilitatorà Chalk River, Canada, 14 oct. 2010, closing date oct 29.
Leading projects for development of neutron-beam instruments, methods or new applications.

Maitre de Conférence à Orsay, 12 oct. 2010
propriétés électroniques, magnétiques et structurales d’objets nanométriques

Post-doc in ANSTO (Sydney), 06 oct. 2010
Magnetic phase transitions

Chercheur en réflectivité à l'ILL, Grenoble, 3 octobre 2010 (ref:10/24, deadline 03/11/10)
Matière molle

Responsable d'instrument à Munich, 27 septembre 2009
Diffusion de neutrons polarisés aux petits angles

Post-doc à l'université d'Indiana (USA), 20 sept 2010
Neutron Spin manipulation

Leading Scientist in Berlin; closing date : september 30., 9 sept 2010
Head the institute "Research with Spallation Neutrons".

Senior Scientist in Berlin; closing date : september 20., 9 sept 2010
Head the Coordination of Neutron User Access".

Data acquisition engineer in Australia; closing date : september 23., 8 sept 2010
High performance data acquisition electronics and software for the neutron beam instruments at ANSO near Sydney

Neutron detector specialist in Australia; closing date : september 23., 8 sept 2010
Maintaining the Bragg Institute neutron detectors and beam monitors at ANSO near Sydney

2 years post-doc at Oak-Ridge, 5 sept 2010
Macromolecule neutron crystallography with Middle Tennessee State University.

3 years post-doc at PSI (Zurich), 5 sept 2010
Instrument responsible POLDI

Post-doc in ANSTO (Sydney), 25 aout 2010
Investigation of Transition Metal Oxide Superlattices by Polarized Neutron Scattering Techniques

Sample Environment Team Leader in Oak-Ridge (USA) 25 aout 2010
Establish world-leading capabilities for temperature, pressure, and magnetic field environments for neutron scattering.

Software scientist in ANSTO (Sydney), 23 aout 2010
Neutron scattering experiment control and data analysis

Neutron detector development at ESS, 18 aout 2010 (closing date: 29 aout)
Post-Doc position

Postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University, 17 aout 2010
Neutron spin manipulation

postdoctoral position in soft condensed matter à l'ILL, Grenoble, 7 aout 2010 (ref:10/21, deadline 22/09/10)
X-rays and Neutrons

Post-doc à Copenhague (Danemark) 5 aout 2010
Simulation d'instruments pour ESS

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 5 aout 2010, ref:ORNL10-152-CSD
Small angle scattering

Head of Neutron Optics group à l'ILL, Grenoble, 4 aout 2010 (deadline 17/10/10)
Optique neutronique

Post-doc à Münich, 30 juillet 2010
Développement des détecteurs à gaz

Research Associate at CNBC, 27 juillet 2010
3 ans à Chalk-River sur les matériaux pour le stockage de l'hydrogène

Industrial liaison in Oak-Ridge (USA) 22 juillet 2010
lead Neutron Sciences and Technology Partnerships teams.

Head of neutron lab at PSI, 16 juillet 2010
Near Zurich

Post-doc à l'ILL, Grenoble, 10 juillet 2010 (deadline 15/09/10)
Réflectivité sur D17 au sein du groupe Large Scale Structures

Computing in Oak-Ridge (USA) 7 juillet 2010
Scientific Data Analysis Group Leader.

Instruments development in Oak-Ridge (USA) 6 juillet 2010
Instrument Development Leader.

Post-doc instrumental à Oak-Ridge (USA) 1 juillet 2010, ref:ORNL10-141-NSSD
ToF Inelastic Group

Instrument scientist à Oak-Ridge (USA) 29 juin 2010
Provide operational support for specific instruments at SNS or HFIR

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 25 juin 2010
Soft-condensed matter systems such as dense colloids, artificial membranes and nano-structured films

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 25 juin 2010
Soft-condensed matter systems such as dense colloids, artificial membranes and nano-structured films

Post-doc à Münich 23 juin 2010 (deadline 15 juillet)
3 axes PUMA.

