Welcome to JFullProf version 1.0b1.

JFullProf is a java GUI (JDK1.1.6+) of the classical FullProf Fortran-program.
It helps you:

You can also used the FullProf application as before and edit the pcr file with your favorite text editor to change parameters not yet accessible from JFullProf.
This is a beta version (not fully tested) thus it may remain some bugs. Please, do not hesitate to report bugs and comments to Alain Bouvet .

A test version of JFullProf (a java interface for FullProf) is available on the ftp site of ILL for three platforms:
  • MacOS:
  • SGI:
  • Windows
On other ports download also the appropriate Fullprof application.
However you will not be able to visualize the data and the symmetry operators. Ask us for the specific readData and GetSpec applications.

The virtual java machine can be downloaded from the sites:
    (tested under MRJ 2.1.1)
    (tested with JDK1.1.6)

For more details see the readme files.
If you have any problems or comments, send me an e-mail.

Enjoy fitting!