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A reflectivity lower than 10-5 measured on a 15mm2 sample on Eros
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Reflectivity measured on a piece of glass of a surface of 15mm2.

Reflectivity experiments have been performed on the Eros reflectometer at Saclay on very small pieces of glass. During this measurement, we did demonstrate our ability to obtain reflectivity curves down to values of 10-5 within a few hours. The curve obtain in this measurement is given on the first picture in red. The calculated Fresnel curve is represented in blue.


Picture of the sample placed on the Eros sample holder just behind absorbers used to adjust the lateral size tested.

Glass samples were installed on the Eros sample holder. Boron carbide absorbers were used to do a lateral limitation of the beam in order to select the area of interest on the glass samples. Four different samples have been measured during the experiment.


Maj : 12/09/2012 (1525)


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