Putting Neutrons into Perspective (PDF)

Helmut Schober, ILL
Principles of the scattering experiment: “Why is it so simple?” s-wave approximation, Born-approximation. “What can we learn from it?”  Double differential cross-section, correlation functions.

Probing Structural Properties

From the Macro- to the Nanoscale
Loïc Auvray, LLB
SANS, Reflectometry.

On the Atomic Scale
Theresa Fernandez-Diaz, ILL

Crystals, glasses and liquids (including texture, kinetics etc.)

Probing Dynamic Properties

Statistical Motion (PDF)

Marc Bée, Université Joseph Fourier
Translational and rotational diffusion, spin fluctuations, quasi-elastic scattering and EISF

Correlated Motion (PDF) (V2, updated 14th Oct 2003)
Götz Eckold
Phonon dispersion and width, density of states, spin waves etc.
>Demonstration Software : UNISOFT


Fundamental Physics with Neutrons (PDF)

Oliver Zimmer

Neutron Sources Now and in the Future (PDF)

M. Alba, LLB

Types of sources, Geographical location, Access etc.


Thematic sessions


Magnetism and Superconductivity (PDF)
Joël Mesot

Molecular Magnetism (PDF)
Eric Ressouche

Thin films magnetism probed by reflectometry (PDF)
Frédéric Ott

>Demonstration Software : SimulReflec

>General Lecture on Reflectivity (PS)


Structures of biological molecules/ deuteration
Dean Myles

Reflectivity on biological systems (PDF)
Tim Salditt

Dynamics/ fluctuations in biological systems (PDF)

Stéphane Longeville


Polymer Dynamics (PDF)

Michael Monkenbusch

Stress and Strains (PDF)

Monica Cerretti

Emulsions, Membranes (PDF)

Giovanna Fragneto



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