Instrument scientist at Sydney 18 juin 2010
Thermal 3-axis spectrometer at the OPAL Reactor in ANSTO.

Post-doc aux Ames Lab. 8 juin 2010
Strongly correlated electron systems by neutron and X-rays diffraction.

Post-doc entre Aix-la-Chapelle et Münich 3 juin 2010
POWTEX as a high-intensity time-of-flight neutron diffractometer

Post-doc 3 ans entre Jülich et Oak-Ridge 20 mai 2010
Spin echo sur SNS

Post-doc à Sydney 19 mai 2010
Chimie, Biologie, diffusion aux petits angles

Post-doc à Oxford 18 mai 2010
Diffraction et magnétisme à Isis

Ingénieur de recherche Saint-Gobain (Aubervilliers) 17 mai 2010
Optiques, couches minces.

Post-doc à l'IFE Oslo (Norvège) 12 mai 2010
CO2-storage in clay/porous media by SANS.

Post-doc à Berlin 11 mai 2010 (3 years)
On quasi-elastic chopper diffractometer NEAT.

Ingénieur électrique à Oak-Ridge (USA) 10 mai 2010
15 ans d'expérience dans le nucléaire.

Ingénieur à Oak-Ridge (USA) 3 mai 2010
Epoxy coating for instruments

Post-doc au PSI (Zurich) 3 mai 2010
high-pressure condensed matter research

Software engineer at ANSTO (Australie) 1 mai 2010 (closing date 4 mai)
Senior Software Engineer

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 30 avril 2010
Neutron scattering analysis of biological macromolecules.

Post-Doc à Saint-Louis (USA) 29 avril 2010
Construction of a novel instrument at the SNS

Réflectivité neutron à Upsala (Suede) 28 avril 2010, Closing date May 26 and 3
Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral fellow

Ingénieur au NIST (USA) 24 avril 2010, Closing date May 5
Ingénieur environnement échantillon

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 23 avril 2010
Ingénieur gestion bâtiments conventionels

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 19 avril 2010
Senior Stress Analyst

Post Doc à Berlin au HZB 18 avril 2010
Diffusion quasi-elastique sur NEAT

Post Doc à Berlin au HZB 14 avril 2010
Diffraction at the EXtreme Environment Diffractometer (EXED)

Post Doc au NIST (USA) 30 mars 2010
Energy related systems and materials

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 26 mars 2010
Mechanical Engineer

Senior Research Fellowship, University of Huddersfield (UK) 24 mars 2010, Closing date April 8th
Experimental materials chemistry, neutron scattering

Positions à Oak-Ridge (USA) 23 mars 2010
Accelerator Mechanical/Vacuum Technician

Ingénieur à Oak-Ridge (USA) 20 mars 2010
ToF Inelastic Group

Post-doc à Los-Alamos (USA) 12 mars 2010
neutron scattering instrument development and design

Positions à Oak-Ridge (USA) 11 mars 2010
Mechanical Design Engineer

Positions à Oak-Ridge (USA) 10 mars 2010
Power Electronics Electrical Engineer

Post-doc Fellow (Australie) 9 mars 2010
(closing date 1 avril) Structure-dynamic and Neutron scattering

AINSE Research Fellowships (Australie) 9 mars 2010
(closing date 31 mai) Neutron scattering

Instrument scientist at NIST (USA) 3 mars 2010
Operator for the High Resolution Powder Neutron Diffractometer and Laboratory Responsible

Positions à Oak-Ridge (USA) 1 mars 2010
Powder diffraction group leader

4 Senior Scientist Positions à Oak-Ridge (USA) 1 mars 2010
Various fields of condensed matter research

Maitre de Conférence à Rennes 1 3 mars 2010
Organisation et dynamique de systèmes moléculaires auto-assemblés

