B. Gillon (Chair, France) -
Spin densities from polarized neutron diffraction

E. Espinosa (France) -
Experimental and theoretical charge density, topology, Electronic properties, coordination chemistry

L.J. Farrugia (UK) -
Electron density by experiment and theory, Multipole refinement, SW packages

J.M. Gillet (France) -
Compton and magnetic Compton scattering, Joint charge/spin/momentum density refinements

D. Jayatilaka (Australia) -
constrained wavefunction methods, thermal motion, theory

T. Koritzanski (USA) -
advanced multipole refinement methods, SW package

P. Macchi (Switzerland) -,
Experimental and theoretical electron density, topology, organometallic compounds, high pressure

U. Pietsch (Germany) -
Charge density under external fields (electric field), synchrotron X-ray diffraction

Y. Sakurai (Japan) -
Electronic and magnetic structures of solid-state materials using Compton scattering and magnetic Compton scattering techniques

M. Takata (Japan) -
Charge Density Study of Novel Materials by the Maximum Entropy Method using Synchrotron Radiation Powder Data

ex-officio Member

M.T. Fernandez-Diaz (Spain) (as Chair of Commission on Neutron Scattering)


M.J. Cooper (UK) -
X-ray and gamma-ray studies of electron distributions & magnetism. Inleastic Compton scattering, magnetic X-ray diffraction for spin densities in ferromagnets

C. Gatti (Italy) –
Electron density topology, chemical bond descriptors, theory, SW packages

C. Lecomte (France) -
Experimental electron densities and electrostatic potentials, multipole refinement, charge densities and materials science

A. Pinkerton (USA) -
Charge densities by x-ray, synchrotron diffraction, low T measures, new HW for charge density studies

M.A. Spackman (Australia) -
Electron densities by x-ray, experiment and refinements, electron densities and crystal engineering (Hirshfeld surfaces), theory

W. Scherer (Germany) -
Charge densities, experiment and theory, topology, organometallic compounds

K. Tanaka (Japan) -
Charge density refinement and orbital models

V. Tsirelson (Russia) -
Electron density, topology, chemical bond descriptors, H-bonds

Y. Wang (Taiwan) -
Electron density distribution; precise X-ray diffraction measurements; computational chemistry; transition metal complexes

N. Bouhmaida (Morocco) -
Charge density analysis, electrostatic properties, precise X-ray diffraction measurements