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img ESS Support Laboratory Opens Pilot Call for Deuteration & Crystallisation Proposals  
Vendredi 05/04/2019, 00:00-00:00


We are pleased to announce that the ESS support laboratory for deuteration and macromolecular crystallisation, DEMAX, has issued a pilot call for scientific proposals to support neutron users in the areas of life science, soft matter, chemistry, and biology. DEMAX offers three areas of support: Biological deuteration (e.g. cell paste, soluble proteins, lipid extracts), Chemical deuteration (e.g. small organic molecules, surfactants, phospholipids), and Crystallisation (biological macromolecules e.g. proteins).

More details on DEMAX and our support functions can be found here:

For details on the call, materials & services offered, and links to the proposal submission site, please go to:

A. Menelle, dépêche du 27/02/2019

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