Local contact en contraintes à l'ILL, Greboble 27 février 2010 (fermeture le 31 mars)
postes sur Salsa(ref:10-06)

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 26 février 2010
Electrical Engineer

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 25 février 2010
Vacuum group leader

Local contact en réflectivité à l'ILL, Greboble 24 février 2010 (fermeture le 23 mars)
postes sur D16(ref:10-04) et D17(ref:10-05)

Chargé de cours à Liege 23 février 2010 (fermeture le 30 avril)
Physique de la matière condensée

Post doc à l'UMPMC Paris 22 février 2010
X et neutron sur céramique polymère

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 20 février 2010
Accelerator operation manager

Data acquisition instrument associate (USA) 20 février 2010
Data Acquisition computer and networking systems

Position à Oxford 19 février 2010
Instrument scientist at ISIS in reflectivity

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 19 février 2010
Software Engineer for experiments

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 18 février 2010
Neutron Scattering User Proposal Management Lead

Position à Oak-Ridge (USA) 17 février 2010
Scientific computing for Sans and Reflectometry

Instrument scientist at ANSTO (australie) 16 février 2010 (closing date : April 2nd
Nuclear and Particle Physics in Grenoble

Research scientist at ILL (australie) 15 février 2010
Time of Flight neutron spectroscopy in Sydney

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 1 février 2010
Li Based battery materials

Research Leader - Hard Condensed-Matter 20 janvier 2010; closing date : march 1st
ANSTO - Sydney

2 Post-doc à Sydney 10 janvier 2010; closing date : february 1st
Quasi-elastic neutron scattering, Small angle neutron scattering

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 12 décembre
Diffraction de poudres

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge (USA) 9 décembre
Développement d'un programme de recherche en diffraction de neutrons

Post-doc at SINQ (Suisse) 9 décembre
Material science, metallic alloys

Post-doc at SINQ (Suisse) 3 décembre
Beam Line Scientist - Single Crystal Neutron Diffraction

Instrument scientist at ORNL (USA) 27 novembre
Magnétisme et trois axes

Instrument scientist at PSI (suisse) 26 novembre
Quasi-elastic scattering

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship (USA) ; closing date : december 13. 25 novembre
Attract new scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Instrument scientist at ORNL (USA) 25 novembre
Small angle scattering

Instrument scientist at NIST (USA) 20 novembre
Powder diffraction

5 postes à Oak-Ridge 9 novembre
Inélastique et supras; Spin-Echo; Fuell cells materials; Organics conductors; Thermoelectric materials

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Oak-Ridge 23 octobre
Fuel Cells, Batteries and Neutron Scattering

Instrument scientist at NIST 23 octobre
Trois axes

Post doc au PSI près de Zurich 21 octobre
Single crystal polarized neutron scattering

Post doc ANSO à Sydney 22 octobre

3 years Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist at Oak-Ridge 19 octobre
Engineering Diffraction on Vulcan

3 senior scientisp positions at Los Alamos, 16 octobre
Sample environment, data acquisition and inelestic scattring

Instrument development scientist at Oak-Ridge, 16 octobre

Post-doc at Saclay, 16 octobre (closing date : 30 octobre)
Détecteur neutrons

Post-doc at PSI, 9 octobre
Ultra-cold neutron physics

Post-doc à Sydney, 14 octobre (closing date 2 novembre)

Instrument development scientist at Oak-Ridge, 8 octobre
Neutron optics and polarization

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Oak-Ridge, 7 octobre
Engineering Diffraction Instrument Science

Beam line scientist at PSI, 6 octobre
Polarized neutron single crystal diffraction

Post-doc à l'université de Virginie, 26 septembre
Electrons fortements correllés

3 years Post-doc on polymer dynamics, 12 septembre (closing date : 15 oct.)
On the SPAN spin echo at HZ-Berlin

Post-doc on soft condensed matter, 18 aout 2009
Ames Laboratories

Post-doc on high magnetic field, 16 aout 2009
SINQ ar PSI Villigen

Post-doc on functionnal oxydes, 15 aout 2009 (closing date : 30 aout)
Ansto, Opal, Sydney

Post-doc at Low Energy Neutron Source at Indiana University, 9 aout 2009
Collaborations with Los Alamos, Nist, ...

