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BD diffusons les neutrons

img Comics "Let's scatter neutrons" and "Spin ice : the experiment" available  


For the 2018 science festival, LLB did published in French a cartoon illustrating the daily life of staff working on a large instrument of French research. First published in French it has been translated in English.  We published now in english a second comic : "Spin ice : the experiment". It describes the day life of a young scientist that does prepare samples and finally does neutron scattering experiment on them.

This comic is from an idea of Isabelle Mirebeau, CNRS scientist at the LLB and of Claudia Decorse assistant professor at the ICMMO. It was designed by Aurelie Bordenave alias Léely, scientific illustrator. This booklet was made possible with the support of CEA, CNRS, ICMMO, the Université Paris Saclay and the PALM labex.

You may obtain a paper version on request to the LLB or from Alain Menelle, by phone to the secretariat +33 169085241

Discover this comic book on Calameo by clicking here

You may also download a pdf version here.


In the first comic, "Let's scatter neutrons" we wanted to give a presentation of the operation of the Orphée reactor and the daily work of researchers and technicians who have been working on instruments for nearly 40 years. Orphée, a medium-power reactor, was the scene of small miracles thanks to which small teams, scientific or technical, achieved major results. He has also trained thousands of students and visiting researchers.

Discover this comic book on Calameo by clicking here

This first comic was an initiative of Isabelle Mirebeau, CNRS researcher at LLB. It was realized by Aurelie Bordenave aka Léely, scientific illustrator. It's mainly for students with a bachelor's degree. Like a lot of comics, this one has several levels of reading depending on whether you're just interested in the story it's telling, how it's used to imagine life researchers or as a basis for learning about the research and activities it describes quickly

You may obtain a paper version of the book on request at the LLB either from Alain Menelle or by telephone at the secretariat +33 169085241.

A pdf version is available here.

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