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Synthesis and characterization of nano-objects

Synthesis and characterization of nano-objects:  IRAMIS has a capacity of synthesis of nano-objects by clean-rooms methods (MBE, lithography, laser ablation, ...) and by bottom-up chemical processes (solution processes, laser pyrolysis, CVD). This ability in nano-objects elaboration is accompanied by original research to functionalize them or implement them, to get nanostructured macroscopic materials or functional objects.

These synthesis are accompanied by numerous works of fine characterization of the interactions between atoms or molecules, involved in the development of nano-objects and nanomaterials or related to their properties.

For the required applications, with the objective of achieving the design of functional and well characterized components, this knowledge makes it possible to orient by application of controlled constraints, the associations between the elementary components, to obtain a range of "nano-objects" : complex molecules, nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, graphene, micellar structures or colloidal, self-assembled compounds, solid nanostructured, or functionalized surfaces...




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