Instrument scientist on a powder diffractometer, 5 aout 2009 (closing date : 4 septembre)
Ansto, Opal, Sydney

Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist, 21 juillet 2009 (closing date : august 16)
triple-axis spectrometers at the HFIR, Oakridge, USA

Clifford G. Shull Fellowship, 17 juillet 2009 (closing date : december 13)
To recent doctoral degree recipients of exceptional ability.

Instrument scientist on a reflectometer, 16 juillet 2009 (closing date : august 14)
Ansto, Opal, Sydney

Scientist in computing for science, 15 juillet 2009
NIST, Washington DC, USA

Scientist in computing for science, 6 juillet 2009 (closing date : July 21)
ILL grenoble, ref : 09/21

Neutron instrument scientist for SANS, 4 juillet 2009 (closing date : July 24)
ANSTO, Sydney

Neutron Guide expert, 3 juillet 2009 (closing date : July 10)
ANSTO, Sydney

Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist, 29 juin 2009
Oakridge, USA

Scientific Computing Associate and Researcher, 18 juin 2009
Oakridge, USA, Associate or Researcher

Post-doc à Paris, 16 juin 2009

Post-doc à Oakridge, 15 juin 2009
Spin Echo SERGIS

Post-doc en biologie structurale à Sydney, 6 juin 2009 (closing date July 31st)
Bragg Institute

4 postes d'instrument scientist à Sydney, 5 juin 2009 (closing date July 10th)
Back-scattering, Neutron optics, Neutron radiography, Low temp. high mag. fields

Project Engineer / Group Leader, 2 juin 2009 (closing date July 3rd)
Ansto, Sydney

Postes divers, 1 juin 2009
Oak-Ridge, USA

Postes divers, 31 mai 2009
ILL, Grenoble, France

Post-doc Research Associated Associate à Oak-Ridge, 25 mai 2009
4 cercles HB-3A

Very High Pressures engineer , 20 mai 2009
Ingénieur haute pression au LLB

Post-doc en simulation, 12 mai 2009
Simulation d'instruments sur MacStass à Copenhague

Post-doc à Iowa State University, 8 mai 2009
Diffraction RX, neutrons en matière molle

Scientific coordinator at Sydney, 13 mai 2009
Work at ANSO at Lucas Heights

Neutron Scattering Instrument Associate à Oak-Ridge, 7 mai 2009

Head of Large Scale Structures, 30 avril 2009
ILL, Grenoble (vacancy reference 09/14)

2 Post doc en diffraction neutrons/ RX sur poudre , 20 avril 2009
Brookhaven (ref:14797) et Columbia university

Post doc à Sydney, 15 avril 2009
Réflectométrie et biomembrannes

Post doc à Copenhague , 15 avril 2009
Simulation d'instruments de R-X

Brookhaven , 14 avril 2009
Inelastic X-rays beam line scientist

Powder Diffraction Asst , 5 avril 2009
Synchrotron à Brookhaven

Responsables d'instruments au NIST, 2 avril 2009
Materials Diffractometer and High Res. Diffractometer

Responsable d'instrument à Münich, 27 mars 2009 (deadline : 30 avril)
Petit angles (ref: 2009/WP 1)

Research fellow a Birmingham, 27 mars 2009
Supraconducteurs (ref: 43373)

2 post-docs à Sydney, 20 mars 2009 (deadline 1 mai)
Réflectométrie et diffraction sur les matériaux pour l'énergie

Ingénieur mécanicien à Oak-Ridge, 19 mars 2009
Conception réalisation d'éléments de spectromètres

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge, 12 mars 2009
Neutron spin echo SERGIS et CNCS beam line.

Post-doc au PSI, 10 mars 2009
3 axes

2 Research fellows between Lund and Cea, 10 mars 2009 (deadline 6 avril)
Ingénieur.en accélérateurs

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge, 10 mars 2009
Neutron et magnétisme.

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge, 10 mars 2009
Neutron et matière molle.

Post-doc à Sydney, 6 mars 2009.(deadline 27 mars)
neutron and X-ray diffraction methods.

Research Associate à sheffield, 3 mars 2009.
Neutron imaging and screening.

Post-doc 3 ans à Lund et Oak-Ridge, 26 fevvrier 2009 (deadline 13 mars).
Instrumentation neutronique.

Chercheur à Sydney, 26 fevvrier 2009 (deadline 31 mai).
Neutron scattering.

Post-doc 5 ans à l'ILL, 17 fevvrier 2009
Spectroscopie quasielastique sur IN6.

Poste d'ingénieur CNRS à Strasbourg, 17 fevvrier 2009
Diffraction rayons X en biologie.

Post-doc à Berlin, 10 fevvrier 2009
Magnétisme et diffraction de poudre.

2 Scientifiques de lignes à Munich, 5 février 2009
Neutronographie et 3 axes.

Post-doc au NIST, 5 février 2009
Structure-dynamics functional relationships in energy-related materials.

2 Neutron Scattering Detector Scientist at SNS and HFIR, 4 février 2009
Neutron detectors.

Post-doc à Berlin, 29 janvier 2009
Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy.

Maitre de conférence à Nancy, 29 janvier 2009
Matériaux et Nanomatériaux Moléculaires.

Research associate in Chalk-River, 17 janvier 2009

Research associate in Chalk-River, 7 janvier 2009
Réflectivité neutrons.

Co-responsable d'appareil à Sydney, 20 décembre 2008
Développement de 3He polarisé.

Mutation Noemi L52035, Ingénieur de recherche CNRS à Rennes, 19 décembre 2008
Diffraction RX, électrons.

Post-doc à Münich, 16 décembre 2008
Co-responsable d'un appareil à temps de vol.

Post-doc au LLB, 15 décembre 2008
Translocation de protéines.

2 post-doc à Sydney, 25 novembre 2008
Structure of surfactants and polymers

C.G.Shull fellowship, 20 novembre 2008
Post-doc diffraction de neutrons à Oak-Ridge; deadline 15 décembre

Post-doc à Berlin, 20 novembre 2008
Diffraction poudre et monocristaux sur EXED.

CDD ingénieur à Grenoble, 14 novembre 2008
Diffraction de rayons X

Post-doc à Oak-Ridge, 12 novembre 2008

Post-doc à ANSTP près de Sydney, 7 novembre 2008
Protein crystallography

Post-doc à Saclay au Lions, 30 octobre 2008
Interfacial ionic profiles in water

Post-doc à l'IBS, 27 octobre 2008
Cristallographie cinétique des protéines

Maître de conférence à Nancy au LCM3B, 10 octobre 2008
crystallography of nanocristalline magnetic molecular materials

2 Post-doc près de Melbourne, 7 octobre 2008
Diffraction neutrons et RX: numéro 1 et numéro 2

Research Scientist at ILL (Grenoble), 2 octobre 2008

3 Post-docs à ANSTO (Sydney), 17 septembre 2008
Détermination de structure

3 Post-doc et 1 poste permanent, 2 septembre 2008
Princeton et Johns Hopkins universities, Institute for Quantum Matter

Beam line scientist at PSI, Villingen, 1 septembre 2008
MORPHEUS (reflectometer, diffractometer) and ORION (4-circle diffractometer).

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